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Environmental Group Salaries

The report below for 2001 was retrieved from the Google cache and posted here after it disappeared from the Animal People website. The original is now back online.

More from Animal People:

2004 Individual Compensation and Notes (December 2005). Some excerpts: John H. Adams, President, NRDC: $704,796 (whew!); Steven Sanderson, CEO Wildlife Conservation Society: $495,422; Mark Van Putten, President, National Wildlife Federation: $477,138; Steven McCormick, CEO, The Nature Conservancy: $399,788; John Flicker, President, National Audubon Society: $362,237; Peter Seligmann, CEO, Conservation International: $336,3353; Russell Mittermeier, Conservation International: $331,515; Kathyrn Fuller, President, WWF: $310,781. Even underlings do well, i.e., "The National Conservancy paid 1,025 salaries above $50,000, with nine above $200,000 and nine more over $150,000."

Who Gets the Money - 16th Annual Edition (December 2005)

Fundraising Through Accountability (Editorial, June 2005)

2003 Individual Compensation (December 2004)

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2002 Individual Compensation Notes (December 2003)

Subsidized Home of Nature Conservancy President Stephen McCormick in The Reserve, McLean, VirginiaSee also: $420,000 a Year and No-Strings Fund. Nature Conservancy underreported President's pay and perks of office. By Joe Stephens and David B. Ottaway. Washington Post, 4 May 2003. Stephen McCormick's compensation package is similar to that of a star athlete: $275,000 salary, $75,000 signing bonus, $75,000 annual living allowance, a $1.55 million home mortgage at 4.59% on an extravagant $1.7 million trophy house [now worth more than $3 million, e.g. MLS# FX6022469] on a one-acre lot in "The Reserve", a gated development of 175 estates built on 258 "prime wooded acres" (formerly, that is) in McLean, Virginia, and a "President's Discretionary Fund" that swelled to $23 million by 2002. "Every element at The Reserve is designed to enhance the lifestyle of those who choose to live life on a larger scale, and who will find the fulfillment of their dream only at the best address in McLean." [The Reserve sales brochure]. If the Nature Conservancy benefits package is typical of Big Green, some of the salaries reported below probably would be only a fraction of the executive's total compensation. More from the Post's exposé: Conservancy Scientists Question Their Role. By Joe Stephens and David B. Ottaway. 3 May 2003. Washington Post Online Extra. Their role? Just Say "Yes": "'He grabbed me roughly by the arms and threw me around the room,' Freilich [TNC's Colorado science director] recalled. The supervisor, Dave Neary, then allegedly ordered: 'You're going to sign right this minute or you're out.'" [If you conform the numerous broken article links on the Post's website to their new format, the links will work.]

Audubon President also received a secret subsidy to live in the style in which he hoped to become accustomed: Take Back Audubon, a website written by disgruntled members of the National Audubon Society, discovered an illegal, below-market, $450,000 loan to Audubon President John Flicker to finance a luxury apartment on East 63rd Street in New York City. NAS laundered the insider loan through a subsidiary corporation and filed a false 1997 Form 990 with the IRS, which they amended in 2003 when Flicker paid the money back (after an enormous, unrealized capital gain).

In stark contrast to the secrecy of the large environmental groups about their insiders' lucrative special deals, Enron disclosed Andrew Fastow's partnerships in its financial reports -- but most investors didn't bother to read them. An equivalent to Sarbanes-Oxley for not-for-profit, membership corporations is sorely needed.

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, November 2001:

(Updated through 12/6/2001.)

Individual Compensation

(Chief executives &/or 10 top-paid staff & consultants.) The Pay column below combines salaries, benefit plan contributions (if any), and expense accounts for the few individuals who are not required to itemize expenses. Individual independent contractors such as attorneys, accountants, and consultants are listed as well as directors and regular staff.

The IRS does not require disclosure of non-board compensation under $50,000. British charities must disclose the approximate amount of their highest salaries, but not who receives them. Salary norms identified as GdStr come from, whose survey of 75,000 U.S. charities found huge gender gaps in pay scale. Salary norms identified as SAWA come from the Society of Animal Welfare Administrators annual survey of Salary and Personnel Practices. Since SAWA does not share the findings, we obtain leaked and therefore possibly incomplete data. Norms identified as AVMA are from Veterinary Market Statistics, produced by the American Veterinary Medical Association. Norms identified as NAVTA are from the North American Veterinary Technicians Association.

Volunteers are listed only if working in a senior leadership capacity full-time or nearly full-time.

Individual |Position | Group| Pay | Note [See notes below - A, B, C, etc.]

CHRISTOPHER A. SMITH Wildlife Conservation Society $852,749 A [For information about the WCS's sordid, secret greenwash deals with loggers in West Africa, see Compensation or No Compensation? - That Seems to be the Question. By Karl Ammann.]

