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WorldTwitch Brazil - Birds & Birding

Golden Parakeet, Guarouba guarouba, photo by Peter W. Post Brazil Bird Reports
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Books on Brazil birds, natural history and travel:

Kevin Zimmer & Andrew Whittaker. Birds of Brazil - 2 volumes. Princeton University Press (Forthcoming 2018?). US | UK | FR | DE | CA | JP
Robert S. Ridgely, John A. Gwynne, Guy Tudor & Martha Angel. Birds of Brazil Vol. 2 - The Atlantic Forest of Southeast Brazil. Comstock - Wildlife Conservation Society (June 2016). Details. US | UK | FR | DE | CA | JP
Vol. 1 - The Pantanal & Cerrado of Central Brazil (December 2010). Details. Volume 1 may be the best available field guide for any region of South America. I haven't seen Volume 2 yet. Unfortunately, there apparently will be no further volumes in this series. US | UK | FR | DE | CA | JP
Daniel Mello, Gabriel Mello, Francisco Mallet-Rodrigues. Field Guide to the Birds of the Serra dos Órgãos and Surrounding Area /Aves da Serra dos Órgãos e Adjacências. Brazil, near Teresópolis, RJ. An accessible site for Grey-winged Cotinga (easy to hear, difficult to see), and close to the spot where Kinglet Calyptura was observed in 1996. Regua (July 2015). Video. Details. US
Ber van Perlo. A Field Guide to the Birds of Brazil. Oxford University Press (October 2009). Details. Book: US | UK | FR | DE | CA | JP
Kindle: US | UK | FR | DE | CA | JP
Juha Honkala & Seppo Niiranen. A Birdwatching Guide to South-east Brazil. Portal do Bosque (June 2010). US | UK | FR | DE | CA | JP
iJET Weekly Travel Intelligence Report - Brazil. (PDF download from US
Aves do Estado de São Paulo. Willis & Oniki. 2003.Edwin O. Willis & Yoshika Oniki. Aves do Estado de São Paulo. July 2003. 398 pages, 84 color plates by Tomas Sigrist. Available for $115 postpaid from Atualidades Oritológicas, CP 238, 86870-000 Ivaiporã, PR, Brazil. Send an International Postal Money Order.
Bibliography of Brazilian Birds. Oniki & Willis. 2002.Yoshika Oniki & Edwin O. Willis. Bibliography of Brazilian Birds: 1500-2002. 532 pages. 2002. Available for $30 postpaid from Atualidades Oritológicas, CP 238, 86870-000 Ivaiporã, PR, Brazil. Send an International Postal Money Order.
Deodata Souza. All the Birds of Brazil: an identification guide. 360 pages, 158 color plates. Reportedly available for $35 postpaid from Atualidades Oritológicas, CP 238, 86870-000 Ivaiporã, PR, Brazil. Send an International Postal Money Order.
Bret Whitney. Guide to the Birds of Brazil: Volume 1: Atlantic Forest. Another series of Brazil field guides using plates from HBW is underway. Lynx Edicions.
Robert S. Ridgely & Guy Tudor, The Birds of South America, Volume 1, the Oscine Passerines. The Worldtwitch Best Bird Book of the 20th Century. University of Texas Press & Oxford University Press (UK). Essential reference and field guide. US | UK
Robert S. Ridgely & Guy Tudor, The Birds of South America, Volume 2, the Suboscine Passerines. The Worldtwitch Best Bird Book of the 20th Century. University of Texas Press & Oxford University Press (UK). Essential reference and field guide. US | UK
Helmut Sick. Birds in Brazil.  In the absence of acceptable bird guides covering the non-passerines of Brazil, it is often necessary to consult Sick's reference work. 774 pages. Princeton University Press, 1993. US | UK
Tony Juniper. Spix's Macaw: The race to save the world's rarest bird. 304 pages. Fourth Estate, 2002. US | UK
Bruce C. Forrester, Birding Brazil. Spiral bound. 1993. UK
Bathasar Dubs. Birds of Southwestern Brazil. 1992. 162 pages. 58 color plates. US
Martin R. de la Peña & Maurice Rumboll. Illustrated Checklist: Birds of Southern South America and Antarctica. 224 pages. HarperCollins & Princeton University Press. 1998. US | UK
Nigel Wheatley, Where to Watch Birds in South America. US | UK
Tito Narosky & Juan Carlos Chebez. Guia para la Identificación de las Aves de Iguazú. Illustrated by Darío Yzurieta. 127 pages. Vazquez Mazzini Editores, 2002. US | UK |
