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Environmental News

There is so much terrible news about the environment every day that it would be hopeless to try to keep up. Every remaining fragment of habitat is under threat or assault, and many species of birds that were common 50 years ago are heading toward extinction as human populations explode worldwide. It is especially frustrating that the large, environmental organizations that were established to defend against the wholesale destruction of nature have now become part of the problem. Thus, this page tends to concentrate on the rampant corruption and hypocrisy in the Big Green groups.

The "Certified Wood" scam continues to ravage ancient forests. The participation of Big Green groups such as the WWF and Greenpeace has the mainstream media completely fooled. For regular updates, read FSC-Watch. Letting the Forest Stewardship Council certify old growth logging is equivalent to letting the Japan Whaling Association certify the wholesale slaughter of great whales.

23 July 2007 - With Close Contacts, Maryland Wind Project Gets Boost, by Lisa Rein, Washington Post. The stinking corrupt Maryland governor and legislature quietly whisked through a bill eliminating environmental review for a wind farm project on Backbone Mountain, the State's highest spot, by Hillary Clinton fundraiser and former state Democrat chairman Wayne Rogers, that will be devastating to birds and bats. Indeed, the second most powerful politician in Maryland equated bats and owls with rats -- get rid of the vermin! Scientists in the Maryland Department of Natural Resources were not allowed to testify against the bill by their political bosses, and there was no opposition or press coverage. The big environmental groups were silent during the sordid process and remain silent today. Big Green leaders presumably didn't want to offend the vicious and vindictive Clintons, who may be back in power in 2009, by opposing the pet project of a wealthy Clinton crony. Otherwise, their patronage job prospects would be as dead as Vincent Foster.

20 June 2007: Report Slams Small's Tenure: Smithsonian had 'ill-suited' leader by James V. Grimaldi, Washington Post.

21 June 2007: Secrecy Pervaded Smithsonian on Small's Watch by James V. Grimaldi & Jacqueline Trescott, Washington Post. Now that the facts are out about Lawrence Small, the sticky-fingered New York banker who was placed by cronies in the job of Smithsonian Secretary despite a complete absence of qualifications after presiding over the financial meltdown at Fannie Mae, it's clear that the Smithsonian scientists who rebelled against him were right from the outset. Not only did he subvert scientific integrity for corporate payoffs, but Small spent much of his time out of the office, making at least $5.7 million on outside work, in addition to his Smithsonian salary of $915,568, his annual housing allowance of $150,000, and outrageous travel and entertainment reimbursements for family vacations, on top of his annual $1 million retirement payment from Fannie Mae.

4 May 2007. Ecological Internet's "End Ancient Forest Logging" Campaign Targets World Bank, WWF and Greenpeace for Their Role in Promoting Ancient Primary Rainforest Logging. Details. Did you know that all "certified" hardwood from tropical forests comes from ancient old-growth? The press either doesn't or refuses to print the truth. The whole certified wood business is a greenwash scam, aided and abetted by the WWF, Greenpeace, the National Audubon Society, and other purported environmental groups. Any label or advertisement claiming that certified wood from the tropics is somehow environmentally responsible should be required to state whether it is old growth. (It is.)

3 March 2007. Environmental Groups Feud Over Terms of the TXU Buyout. By Rebecca Smith and Jim Carlton, Wall Street Journal. This article, which apparently is not available free online, reports on the NRDC and EDF sellout in the TXU buyout. These Big Green monsters from the Big Apple shunted aside competent but underfunded local environmental groups to secretly negotiate a sweetheart deal for the takeover of the dirty Texas utility TXU Corp. While the Natural Resources Defense Council and Environmental Defense portray the deal as a victory for the environment, as they invariably do after a blatant sellout, the Internet has enabled the "little people" to communicate and publicize the facts. The Journal reports that some of the concessions trumpeted the Big Greenies "involve projects that TXU was already planning to shelve for a variety of reasons", but "Mr. [David] Hawkins of the NRDC's climate center said his group was unaware of that". The TXU CEO has been talking about a loophole that will enable TXU to build coal-fired plants that were allegedly suspended by the terms of the buyout. Furthermore, the dirty deal allows two more TXU plants to be built in the Waco area, called the "ring of fire" by local residents because of the two existing polluting TXU plants.

PIRG worker exploitation copies from the Unification Church playbook. The next time some dizzy recent graduate calls at your door to ask for money for the "like, you know man" environment, refer them to this URL and this URL. Unfortunately, the canvassers may have to be "deprogrammed" to get them to stop wasting their time doing unpaid or underpaid labor for the lavishly compensated PIRG Supremo, Douglas Phelps.