WILLIAM CONWAY CEO Wildlife Conservation Society $450,853 A

JOHN STEVENSON Pres NorthShore $359,399

JOHN H. ADAMS Executive NRDC $330,501

MALE CEO, $50+ million org GdStr $320,263


CEO, $50+ million org GuideStar $307,269

John McKew VPadmin Wildlife Conservation Society $307,176 A

RICHARD AVANZINO Pres Maddies $290,300

PAUL G. IRWIN Pres/CEO HSUS $288,848 B

JOHN FLICKER President Audubon $278,060


MARK VAN PUTTEN President NWF $267,859

KATHRYN S. FULLER President WWF $262,401

GUS THORNTON President MSPCA $260,000

Glenn Olson SrVP Audubon $251,924

PETER SELIGMAN CEO Conservation International $249,400

PATRICK NOONAN Chair ConservFnd $245,125

Russ Mittermeir Pres Conservation International $244,303

Tamar Chotzen SrVP Audubon $241,389

J.M. COUSTEAU Pres OceanFutures $240,000

John Turner Pres ConservFnd $239,829

Richard Lattis VP Wildlife Conservation Society $238,734

Richard Erdmann SrVP ConservFnd $236,829


AMOS S. ENO ExecDir NatFishWild $233,956

Dennis Baker VPBus Wildlife Conservation Society $227,945 A

Christopher Palmer FilmPres NWF $225,047

Clare Tully SrVP Audubon $221,959

John Robinson VP Wildlife Conservation Society $221,444

W.B. McKeown GenCnsl Wildlife Conservation Society $217,398

FEMALE CEO, $50+ milln org GdStr $217,175

Deborah Sorondo AsstSecty Sierra $216,931

James A. Cunningham Fin Audubon $216,434

MALE CEO, $25-$49.9 m. org GdStr $214,091

W. William Weeks VP Nature Conservancy $213,540

Patrick Downes VP Audubon $213,244

REYNALDO SAMALA ExecDir BideAWee $209,250

JOHN C. SAWHILL Pres Nature Conservancy $208,421 D

CEO, $25-$49.9 m. org GuideStar $204,243

James Fishman VP Audubon $197,177

Michael Oppenheimer SrSci EDF $197,022

Alexander Watson VP Nature Conservancy $193,971

Daniel Beard SrVP Audubon $193,462

Dennis McGrath DrCT Nature Conservancy $193,088

Louis Low DirUSCons Nature Conservancy $192,229

Steven McCormick West Nature Conservancy $190,458

James Leape SeniorVP WWF $189,493

Lawrence Selzer SrVP ConservFnd $185,393

Deborah Hechinger ExecVP WWF $184,231

John Hoare Comptrol Wildlife Conservation Society $183,852

Frances Beinecke DeputyDir NRDC $179,238

David Sutherland SrVP ConservFnd $178,739


Ed Sayres President SF/SPCA $177,879

SYDNEY J. BUTLER ExecDir AZA $176,911

Michael Coda Climate Nature Conservancy $171,734

Lisa Gosselin Editor Audubon $171,266

Celia Tennenbaum VP Audubon $170,918

Lawrence J. Amon Treasurer NWF $169,333

Stephen Howell ChfOps Nature Conservancy $168,685

Peter Theran, DVM VP MSPCA $168,000

VAWTER PARKER Pres EarthJustice $166,848

Michael Dennis VP Nature Conservancy $165,231

FEMALE CEO, $25-$49.9 m. GdStr $164,664

David Hawkins SrAtty NRDC $161,413

Steven Shimberg Fed&IntlAff NWF $160,843


Patricia Forkan ExecVP HSUS $160,405


CARL POPE ExecDir Sierra $158,699

Patricia Sullivan DeptyDir NRDC $157,950

David Evancich VPMembers WWF $157,880

Victoria Myers VPDevelop WWF $157,170

Louis Barnes AsstTreas Sierra $156,430

Tom Cochran SrScientist NRDC $156,201

MALE CEO, $10-24.9 m. org GdStr $155,990

John Giesecke Merchandise NWF $155,342

Carole Fox SrDirOps NWF $155,116

Bradford Northrup Dir Nature Conservancy $154,720

R. Michael Wright Pres AfWld $154,000

Eileen M. Johnson Secretary NWF $153,357

Bruce R. Runnels VP Nature Conservancy $153,031

Judy Keefer FinanceDir NRDC $152,905

Paul Gambardella, DVM MSPCA $152,870

Natalie Waugh CnstituntSrvc NWF $152,455

KEN WHITE ExecutiveDir ArizonaHS $151,887 F

Alan Metrick DirComm NRDC $150,950

Richard P. Ludington ConservFnd $149,100

FEMALE FUNDRAISER, $50+ m. GdStr $149,092

Sydney S. Macy VP ConservFnd $149,083


FUNDRAISER, $50+ million GdStr $147,801

ARTHUR G. SLADE Pres AnmlRescLg $147,303

William Eichbaum VPEndang WWF $144,616

Azzedine Downes ChfOpsOfcr IFAW $146,288 C

Top, World Wildlife Fund (U.K.) $145,800

Top salary, Royal SPCA (Britain) $145,798 G

