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BirdLife International Conservation Series

Threatened Birds of the WorldThreatened Birds of the World. The official source for birds on the IUCN Red List. Allison J. Stattersfield & David R. Capper, Project managers & senior editors. Guy C.L. Dutson, Michael I. Evans, Rachel K. McClellan, Nicholas B. Peet, Sue M. Shutes, Thomas E.H. Stuart, Joe A. Tobias & David C. Wege, Additional editors. BirdLife International and Lynx Edicions. January 2001. 8 1/2" x 12". 852 pages. What an impressive work! WorldTwitch Bird Book of the Year - 2001. Illustrations have been borrowed from the best recent bird books and supplemented with paintings of birds not otherwise illustrated. Each species account includes a range map, identification, range and population, ecology, threats conservation, targets and references. Some new species are recognized, becoming instant threatened or endangered species. I find it difficult to put this book down when I pick it up and start reading. This is a guide to where you need to go birding - NOW. UK
Threatened Birds of Asia, volume 1Threatened Birds of Asia, volume 2Threatened Birds of Asia. The BirdLife International Red Data Book. N.J. Collar, A.V. Andreev, S. Chan, M.J. Crosby, S. Subramanya and J.A. Tobias (eds.) 2 volumes, 3038 pages. 2001. Detailed information on the 665 most threatened species. All the species accounts are available free online as pdf files. UK
Important Bird Areas in Africa and its associated islandsImportant Bird Areas in Africa and its Associated Islands: Priority sites for conservation. L.D.C. Fishpool & M.I. Evans (eds.) BirdLife Conservation Series No. 11. Information on birds at 1,228 sites in 58 countries. 1,160 pages. 16 pages of color habitat photos. NatureBureau and BirdLife International. 2001. UK
European Bird PopulationsEuropean Bird Populations: Estimates & Trends. BirdLife Conservation Series No. 10. Melanie F. Heath, Carolien Borrgreve & Nicholas Peet (eds.). Population data on 515 species. Line drawings. 160 pages. April 2001. UK
Raptor WatchRaptor Watch: A Global Directory of Raptor Migration Sites. BirdLife Conservation Series No. 9. Jorje J. Zalles & Keith L. Bildstein. A joint publication with Hawk Mountain Sanctuary. Further information. 419 pages. August 2000. US | UK
Important Bird Areas of EuropeImportant Bird Areas in Europe: Priority Sites for Conservation. BirdLife Conservation Series No. 8. Melanie F. Heath, Michael I. Evans, D.G. Hoccum, A.J. Payne & N.B. Peet. 2 volumes. 1600 pages. Descriptions of more than 3,600 sites. 2001. [2-volume set (UK)]  [Volume 1 only (UK)] [Volume 2 only (UK)]
Endemic Bird Areas of the WorldEndemic Bird Areas of the World: Priorities for Biodiversity Conservation. BirdLife Conservation Series No. 7. Alison J. Stattersfield, Michael J. Crosby, Adrian J. Long & David C. Wege. 20 color, 180 b/w photographs, 12 line illus., 7 four-color, 430 two-color maps. Further information. 864 pages. 1998. US | UK
Habitats for Birds in EuropeHabitats for Birds in Europe: A Conservation Strategy for the Wider Environment. BirdLife Conservation Series No. 6. Graham M. Tucker & Michael I. Evans. 40 two-color illus. Further information. 464 pages. 1998. US | UK
Key Areas for Threatened Bird in the NeotropicsKey Areas for Threatened Birds in the Neotropics. BirdLife Conservation Series No. 5. David C. Wege & Adrian J. Long. 311 pages. Maps. 1995. US | UK
Birds to Watch 2Birds to Watch 2: The World List of Threatened Birds. BirdLife Conservation Series No. 4. Nigel Collar, Michael J. Crosby, Alison J. Stattersfield. 407 pages. 1994. US | UK
Birds in EuropeBirds in Europe: Their Conservation Status. BirdLife Conservation Series No. 3. Graham M. Tucker, Melanie F, Heath, F. Tomialojc, Richard Grimmett. 625 pages. Color maps. 1994. US | UK
Important Bird Areas in the Middle EastImportant Bird Areas in the Middle East. BirdLife Conservation Series No. 2. Michael I. Evans, S.J. Andrews, Adrian J. Long. Covers more than 300 sites. 335 pages. Line drawings. Maps. 1994. US | UK
Seabirds on IslandsSeabirds on Islands: Threats, Case Studies & Action Plans. BirdLife Conservation Series No. 1. David N. Nettleship, Joanna Burger & Michael Gotchfeld. 350 pages. 1995. US | UK

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