Proposed Land Use Plans for Great Bear Rainforest Scientifically Inadequate. August 2005. Great Bear Raincast.

Going, Going, Almost Gone.... Compromise with a Chainsaw in the Rainforests of British Columbia. By Ingmar Lee. September 19, 2005.

Round up the usual suspects: The Rainforest Solutions Project, a joint venture of Greenpeace, Rainforest Action Network, the Sierra Club and curiously misnamed Forest Ethics, sold out BC's Great Bear Rainforest, agreeing in a consensus with the logging industry to disregard a report by jointly appointed Coast Information Team, a committee of independent scientists, that called for protecting at least 44% to 70% of the Great Bear. The consensus protects only 28% of the region and will permit destructive forestry on nearly 86% of the most valuable and productive forest sites in the region. Goodbye, Marbled Murrelet! Maybe RAN received some lumps of coal in their postpaid fundraising envelopes, as they have posted a self-serving "Statement Regarding the BC LRMP Consensus Agreement" on a different domain - HERE. Cutting through the gobbledygook in an essay that purports to support the consensus, we find the following admission: "RAN also acknowledges that the consensus failed to live up to the recommendations of the Coast Information Team and the balance of scientific opinion stating that the proposed plan leaves these fragile ecosystems and the life that they support at risk. Specifically, the consensus agreement fully protects only 22% of the central coast landbase, with a further 11% off limits to logging and hydro-electric development but open to mining and road building that could substantially erode forest habitat."

I have been unable to find a complete or honest discussion of the Great Bear Rainforest LRMP consensus on the websites of any of the environmental groups involved. However, everyone who has donated to an environmental group in the recent past has been inundated with fundraising mailings denouncing the Bush Administration for rejecting scientific expert opinions and evidence. The coalition of environmental groups clearly has done the same in this case. At least the politicians blatantly admit that they are for sale to the highest bidder.

National Audubon Society, Kimberlin Nature Education Center, Greenwich, CTThe National Audubon Society has morphed into a real estate developer and is now building massive, resort-like conference centers on what used to be Audubon nature reserves. One of the first is the 15,000 square foot, $12 million Kimberlin Nature Education Center at the Greenwich, CT Audubon Center, named for the Wall Street financier who funded it. NAS is eliminating pesky Audubon chapters (including the Greenwich Audubon Society) and concentrating on raising large sums of money for the building boom. See Take Back Audubon, a website written by disgruntled members of NAS, who uncovered an illegal, below market, $450,000 loan by NAS to Audubon President John Flicker toward a luxury apartment on East 63rd Street in New York City. NAS laundered the insider loan through a subsidiary corporation and filed a false 1997 Form 990 with the IRS, which they amended in 2003 when Flicker paid the money back (after an enormous, unrealized capital gain).

9 May 2005. Shilling for Chevron: Jared Diamond, Greenwasher. By Louis Proyect. A World Wildlife Fraud board member sells himself to Big Oil, but at least he gets access to oil concessions and maybe helicopter rides to remote birding areas. "Other documents concluded that the joint venture partners could rest easy, however, because 'WWF will act as a buffer for the joint venture against environmentally damaging activities in the region, and against international environmental criticism.'"

16 April 2005. Death of Environmentalism? Cubical of Doom. By Mike Roselle. "David Brower always said if you consolidated every environmental organization in the world, the oil companies could still buy them out for lunch money. . . . The Foundation Gold Rush of the last 15 years proved one thing at least; money will not buy us a movement. If anything, it sent more activists into the cubicles of badly run organizations, breaking their spirits with mundane tasks and bureaucratic mumbo jumbo, often making them feel invisible and ineffective. Meanwhile, upstairs, there is a glass ceiling where managers hire consultants who don't know what they are doing. A cult of careerism has evolved and risk taking suffers when standing up to your boss must be weighed against making your house payments and keeping the kids in private school."

2 February 2005. Sierra Club Puppeteer -- Long-Suspected Scandal Revealed. By Brenda Walker. Why does the Sierra Club purport to be an environmental group, yet support mass immigration and overpopulation? Because it's really the Gelbaum Club. David Gelbaum, a wealthy open borders advocate, has given the Sierra Club $100 million on condition that they not oppose limitations on immigration. Now that the secret has come out, the Gelbaum Club is preparing to excommunicate the member who exposed the dirty deal.