MALE FUNDRAISER, $50+ m. GdStr $145,703

CEO, $10-24.9 m. org GuideStar $145,703

Andrew Rowan SeniorVP HSUS $145,358

G. Thomas Waite III CFO HSUS $145,358

Deborah Jensen VP Nature Conservancy $144,925

Jack Murray DirDevelopment NRDC $159,573

Scott Schelling, DVM MSPCA $143,881

FRANCINE COUSTEAU Pres Cousteau $143,318

Roger Kindler GnrlCounsel HSUS $142,949 B

ROBERT ROHDE Dir DumbFriends $142,768

John Bowen VP MSPCA $142,000

Rhea Morgan, DVM MSPCA $141,188

Carter Luke VP MSPCA $141,000

Barbara Bucovetsky Dev NorthShore $140,864

Gustavo Fonseca VP ConservIntl $140,000

Nancy Dunn CFO WWF $138,346

WILLIAM BURNHAM CEO Peregrine $137,416 H

Neil Harpster, DVM MSPCA $136,500

Robert Strohm VPpublctns NWF $136,122

Michael Bernstein, DVM MSPCA $134,500

BILL GARRETT ExecDir AtlantaHS $134,081

Tod Heisler VP ConservIntl $133,875

KRISTEN ENGBERG ExecDr Greenpeace $133,647 I

Patricia Ewing GenCounsel WWF $133,057

Diane Wood VPResDev WWF $132,233

John Grandy SeniorVP HSUS $131,524

ANDREW DICKSON President WSPA $131,448 J

Howard Levy VP MSPCA $131,000

Perry Fina DirOps NorthShore $130,787

Glenn Prickett VP ConservIntl $130,640

Top, Royal Soc. for Prot. Birds $129,600

Kristin L. Vehrs DeptyDir AZA $129,436

Bill Curtiss VP EarthJustice $129,304

Roberti Murphy SrDr ConservIntl $128,156

Christopher Tuite CFO IFAW $127,346 C

Joseph Peligrino Mrket NorthShore $126,320 K

Barry Giaquinto CFO NorthShore $126,014

Karen Ziffer VP ConservIntl $125,221

William J. Kropp Sec/Tr NHES $124,199

Alex Echols DeptyDir NatFishWild $123,159

Jeffrey R. Cilek VP Peregrine $122,520

CEO, $5-9.9 m. org. GuideStar $121,731

Gini Barrett HollywoodDir AHA $121,412 L

Stephen G. Eudene SrVP/CFO ASPCA $121,123

Steven Hansen, DVM ASPCA $121,031

Henri Jacquier Adviser Cousteau $120,909

Jan Hartke ExecDirector HSUS $120,408

Chas. Vinick ExecVP OceanFutures $120,000

James D. Nations VP ConservIntl $119,777

Jorgen Thomsen VP ConserveIntl $119,332

Stephen Musso SrVP/ChfOps ASPCA $119,287

Nadine Grenier DirHumRes SF/SPCA $118,503 M

Elizabeth Dowdle FlaRp ConservFnd $118,312

Kenneth Cunniff Attorney NAVS $118,050 E

Patrick Bergin AfWild $117,986

Stephen Zawistowski SrVPEdu ASPCA $117,906

Charles J. Orasin VP Defenders $117,150

Mark Goldstein VP SF/SPCA $116,617 M

Michl. Sherwood Atty EarthJustice $115,664

John Aldridge, DVM SF/SPCA $115,500

FEMALE CEO, $10-$24.9 m. Gdstr $114,372

John Kullberg WldlfLndTrst HSUS $114,034

Top, Dogs Home Battersea $113,400 N

Top, Natl. Canine Defence League $113,400 O

Top salary, Cat Protection League $113,400

Lynn Lawrence ChiefStaff BideAWee $113,998

Top salary, SPA Abroad $113,398

Wayne Pacelle SeniorVP HSUS $113,395

Arnold Plotnick SrVP ASPCA $112,775

CEO, $5-$9 m. org. GdStr $112,703

Timothy O'Brien Pres/CEO AHA $112,033 L

RICHARD JOHNSTON Pres Ct.Humane $111,534

Martin Hayden Atty EarthJustice $111,319

Stewart Hudson ExecDir Goodall $111,119

Industrial veterinarian AVMA $109,941

Carolyn Sweetapple DVM NorthShore $109,702 K

Silvio Olivieri VP ConservIntl $109,935

Hamilton Leong AsstTreas Sierra $108,869

J. Peter Jenny VP Peregrine $108,200

David Guest Atty EarthJustice $107,750

MALE FUNDRAISER, $25-$44 m. GdStr $107,554

Dulce Gomez-Zormelo AsstTr NWF $106,293

Whitney Tilt ConsDr NatFishWild $105,822

FUNDRAISER, $25-$49 m. org. GdStr $105,514

Howard Fox Atty EarthJustice $104,061

Deborah Reames Atty EarthJustice $103,973

Bruce Neighbor VP EarthJustice $103,843

Haroldo Castro SrDir ConservIntl $102,999

Gilles de Villartay Cousteau $102,830

Stephen Roady Atty EarthJustice $102,002

[not given] Kelly, DVM Holiday $101,665

MALE CEO, $2.5-$4.9 m. org. GdStr $101,365

Peter Stangel NeoTrop NatFishWld $101,305

Karen Goschen AsstTreas AHA $101,248 L

Bruce Carr DirEducation AZA $101,076

Ginette Ring ChfFin NatFishWild $100,546

Michael Hutchins Cons&Sci AZA $100,495

