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Elsevier (Academic Press) Bird Books

T & AD Poyser Nature Books (formerly distributed by Academic Press).

Thomas A. Jefferson, Marc A. Webber, Robert Pitman & Brett Jarrett (eds.) Marine Mammal Guide. Academic Press. Forthcoming 2008? UK | DE | FR | CA
Ian Newton. The Migration Ecology of Birds. Academic Press. Forthcoming 2006? 375 pages. UK | DE | FR | CA
Ian Newton. The Speciation and Biogeography of BirdsIan Newton. The Speciation and Biogeography of Birds. "It provides an up-to-date synthesis of current knowledge on species formation, and the factors influencing current distribution patterns." Academic Press 2003. 350 pages. US | UK
Behavioural Ecology of Neotropical BirdsBridget J.M. Stutchbury & Eugene S. Morton. Behavioural Ecology of Neotropical Birds. 300 pages. Academic Press 2001. US | UK
Bird Census Techniques - 2nd EditionColin J. Bibby, Neil D. Burgess, David A. Hill & Simon Mustoe. Bird Census Techniques. Academic Press. 2d edition 2000. 350 pages. US | UK
P.D. Sturkie. Sturkie's Avian Physiology. Academic Press. 5th edition 2000. 576 pages. US | UK
A Guide to the Reptiles of BelizePeter J. Stafford & John R. Meyer. A Guide to the Reptiles of Belize. 327 pages. Academic Press 1999. US | UK
Joseph Forshaw. Encyclopedia of Birds. 240 pages. Academic Press. Second edition, 1998. US | UK
Ian Newton. Population Limitation in Birds. Illustrated by Keith Brockie. 550 pages. Academic Press 1998. US | UK
Ruth Bellairs & Mark Osmond. The Atlas of Chick Development. 352 pages. Academic Press 1997. US | UK
John Warham. The Behaviour and Population Ecology of the Petrels. 616 pages. Academic Press 1996. US | UK
Margaret D. Lowman & Nalini M. Nadkarni (eds.) Forest Canopies. 626 pages. Academic Press 1995. US | UK
Peter Mundy, Duncan Butchart, John Ledger, Steven Piper. The Vultures of Africa. Academic Press 1992. US | UK
Ian Newton. Lifetime Reproduction in Birds. Academic Press and A&C Black 1997 (1991). US | UK
J. Dennis Summers-Smith. In Search of Sparrows. Poyser & Academic Press 1992. US | UK
Tim R. Birkhead & A.P. Moller. Sperm Competition in Birds. Academic Press 1997 (1991). US | UK
Lloyd S. Davis, John T. Darby (eds.) Penguin Biology. Academic Press. 1990. 576 pages. US | UK
Martin L. Cody. Habitat Selection in Birds. Academic Press. 1987. 558 pages. US | UK
Peter J. Grant. Gulls: A Guide to Identification. Academic Press and Princeton University Press. 2d edition, 1986. 352 pages. US | UK
David N. Nettleship and Tim R. Birkhead (eds.) Atlantic Alcidae: The Evolution, Distribution and Biology of the Auks Inhabiting the Atlantic Ocean and Adjacent Water Areas. Academic Press 1986. 574 pages. US | UK
Donald E. Kroodsma, Henri Ouellet & Edward H. Miller (eds.) Accoustic Communication in Birds. Volume 1: Production, Perception and Design Features of Sounds. Academic Press. 1983. US | UK
Donald E. Kroodsma, Edward H. Miller & Henri Ouellet (eds.) Accoustic Communication in Birds. Volume 2: Song Learning and its Consequences. Academic Press. 1983. US | UK

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