20 August 2004: Monkeywrench Hope: An Interview with Jeffrey St. Clair. "Nobody listens to environmentalists anymore, except their own captive members. That's my point. The Big Greens have marginalized the environmental movement through their blatant partisanship. The environment isn't an election issue any more, because there's no viable green candidate -- a fact that is apparent to the average teenager in Lincoln, Nebraska. Essentially, [Sierra Club President] Fahn and the others play the role of cattle drivers, keeping their own herd in line, lest it stampede over into Nader's greener pastures. Yes, the Club has 700,000 members. But these aren't activists. The Club doesn't want activists, indeed they run them out of the organization. Activists have an unwelcome tendency to think and act for themselves. They aren't great at following marching orders, especially when it means marching over a cliff."

7 August 2004: WWF Threatens Australian Old-Growth Forests. The WWF (World Wildlife Fraud), which has been paid off handsomely by the corrupt Australian government, has drafted a disingenuous Blueprint (pdf) for Tasmania that advocates the clearance of old-growth forests that local conservationists have been fighting to preserve. The WWF Blueprint would be a disaster for birds dependent on old-growth forest.

WWF ... and the vanishing robin ... By Donald Knowler. "In the WWF's opinion, if you fell a forest and plant the same trees that were on the site before the felling process this does not constitute a change in land use. This WWF view ignores the fact that a neat regrowth forest, with trees all the same size in blocks, does not constitute an environment that is beneficial to wildlife including all the bird species, some of them endemic to Tasmania like the strong-billed and black-headed honeyeaters, that require old trees for nesting sites and for insect food. . . .

"If [the WWF] wants to discover the extent of the forestry problem in Tasmania, beyond an obvious scarred landscape and the seemingly endless lines of logtucks clogging Tasmania's main and rural roads, it should go into the diminishing surviving forests and look for Tasmania's four robin species...

"They are all vanishing, to such an alarming extent that a researcher is conducting a survey to establish just how many are left, and how they can be saved."

6 March 2004: Steal a Tree, Go to Jail: Steal a Forest, Meet the President: The Politics of Timber Theft. By Jeffrey St. Clair. "One estimate suggested that Weyerhaeuser might have been illegally logging more than 33,000 trees a month. . . . Weyerhaeuser crews, often operating at night, logged off thousands of healthy ponderosa pines and hauled them off to mills under cover of darkness. . . . [Arkansas political hack Bruce] Lindsay soon introduced the humbled [Slick Willy] Clinton to Jack Creighton, Weyerhaeuser's CEO. Clinton confessed his mistakes and pledged to devote himself to protecting Weyerhaeuser's interests should he ever return to the governor's mansion. The timber giant accepted Clinton's apologies, invested heavily in his re-election bid and remained a faithful political sponsor over the next 20 years."

3 February 2004: World Bank chiefs refuse to quit oil and coal. By Alan Beattie, Financial Times. "The World Bank's management has rejected the key proposals of an independent review it commissioned that recommended the bank pull out of financing all oil and coal projects in the developing world." Yet another attempt to reform the World Bank fails. If the Big Green environmental groups were sincere, they would refuse to accept any additional bribes from the World Bank, reimburse the payoffs they already have received, and lobby against further taxpayer subsidies to the World Bank.

30 January 2004: Bush's Second Front: The war in the woods: resistance is fertile. By Michael Donnelly. Details of old-growth logging in US National Forests planned in 2004. The useless "Big Green" environmental groups are collaborating with the enemy.

23 January 2004: VP Dick Cheney shoots 70 pheasants (!!) and an unknown number of mallards in one afternoon in a canned hunt with among others, Justice Antonin Scalia of the fanatical Opus Dei religious cult and the US Supreme Court. Some "sportsmen"!

17 January 2004: IRS to Audit Nature Conservancy from Inside. By Joe Stephens and David B. Ottaway. Washington Post.

29 December 2003: Chinese Diners Shrug Off SARS: Bring On the Civet Cat. By Jim Yardley. New York Times. "At the First Village of Wild Food restaurant, which is decorated in a Mao nostalgia theme, the wild game is kept downstairs. Patrons can select their animal or bird, then walk upstairs to the dining room. Butchers at cutting tables near the cages quickly kill and skin the animals. Blood and other fluids that spill onto the floor are washed with hoses into a drainage channel."

24 December 2003: The mad cowboy's prediction comes true. By Cpt. Paul Watson. Ever wonder what's in hot dogs, hamburgers, beef tacos, baby food, or beef chow fun? An estimated 130,000 "downers" (cows that can't stand up) are slaughtered each year in the US and processed into beef products.

23 December 2003: Here they come again: Another big green election year raid. By Michael Donnelly. "It was the next year, 1994, when Mark Ottenad of the successful grassroots group, Friends of Opal Creek, polled the assembled crowd at the Headwaters Conference. He first asked, "How many people here think it's time for Zero Cut--an end to all commercial logging on public lands?" About half the hands present shot up. He then asked, "How many, for whatever reason, oppose such an effort?" Again, half the hands were raised.