David Stein, DVM SF/SPCA $100,202

Edward McMahon Grnways ConservFnd $ 99,191

Roderic Mast VP ConserveIntl $ 98,499

Laura Benson DirFin&Admin AZA $ 97,836

Tatyana Doughty-Olyphant ASPCA $ 97,254

Mark Shaffer VP/Prog Defenders $ 96,525

Jerry Clark Fisheries NatFishWld $ 96,401

Michael Harold Campgns Greenpeace $ 95,887 I

CEO, $2.5-$4.9 m. org. GdStr $ 95,516

Lloyd Kiff ScienceDir Peregrine $ 95,288

Stephanie Meeks Mrktg NatrCnsrvcy $ 94,204

Steve Katz Director EarthJustice $ 93,940

Clare Richardson Pres FosseyIntl $ 93,934

Kay Cooper Communications WSPA $ 93,891

Nathan Winograd Law&Advo SF/SPCA $ 93,726 M

Rosalind Aveling NairobiDir AfWld $ 93,108

FEMALE CEO, $5-$9.9 m. org GdStr $ 93,054

Pamela Gray Secretary ConservFnd $ 92,639

ALAN H. BERGER ExecDir API $ 92,531

HOLLY HAZARD ExecDirector DDAL $ 92,455

Claude Gascon VP ConserveIntl $ 92,032

Patricia Burnham Admin Peregrine $ 91,947 H

Denis Herstein, DVM BideAWee $ 91,204

Janice Fenichel, DVM ASPCA $ 90,699

GEORGE FENWICK Pres AmerBrdCon $ 90,000

MALE FUNDRAISER, $10-$24.9 Gdstr $ 89,860

David Ganz Consultant HSUS $ 89,169

Roseann Trezza AsstDir AsscHumane $ 88,078

FUNDRAISER, $10-$24.9 m. GdStr $ 87,953

LEE BERNSTEIN ExecDir AsscHumane $ 87,666

Adele Douglass DirectorDC AHA $ 87,522 L

John Nagy AdminServ DumbFriends $ 86,932

Sandra Hooper DirAdopt SF/SPCA $ 86,036

Mary Ippoliti-ßmith PrgDr Maddies $ 85,746

Scott Anderson DevelopDir FSAP $ 85,358 P

Terrence Clark AsstExDr AsscHumne $ 85,984

Hedwige Bienvenu FilmEd Cousteau $ 85,824

MARSHA SPRING ExDr HSIndianapolis $ 85,555

Jane Berdie DirEducation AHA $ 85,420

DAVID STEGMAN ExDir TonyLaRussa's $ 85,015

John Walsh IntlProjectsDir WSPA $ 84,960

Rhonda Albright, DVM SNAP $ 84,764

FEMALE FUNDRAISER $10-$24.9 GdStr $ 84,267

Ralph Dennard HearingDogs SF/SPCA $ 83,776

William Heinrich OpsMgr Peregrine $ 83,375


Alice Slater President GRACE $ 82,666

Paul DiLorenzo DirChldServ AHA $ 82,137

FEMALE CEO, $2.5-$4.9 m. GdStr $ 81,900

Bosmat Gal, DVM AnmlRescLg $ 81,878

MALE CEO, $1-2.49 m. org. GdStr $ 81,704

Top salary, Brooke Hospital $ 81,000

Top salary, Universities Fedrtn. $ 80,998

MARK J OWENS Chair OwensFndtn $ 80,500 Q

DELIA D. OWENS Pres OwensFndtn $ 80,500 Q

PRISCILLA FERAL President FoA $ 81,746 R

Linda Boyd Manager AZA $ 80,676

Edward Powers DirOps AnmlRescLg $ 80,660

THEO CAPALDO ExecDirector NEAVS $ 79,054

Lynn Spivak DirComm/Mrkt Maddies $ 78,958

Connie Howard DirShelters AHA $ 78,630

Margaret Snyder CommDr NatFishWld $ 78,560

George Wirt PR BideAWee $ 78,492

David Foster, DVM BideAWee $ 77,936

MALE FUNDRAISER, $5-9.9 m. GdStr $ 77,913

Gus Helberg ExecDir Ct.Humane $ 77,382

Joan Casey Opertns DumbFriends $ 77,240

Jennifer Jones DrMrkt Greenpeace $ 77,234 I



Chris Jordan MgingDir CareForWild $ 76,140 S



James Deane DirPubs Defenders $ 75,983

CEO, $1-$2.49 million org. GdStr $ 75,511

Richard Wood ExecDir FACT $ 75,250 T

FUNDRAISER, $5-$9.9 m. org GdStr $ 75,226

Lorraine Slater Secty SF/SPCA $ 75,074

Michael Rodman HumRes Greenpeace $ 74,553 I

Valerie Stanley Attorney ALDF $ 74,539

Steve Ann Chambers Pres ALDF $ 74,485

Jenny Lindamood Control AnmlResLg $ 74,258

Rose Channer VP LA/SPCA $ 74,247

Richard Watson Projects Peregrine $ 73,700

GRETCHEN WYLER Pres ArkTrust $ 73,385

Gould Michael, DVM BideAWee $ 73,377

Kenneth Brookwell VP LA/SPCA $ 73,140

Ronald H. Cohn VP/Treas Gorilla $ 72,591 U

FEMALE FUNDRAISER $5-9.9 m. GdStr $ 72,934

Calvin Sandfort Prpgtn Peregrine $ 72,474

Jill Gray AsstChfExc WSPA $ 71,536

Joy Leney RegionalDir WSPA $ 71,536

Thomas F. Joyce DeptyDir NAVS $ 71,125

Mark Stanley Price VPAfrica AFWld $ 70,154

Mariclare Haggarty DirCom NAVS $ 70,000



MALE FUNDRAISER $2.5-$4.9m GdStr $ 68,492


Pam Rockwell DrPolicy Maddies $ 68,582

Sara Vickerman DirWest Defenders $ 67,650

David Pashley VP AmerBrdCons $ 67,600