John F. Eisenberg and Kent Redford, Mammals of the Neotropics Vol. 3: The Central Neotropics - Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil. US | UK
Louise H. Emmons, François Feer (illustrator). Neotropical Rainforest Mammals: A Field Guide. 392 pages. U. of Chicago Press. 2d edition, 1997. US | UK
Louise H. Emmons, Bret M. Whitney & David L. Ross. Sounds of Neotropical Rainforest Mammals: An Audio Field Guide. Audio CD. U. of Chicago Press, 1998. US | UK
Richard D. Bartlett & Patricia Pope Bartlett. Reptiles and Amphibians of the Amazon: An Ecotourist's Guide. 448 pages. Covers 250 common species. University of Florida Press 2003. US | UK
Adrian Henderson, Gloria Galeano & Rodrigo Bernal. Field Guide to the Palms of the Americas. Princeton University Press, 1997. 363 pages. 256 color illustrations on 64 pages. US | UK
David Pearson & Les Belesky. Brazil - Amazon & Pantanal. Ecotravellers' Wildlife Guides. Academic Press 2001. 500 pages. US | UK
David Miller, Richard Warren, I.M. Miller. Orchids of the High Mountain Rain Forest in Southeastern Brazil: A Field and Hobbyist Guide. 182 pages. 192 color photos. UK
Guia Brasil 2004Guia Praias 2004Guia Quatro Rodas website
Guia Quatro Rodas: Guia Brasil, Guia Rodoviário (road atlas) & Guia Praias (guide to coastal resorts): Guia Brasil (818 pages), generally referred to as Guia Quatro Rodas (as the name implies, Quatro Rodas is a car magazine), and the Guia Rodoviário (122 pages) are the essential commercial travel publications for use in Brazil, and the Guia Praias (244 pages) is useful along the coast. New editions are issued annually. They usually are available at the bookshops in the SP and RJ international airports and at newsstands in major intercity bus depots. Loja Abril.
Guia Turismo Ecolólgico no BrasilTurismo Ecológico no Brasil. Editora Abril. Not listed on Abril's newly-revised website, but perhaps still available in Brazil. 289 pages. Review on Trilhas e Aventuras.
Philips Guides to Brazil. Five guidebooks are now available in Portuguese and English editions: Amazonia, The South, Pantanal & Bonito, The Northeast & The National Parks. They may be ordered online from the publisher, Editora Horizonte Geográfico, or PubliFolha.
Michaelis Moderno Dicionário English-Portuguese / Portuguese-English. 1735 pages. Details. (Melhoramentos, 2000). The most complete bi-lingual dictionary, with more than 167,000 words. Most Portuguese-English dictionaries are woefully inadequate, even for translating newspapers and websites. US | UK | CA
Lonely Planet: Brazil (5th ed. 2002). US | UK
Brazil: The Rough Guide. US | UK
Bradbury, Guide to Brazil. US | UK
Footprint Brazil Handbook. 3rd ed. 2003. US | UK
Guide to the Amazon - Bradt. US | UK
The Amazon Up Close. US | UK
Insight Guide: Amazon Wildlife. 362 pages. APA Productions. 4th ed. 2002. US | UK
Alwyn H. Gentry (ed.) Four Neotropical Rainforests. (Manaus, Manu, BCI & La Selva.) 644 pages. Yale U. Press, 1993 (1990). US | UK
Nigel J.H. Smith. Amazon Sweet Sea: Land, life and water at the river's mouth. 296 pages. University of Texas Press 2002. US | UK
Nigel J.H. Smith. The Amazon River Forest: A Natural History of Plants, Animals, and People. 256 pages. Oxford University Press, 1999. US | UK
William Milliken & J.A. Ratter (eds), Maracá: The Biodiversity and Environment of an Amazon Rainforest. Includes 33 papers reporting on the findings of an intensive ecological survey in 1987-88 to Ihla de Maracá, RR. John Wiley & Son, 1998. 528 pages. US | UK
Adrian Cowell. The Decade of Destruction: The crusade to save the Amazon rain forest. Documents the massive forest destruction in Rondônia caused by the World Bank's infamous Polonoroeste loan. Also a Channel Four documentary. (1990). US | UK
Adrian Cowell. The Tribe that Hides from Man. Cowell joined FUNAI expeditions to make first contact with the Kreen-Akrore (Panara) Indians in the early 1960s along the route of the Cuiabá - Santarém Road. Also a Channel Four documentary. (1977). US | UK
Marcelo D. Beccaceci, Natural Iguaçu. Details. 128 pages. Panagaea 2003.
Marcelo D. Beccaceci, Natural Pantanal & Iberá. Details. 128 pages. Pangaea 2003.