"A murmur went through the crowd when it became apparent that the second set of hands were all foundation-dependent paid staffers of one group or another, fearful of losing their grants if they embraced Zero Cut. The first set of hands belonged to the front-line, unpaid/underpaid activists who were doing all the real grassroots defense efforts the Big Greens were claiming in their grant applications."

14 October 2003: Compensation or No Compensation? - That Seems to be the Question. By Karl Ammann. WCS caught lying about their sordid greenwash deal with loggers in the Congo Republic.

Outsmarting Smart Growth: Population Growth, Immigration and the Problem of Sprawl. By Roy Beck, Leon Kolankiewicz and Steven A. Camarota, August 2003. "Environmental" groups such as the Sierra Club that tout "smart growth" but fail to oppose mass immigration are inherently useless and perpetrators of a fraud on the people they purport to represent. "Smart growth" is simply a slogan crafted to fool opponents of the current bi-partisan policy of unlimited and unsustainable population growth.  For those in other parts of the world unfamiliar with the overpopulation crisis in the US fueled by massive immigration of high birth-rate, third-world peasants, here is a representative example at the micro level from the New York Times, 25 December 2003: "Ms. Guendulein, a 35-year-old Mexican immigrant expecting her fifth child, picks cucumbers here in the fields east of the Cascades. She can afford only state-subsidized insurance and receives prenatal care at a community clinic."

Saemangeum, South Korea. One of the most important environmental issues in the world is the Korean government's plan to destroy the extensive Saemangeum wetlands. This would eliminate a crucial stop on the Asian waterbird flyway and doom the Spoon-billed Sandpiper and possibly other species. Charlie and Nials Moores have brought this matter to the world's attention through their excellent website, WBK English, and BirdLife International has given the matter top priority, but the wealthy, international environmental groups who might be able to change official policy have done little to date. Saemangeum is likely to vanish silently unless the Korean government faces much greater international outrage and pressure than has been expressed thus far.

19 August 2003: Representatives from BirdLife International, the RSPB, Friends of the Earth, WBKEnglish and the Oriental Bird Club delivered a letter of protest and petition for saving Saemangeum to the Korean Ambassador. Members of the National Audubon Society (MIA) should ask the NAS why they have failed to take any action in respect of Saemangeum.

Critical shorebird wintering and staging area in the Gulf of Thailand threatened by a planned offshore causeway to southern Thailand. Part I: Wetland Wilderness Under Threat. || Part II: A Place in the Sun. By Philip D. Round. Bangkok Post, 24 August 2003.

Recount in the Forests: Bush puts out a contract on the Spotted Owl. Jeffrey St. Clair, 14 November 2003. "Then big greens, now foraging for grants on salmon and the boondoggle of 'restoration forestry', turned their back on the spotted owl, once their totemic species. To continue to press for protection of the owl and its habitat would have meant an aggressive confrontation with Clinton and Bruce Babbitt. And they wanted none of that. 'We haven't actively focused on the spotted owl in several years,' says Heath Packard of the National Audubon Society. This is a damning admission given that the Audubon Society had raised millions on behalf of the owl and stood mute as the bird slid toward statistical death, a slow motion extinction."

Bush Jr. regime to allow import of endangered species, dead or alive. The neocons' lame duck looting frenzy has begun.

19 September 2003: Feeble USFWS takes a dive, withdrawing permits for Mute Swan control for fear of losing round one in a suit by animal rights wackos.

18 September 2003: Leavitt for EPA? Much worse than you thought. By Jeffrey St. Clair. Stinking corrupt and a fanatical Mormon loony to boot.

16 September 2003: One man's ecoterrorist is another's Smokey Bear. By Ted Rall.

3 July 2003: Australian hypocrisy over mining in Indonesian forests. The Jakarta Post. The corrupt Australian government has been lobbying the corrupt Indonesian government behind the scenes on behalf of Australian mining giants BHP Billiton, Newcrest, Placer Dome, and Rio Tinto to allow mining in Indonesia's "protected" forests, which are already overrun with loggers, poachers, rattan gatherers, and farmers. Letter by the Earth Action Network.

3 September 2003: U.S. Foreign-Born Population Hits 33 Million. Reuters. Mass immigration of high birth-rate third worlders is destroying the American environment, but the phony, Beltway environmental groups won't even take a stand against US overpopulation for fear of offending big business and the powerful immigrant lobbies.