Marie Dupree Controller Goodall $ 67,518

RANDALL HAYES Pres Rainforest $ 67,396

FEMALE CEO, $1-2.49 m. org GdStr $ 67,393

MALE FUNDRAISER, $1-$2.49m. GdStr $ 66,492

Gerald Winegard VP AmerBrdCons $ 66,480

Charlie McGinley PrgMgr PetSavers $ 66,340

FUNDRAISER, $2.5-$4.9 m. GdStr $ 65,933

Daniel Crain Director SF/SPCA $ 65,912

Dan Matthews DirMediaRel PETA $ 65,841

Marybeth Sweetland VP PETA $ 65,482



Sharon Krogh AsstDrOps AnmlRescLg $ 65,158

David Havard VP LA/SPCA $ 65,150

Ivy Leeson VP LA/SPCA $ 65,000

Carole Douglis AfWild $ 65,000

MALE CEO, $500,000-$999,000 GdStr $ 64,925

Top, Fossey Gorilla Fnd. Europe $ 64,800

Top, Compassion in World Farming $ 64,800

Stephen J. Zulli FinDir Ct.Humane $ 64,789

FEMALE FUNDRAISER $2.5-$4.9 GdStr $ 64,708

LYNDA FORO President DTFA $ 64.638 W

Robert Ramin AfWild $ 63,750

Beverly Kaskey SrVP ArkTrust $ 63,454

Eung Bu Bae, DVM Holiday $ 63,389

ELLIOT KATZ President IDA $ 63,013

William Snape Law&Leg Defenders $ 62,700

Dianne Forthman VP/DirAdmin FoA $ 62,646

Pamela Frasch ALDF $ 62,541


TINA NELSON ExecutiveDir AAVS $ 62,057

Robert Dewey DirGovRel Defenders $ 61,875

Jim Albertson AnmlCntrl AtlantaHS $ 61,870


FUNDRAISER, $1-$2.49 m. org GdStr $ 61,802

Duane Adams DirOps ArizonaHS $ 61,100

MARTINE COLETTE ExecDr Waystation $ 60,000 Y

WALLY SWETT Pres/Dir PriPrimates $ 60,000

Ron Tomas ChfFinOffr ArizonaHS $ 60,000

Gail Smith-Gliss Contl Greenpeace $ 59,946 I

Raymond Rumsey AfWild $ 59,369

Linda Petty MgrFinOp NAVS $ 59,300

Sarah Beth Lardie DirDev Goodall $ 59,041

ESTHER MECHLER Director Spay/USA $ 58,852 W

Margaret Devoe DataAnalyst FSAP $ 58,826 P

CEO, $500,000-$999,999 org. GdStr $ 58,758

Eilene Cohhn SpecEvents FSAP $ 58,357 P

MALE FUNDRAISER $0.5-$9.99m GdStr $ 58,044

Kevin Connelly DirDevel Gorilla $ 58,502

Gary Stanley DirEdTech Gorilla $ 58,457

Dana Campbell Employee ALDF $ 57,997

Gregory Jacobs CFO NHES $ 57,885

Virginia Landau ChimpZoo Goodall $ 57,673

ROBERT WENNERS Secty Waystation $ 57,504

Bill Clark DirIntl FoA $ 57,280

Dena Jones ProgramDirector AWI $ 57,225

Bruce Bean, DVM ArizonaHS $ 56,969

Amy D. Zeifang ChairBrd Maddies $ 56,927

Ron Totten DrAnmlContrl AtlantaHS $ 56,892

Marcia Griffin AcctDir Cousteau $ 56,798


Jessica Sandler FedLiaison PETA $ 56,542

Deanna Soares ExecDir UAN $ 55,968

Barbara Nadeau DrHmnRes AnmlResLg $ 55,732

Kathleen Downey Production PCRM $ 55,099

Gloria Dorsey, DVM AtlantaHS $ 55,041

ROBERT A. BROWN President FACT $ 54,916 T

William Bryant DirComm Greenpeace $ 54,764 I

Peggy Hilden DevelopDir PCRM $ 54,488

Michael Winikoff ProgDir ArkTrust $ 53,903

FEMALE CEO $0.5-$9.99m org GdStr $ 53,241

Robert Orabona DirOps FoA $ 53,024 R

Donna Sicuranza Dir VernonTait $ 53,000

Herman Kaufman Attorney FoA $ 52,717

ROBIN LOHNES ExecDir AHPA $ 52,615

JEANE WESTIN President UAN $ 52,405

Sue Murphy Director AHA $ 52,355

MALE CEO, $0.25-$4.99m. org GdStr $ 52,068


JOHN A. KNOX EXDrVP EarthIsland $ 52,000

DAVID PHILLIPS ExDrVP EarthIsland $ 52,000

Merrie Morrison VP AmerBrdCons $ 51,869

Ellen McPeake Fin/Dev Greenpeace $ 51,814

FUNDRAISER, $0.5-$9.99m. GdStr $ 51,519

Rose Jewell ResCtrMgr AHA $ 51,252

Judith Flint DirHumRes ArizonaHS $ 50,715

Thomas Wetterer Atty Greenpeace $ 50,471 I

Mindy Kursban Counsel PCRM $ 50,000

Dieter Steklis ChfSci FosseyIntl $ 48,195

FEM FUNDRAISER $0.25-$4.99m GdStr $ 48,074

FEM FUNDRAISER $0.5-$9.99m. GdStr $ 47,959

CEO, $250,000-$499,000 org. GdStr $ 46,807

Norma Lofland Pres KittyComfort $ 46,388

Noella Caparella Tr KittyComfort $ 46,387

FUNDRAISER, $0.25-$4.99m. GdStr $ 46,357

Rebecca Robinson Dir AlleyCat $ 45,846

Louise Holton Dir AlleyCat $ 45,846 Z

Kimberly Hicks DrDvMrkt ArizonaHS $ 44,460

ANNA C. BRIGGS Director NHES $ 44,031

G.T. Craggs ExecMgr CareForWild $ 43,740 S

Bonnie Miller Secty/Treas HFA $ 43,290 AA

Teri A. Barnato NatlDir AVAR $ 43,247