Philip W. Willink, Barry Chernoff, Leeanne Alonso, Jensen R. Montambault & Reinaldo Lourival (eds.) A Biological Assessment of the Aquatic Ecosystems of the Pantanal, Mato Grosso do Sul. RAP Bulletin No. 18. 306 pages. Conservation International 2001. US | UK
Charles W. Heckman, The Pantanal of Poconé: Biota and Ecology in the Northern Section of the World's Largest Pristine Wetland. (Monographiae Biologicae, Vol 77). Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1998. US | UK
Frederick A. Swarts (ed.), The Pantanal: Understanding and Preserving the World's Largest Wetland. Paragon House. 2d ed. 2000. 336 pages. US | UK
Frederick A. Swarts (ed.), The Pantanal of Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay: Selected Discourses on the World's Largest Remaining Wetland System. Hudson MacArthur, 2000. 287 pages. US
Sy Montgomery. Journey of the Pink Dolphins: An Amazon quest. 336 pages. Touchstone Books and Simon & Schuster. 2000. US | UK
Richard O. Bierregaard, Jr., Claude Gascon, Thomas E. Lovejoy & Rita Mesquita (eds.) Lessons from Amazonia: The Ecology and Conservation of a Fragmented Forest. 544 pages. Yale U. Press. May 2001. US | UK
William F. Laurance & Richard O. Bierregaard, Jr. (eds.) Tropical Forest Remnants: Ecology, Management, and Conservation of Fragmented Communities. 616 pages, 4 color plates, 12 halftones, 33 maps, 93 line drawings, 85 tables. U. of Chicago Press. 1997. US | UK
Carlos S. Diegues (ed.) An Inventory of Brazilian Wetlands. 216 pages. IUCN, 1994. US | UK
Warren Dean. With Broadax and Firebrand: The Destruction of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest. U. of California Press, 1997. 504 pages. US | UK
Charles H. Wood & Roberto Porro (eds.) Deforestation and Land Use in the Amazon. 400 pages. University of Florida Press, 2002. US | UK
Nick Gordon. In the Heart of the Amazon. Second edition of Tarantulas, Marmosets and Other Stories. Adventures of a wildlife cameraman in Amazonia. 286 pages. Metro Publishing 2002. US | UK
Betty J. Meggers. Amazonia: Man and Culture in a Counterfeit Paradise. Outstanding anthropological work. 214 pages. Smithsonian. Revised edition. 1995 (1971). US | UK
Hugh Raffles. In Amazonia: A Natural History. 288 pages. Princeton U. Press 2002. US | UK
Warren Dean. Brazil and the Struggle for Rubber: A Study in Environmental History. Cambridge U. Press, 1987. 256 pages. US | UK
Geoffrey O'Connor, Amazon Journal: Dispatches from a Vanishing Frontier. Plume, 1998. 384 pages. US | UK
Michael Goulding, Nigel J.H. Smith & Dennis J. Mahar. Floods of Fortune: Ecology and Economy Along the Amazon. 184 pages. Columbia U. Press 2000. US | UK
Alain Gheerbrandt, The Amazon: Past, Present & Future. Abrams 1992. 191 pages. US
Katrina Brandon, Kent H. Redford & Steven E. Sanderson (eds.) Parks in Peril: People, Politics & Protected Areas. 400 pages. Island Press, 1998. US | UK
Alex Webb. Amazon: From the Floodplains to the Clouds. 144 pages. Monacelli Press, 1997. US | UK
Wade Davis. One River: Explorations and discoveries in the Amazon forest. 544 pages. Touchstone Books, 1997. US | UK
William Lewis Herndon. Exploration of the Valley of the Amazon, 1851-52. Edited and with a foreword by Gary Kinder. 343 pages. Grove Press, 2000. US | UK
Eat Smart in Brazil. US | UK
The 1994 revised edition of William Belton's "Aves do Rio Grande do Sul, distribuição e biologia" may be purchased for R$22.00 from Editora Unisinos, Av. Unisinos 950, 93022-000 São Leopoldo, RS, Brazil.
Lenir Alda do Rosário. As Aves em Santa Catarina: Distribuição geográfica e meio ambiente. 1996. State distribution maps. 26 color plates & line drawings by Eduardo Parentoni Brettas. 1996. Published by Fundação do Meio Ambiente - FATMA, Caixa Postal 1254, Florianópolis, SC.
Sacred Music from 18th Century Brazil Vol. 1, Ensemble Turicum, Luis Alves da Silva, director & countertenor. Claves 9521 - Exceptional disk of previously unknown music by Neapolitan-influenced, mulatto composers from northeast Brazil. The best of the three Ensemble Turicum recordings of Brazilian early music. US | UK

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