Mike Markarian ExecVP Fund $ 43,000

FEMALE CEO $0.25-$4.99m org GdStr $ 42,899

MALE FUNDRAISER $0.25-$4.99 GdStr $ 42,864

James D. Taylor President NHES $ 42,651

SEAN HAWKINS ExecDir SNAP $ 42,604

KIM STALLWOOD Edtr AnimalsAgenda $ 42,220

SUSAN DAPSIS President ISAR $ 42,158

Julie Bank DirEducatn ArizonaHS $ 41,000

Sherry Greenblatt CapDev Atlanta $ 40,061

Joan Lipp DirMembers ArizonaHS $ 41,000

CHRIS DeROSE Pres LastChance $ 40,954

Jennifer Trahan FnclAnlys Sierra $ 39,557

William Jordan, DVM CareforWild $ 39,562 S

LYNN CUNY ExDir WldlfResc&Rehab $ 39,548

DANIEL J. MORAST President IWC $ 39,400

CAROL ASVESTAS VP WildAnmlOrph $ 39,122

Pat Calabrese VPCnsl WldlfConsSoc $ 38,961

Karen Diamond Controller SF/SPCA $ 37,878

Valerie Shand ExDir SeaShepherd $ 37,846 BB

Cathy Liss ExecutiveDir AWI $ 37,795

MALE CEO, -$0.25m org GuideStar $ 37,627


MALE FUNDRAISER -$0.25m org GdStr $ 37,253

Donna Wilcox Director AlleyCat $ 36,615

Gregory Castle 2ndVP BestFriends $ 36,013

Jonathan Depeyer Dir BestFriends $ 36,013

Chris A. Fripp Treas BestFriends $ 36,013

Faith Maloney Pres BestFriends $ 36,013

Celeste Fripp Secty BestFriends $ 36,012

Michael Mountain Dir BestFriends $ 36,012

Ernest Eckhoff Dir BestFriends $ 36,012

Alfred Battista 1stVP BestFriends $ 35,596

PAT DERBY President Performing $ 35,998 CC

Ed Stewart Sec/Tr Performing $ 35,997 CC


Frank Corvino FieldOps ArizonaHS $ 34,820


FUNDRAISER, -$0.25m org GuideStar $ 33,699

CEO, -$0.25m org GuideStar $ 33,604


Laurie E. Peek, DVM Maddies $ 32,983

Earle Wagner Adoptions ArizonaHS $ 32,552

Mary Dykes Scty/Treas OwensFndtn $ 32,200

BRAD MILLER President HFA $ 32,190 AA


Merritt Clifton Editor ANMLPEPL $ 32,000 DD

Robert Miller ClinicMgr ArizonaHS $ 31,746

FEMALE CEO, -$0.25m org GuideStar $ 30,897


Heather Rockwell AsstDir IWC $ 31,113

INGRID NEWKIRK President PETA $ 29,996 P

Tina Lococo-Mosio Secty FACT $ 29,729 T


Sheri Gordy AnimCareMgr ArizonaHS $ 28.780


Michael Wilster RecMgr ArizonaHS $ 27,586


Hector Menjivar Trustee Holiday $ 27,000

Chris Depeyer Dir BestFriends $ 26,700


Stephen Tello Secty PriPrimates $ 26,320

Scott Blais VicePres ElephSanct $ 25,200

LORRI BAUSTON Pres FarmSanctuary $ 25,055 EE

JOHN WILLIS Chair Greenpeace $ 25,000 I

Gene Bauston VP FarmSanctuary $ 23,557 EE

Holly McNulty SecTr FarmSanctuary $ 24,130


AsstDirector CHAI $ 19,351

ALEX HERSHAFT President FARM $ 18,450 FF

Charles McGrady President Sierra $ 9,549


Eric Mindel ExecDir LastChance $ 17,309 GG

John Passacantando ExD Greenpeace $ 17,097 I

Donna Hart VicePresident IWC $ 15,634 HH

Lisa Distefano ExDir SeaShepherd $ 15,630 BB

MARY LYNN ROBERTS Pres TigerHaven $ 11,980 II

Ken Roberts Director TigerHaven $ 11,836 II

Stephen Best Treasurer IWC $ 11,742 HH


Melissa Berryman DomstcAnmls IWC $ 11,123

KAREN DAVIS Pres UnitedPoultry $ 9,995

Gene Chontos Secty/Tr WildBurro $ 9,600 JJ

Jose Truda Palazzo, Jr. Brzl IWC $ 9,400

KYENAN KUM President IAKA $ 7,500

Nina Natelson President CHAI $ 6,368


Virginia Dungan Director NHES $ 5,264

Joe Parker Director TigerHaven $ 5,170 II

KEN SHAPIRO ExecDir PsyETA $ 4,266

Victoria Hartman ExDr SeaShepherd $ 4,154 BB

CAROL BUCKLEY Pres ElephSanct $ 6,000

ROBIN DUXBURY Pres ProjectEquus $ 4,125


DIANA CHONTOS Pres WildBurro (none) JJ


LEO GRILLO Pres DELTARescue (none)

STEVE HINDI President SHARK (none)

ELISABETH LEWYT Chair NorthShore (none)

KAY McELROY President Cedarhill (none)


FRANCINE PATTERSON Pres Gorilla (none) U

MARIAN PROBST President Fund (none)

TANYA SMITH President Turpentine (none) LL


PAUL WATSON Captain SeaShepherd (none)

Selected opposition

MATTHEW CONNOLLY JR. ExecVP Ducks $348,777

Don A. Young ExecVP Ducks $288,404


Barbara A/ Rich ExecVP NABR $116,519

Richard K. Story VP WCFA/WLFA $102,904 MM

JACQUIE CALNAN Pres/Sec AMP $ 81,608

Mary Culpeper Long VicePres FBR $ 62,000

Kay N. Johnson VP AIF $ 56,957

Kurt Sampson FBR $ 54,583

Annamaria Castiglia-Zanello FBR $ 52,083

Steven Kopperud President AIF $ 17,100 NN


A - Attorney Christopher A. Smith, 60, with no zoo background, succeeded William Conway as president of the Wildlife Conservation Society in September 1999, after Conway reached mandatory retirement at age 70. Smith left, however, in March 2000. His compensation and that of John McKew and Dennis Baker includes severance. Conway, whose compensation includes retirement benefits, still consults for WCS. James M. Large Jr. was named acting president.

B - Humane Society of the U.S. president Paul Irwin took $570,325 in salary, expenses, and retirement benefits in 1998, the last year before the IRS became able to fine nonprofit groups for paying excessive compensation. In Nov-ember 2001, Irwin won board approval to stay as president through 2004. The IRS is reportedly investigating an allegation by former HSUS legal/executive secretary Nancy Dayton that HSUS general counsel and vice president Roger A. Kindler and senior counsel Murdaugh Stuart Madden have long used HSUS staff and facilities for the benefit of their private law practice, including advertising the HSUS address, telephone, and fax number as those of their law firm. Dayton complained to the IRS five months after she told Irwin that HSUS had filed false reports to the IRS in 1996, 1997, 1998, and 1999. Dayton was fired, she said, two weeks later. Neither Kindler nor Madden have responded to requests for comment.

C - Includes compensation from nine IFAW affiliates. Also in 2000, IFAW paid $251,335 to the law firm Rackemann, Sawyer & Brewster, in which IFAW board member and legal counsel Michael O'Connell is a partner. Instead of disclosing the top five salaries paid to non-board members on IRS Form 990, Schedule A, part I, IFAW wrote for the second straight year that, "During the current year, more than 86% of each key employee's compensation was reimbursed by the other [IFAW affiliate] organizations [for which work was done]." But the purpose of Schedule A, part I is not to explain who signs the checks. Rather, the section is meant to enable donors to decide if the pay is in keeping with the charitable mission. Standard practice is to disclose compensation exceeding $50,000 from all affiliates of a charity combined, footnoting to explain divisions of duties and pay sources.

D - John C. Sawhill, 63, president of The Nature Conservancy since 1990, died on 5/18/2000.

E - Peggy and Kenneth Cunniff are wife and husband. NAVS Form 990 filings in 1989-1994 identified Kenneth Cunniff as an independent contractor. ANIMAL PEOPLE pointed out in June 1996 that his pay from NAVS often exceeds $100,000/year plus use of a vehicle, while he runs his own law firm. Since then, NAVS lists him as "Kenneth Cunniff, Ltd."

F - Ken White in October 2001 left the Arizona Humane Society to head the Peninsula Humane Society, in San Mateo, Calif., at $188,000 a year (including car allowance), plus housing.

G - The Royal SPCA CEO is Peter Davies. In November 2001, RSPCA vice presidents William Jordan, founder of Care For The Wild., Angela Cope, and Dame Janet Fookes were removed from the RSPCA ruling council in favor of celebrities Geri Halliwell, Elton John, and Cliff Richard. Wrote Valerie Elliot, countryside editor for the London Times, "Some members believe the move was an attempt by RSPCA director-general Peter Davies to silence Jordan," an outspoken critic of the RSPCA policies on animal research and circuses.

H - William & Patricia Burnham are husband and wife.

I - Greenpeace Inc. and the Greenpeace Fund share staff and board. William Bryant and Michael Harold departed in August 2000.

J - Andrew Dickson heads WSPA worldwide.

K - Joseph Peligrino and Carolyn Sweetapple have left the North Shore Animal League.

L - Timothy O'Brien succeeded Robert F.X. Hart as Ameri-can Humane Association CEO in November 1999. Karen Goschen succeeded Gini Barrett as head of the AHA Hollywood office in March 2001. Adele Douglass now heads Farm Animal Services Inc., formed by the AHA to run its Free Farmed Certificate Program. Ann Sparks succeeded Douglass as AHA Washington D.C. office director.

M - Mark Goldstein left the SF/SPCA in January 2001 to become president of the San Diego Humane Society. Nathan Wino-grad left the SF/SPCA in November 2000; he is now executive director of the Tompkins County Humane Society in Ithaca, New York. Nadine Grenier has also left the SF/SPCA.

N - The CEO of Dogs Home Battersea is Duncan Green.

O - The CEO of the National Canine Defence League is Clarissa Baldwin.

P - FSAP development director Scott Anderson was formerly development director for PETA; FSAP, headed by Ingrid Newkirk of PETA and Neal Barnard, M.D., of PCRM, functions as a fundraising arm of PETA and PCRM. (See Budgets & Assets note #25.)

Q - Mark and Delia Owens are husband and wife.

R - Priscilla Feral and Robert Orabona are wife/husband.

S - Chris Jordan is son of William Jordan, founder of Care For The Wild. G.T. Craggs is husband of trustee V. Craggs.

T - FACT compensation plus compensation from Nest Eggs Inc., a for-profit FACT subsidiary.

U - Ronald Cohn and Francine Patterson are identified by other media as "partners."

V - Javier Burgos leases an office to SUPRESS d.b.a The Nature of Wellness, at $22,800 per year. SUPRESS vice president Hoorik Davoudian took no salary in 2000. Her firm, New Health Inc., was paid $68,000 for "Programs/ campaigns design implementation and management."

W - Esther Mechler founded Spay/USA in 1990. It became a Pet Savers Foundation program in 1993. Lynda Foro began Doing Things For Animals in 1993. Hired by Pet Savers in 1999, Foro continues DTFA, which is still independent, as part of her duties.

X - Will Travers, a Born Free Foundation staff member since it began, is son of founder Virginia McKenna. His promotion to CEO was probed in 2000 by the British Charities Commission, which found no wrongdoing, but suggested bylaw changes, which were made, to avoid any conflicts of interest.

Y - Wildlife Waystation also paid rent of $54,000 to founder Martine Colette, equal to her mortgage payments on the 90-acre sanctuary site, bought with her personal credit. The sanctuary is her sole heir.

Z - Alley Cat Allies co-founder Louise Holton resigned in October 2000.

AA - Bonnie & Brad Miller are wife and husband.

BB - Lisa Distefano, Valerie Shand, and Victoria Hart-man each served as Sea Shepherd executive director for a part of 2000.

CC - Pat Derby and Ed Stewart are partners. PAWS provides their housing and vehicles.

DD - Kim Bartlett and Merritt Clifton are wife/husband.

EE - Lorri & Gene Bauston are wife and husband. They also receive housing and transportation from Farm Sanctuary.

FF - Alex Hershaft rents an office to FARM in lieu of salary.

GG - Eric Mindel left LCA in midyear.

HH - Donna Hart and Stephen Best left the International Wildlife Coalition in midyear.

II - Mary Lynn Roberts has divorced Joe Parker, the chief public voice of Tiger Haven until August 2000, and is now married to Ken Roberts. This seems to have made little difference in the financial affairs of Tiger Haven. (See note 52, on page 16.) A longtime bingo operator whose games were repeatedly halted by law enforcement, Joe Parker was accused of skimming $50,000 in 1986-1997 from bingo games held to benefit a nursery school and kindergarten. He turned prosecution witness against other defendants to receive a reduced sentence. Parker opened a bingo hall to benefit Tiger Haven in May 1994. It closed in 1996. Tiger Haven says Parker no longer has any involvement with the sanctuary.

JJ - WBR founders Gene and Diana Chontos have separated.

KK - PIGS "currently leases a farm from its directors and paid rent of $13,500 for the year," explains IRS Form 990. Founders Jim Brewer and Dale Riffle used their personal credit to buy the farm, where they live as caretakers, for the exclusive use of PIGS. Brewer in 2000 also gave PIGS $5,000 in cash.

LL - Turpentine Creek cofounder Tanya Alexenia Syrenia Smith, a.k.a. Tanya Gonzelez Smith in 1998 settled charges filed as felonious theft of public benefits by pleading guilty to illegal use of food stamps. Smith allegedly declared in seeking food stamps and Medicaid that she and her son had no income except the son's Social Security payments, and had no other resources. Turpentine Creek had paid Smith $5,000 per month rent since April 1994; paid her $20,000 plus 5% interest, 1992-1994; and paid her $34,122 from January 1995 to the date the case was filed. Smith also leased two vehicles to the foundation until July 1, 1997. The current Turpentine Creek IRS Form 990 omits statements which on earlier filings declared that Smith leased land to the foundation "at the same cost as her mortgage payment," receiving both housing plus equity in the 450-acre site, relatively little of which is used for the care of sanctuary animals. Turpentine Creek is still paying $5,000 per month ($60,000/year) in rent to someone.


MM - Combined compensation from both the Wildlife Conservation Fund of America and the Wildlife Legislative Fund of America, which are affiliates.

NN - Steven Kopperud is paid for 10% of his time.

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