19 August 2003: Greenwashed Indonesian Wood Hits the U.S. Market. To counter worldwide outrage at their destruction of the last remaining undisturbed, old growth forests in Indonesian Borneo, the giant logging companies and their overseas customers now claim that they engage in "Reduced-Impact Logging". Even if carried out as promised (which would be without precedent in Indonesia) -- destroying "only" 30% of the forest canopy in the first round of cutting, RIL destroys the habitat for many interior forest species, including Borneo's rarest endemic birds such as Bornean Peacock-Pheasant and Bulwer's Pheasant as well as orangutans. This greenwash is facilitated by the Tropical Forest [Destruction] Foundation, whose executives and board members include representatives of Caterpillar (logging tractors and road-building equipment), Stihl (chain saws & leafblowers), Crown Harwood Veneer Corp., Plywood Tropics USA, the World Bank (worldwide forest destruction financiers), the Malaysian and Guyana governments, greenwash specialists (WWF, WCS & TNC), and other commercial forest destroyers. You should be able to find old-growth Indonesian hardwood forest at Home Depot, which sold old-growth wood without regard to origin until 2003 and now carries greenwashed old-growth wood from the same forests.

11 September 2003: Corrupt Inter-American Development Bank approves loan to use Americans' tax dollars to finance harmful Peruvian Camisea gas pipeline project for the benefit of Dick Cheney's Halliburton Co. and Bush family connected Hunt Oil Company.

10 September 2003: Swindler Hurwitz finishing off California (Mexifornia) old-growth. Subsidized logging can be almost as lucrative as securities fraud, but the pols have to paid off in cash rather than IPO shares. Prediction: Hurwitz will be called a "philanthropist" in his New York Times obituary.

30 July 2003: PCBs in Farmed Salmon: Factory methods, unnatural results. Environmental Working Group. The EWG found harmful concentrations of cancer-causing PCBs in farmed salmon, which are fed contaminated fishmeal. Farmed catfish also contain exaggerated levels of PCBs. Needed urgently: a chart for consumers showing the environmental and health hazards associated with each species of commercial seafood.

18 July 2003: Poll numbers on Americans' views of the Junior Bush environmental record: 31% positive, 65% negative. (Zogby News).

1 July 2003: Shadow of extinction: Only six degrees separate our world from the cataclysmic end of an ancient era. By George Monbiot.

30 June 2003: The Do Nothing Strategy, by Karyn Strickler. How the National Audubon Society, Sierra Club, Greenpeace USA, World Wildlife Fund, Wilderness Society, Environmental Defense, National Wildlife Federation and other Beltway environmental groups deliberately sabotaged the Endangered Species Act to avoid embarrassing their corrupt buddies in Congress. "A Vice President with the National Audubon Society, upon hearing about this communication and in the process of terminating my employment angrily said, 'How dare you lobby me. I don't need to hear from the grassroots. I know what the grassroots thinks.'"

24 June 2003: "Sem terras" threaten to invade Parque Estadual do Cristalino, near Alta Floresta, Brazil. [Portuguese] [English translation] Between 125 and 1,000 "sem terras" have gathered outside the park (Cristalino Jungle Lodge) and are threatening to invade. They are organized, heavily armed "landless peasants" who invade and destroy patches of remaining habitat. They work in league with loggers and ranchers, and the police generally allow them to invade and pillage parks and private nature reserves, unless appropriate bribes are paid. The usual defense by private landowners is to hire experienced pistoleiros (gunslingers).

No animal spared in Zimbabwe massacre. By Dave Harrison in the Save Valley. Telegraph, 22 June 2003. Margaret Thatcher's legacy.

Is is OK to eat tiger prawns? By Felicity Lawrence. The Guardian. No.

Special Report on The Nature Conservancy:

UPDATE 10 November 2003: Senate Panel Intensifies Its Conservancy Probe. A number of whistleblowers have approached the committee.

UPDATE 14 June 2003: Scared Straight? As a result of the Washington Post's exposé, The Nature Conservancy finally has promised to abandon some questionable practices including drilling, mining, insider deals to develop property, and low and no-interest loans to officers.

Congratulations to Captain Paul Watson upon his election to the Board of Directors of the Sierra Club! One of his two insurgent running mates, Doug Lafollette, also was elected. It's extremely difficult for members of a membership organization, just as it is for shareholders of a stock corporation, to take it back from entrenched insiders. Flashback: Captain Paul Watson thrashes Sierra Club political hack Carl Pope in environmental debate.

"Papua New Guinea Groups Split with WWF Over Forests" by Bob Burton, ENS, 1 April 2003. "A leaked WWF [World Wildlife Fraud] South Pacific proposal revealed the organization wanted World Bank funding for a proposed forest summit aimed at building support for eco-forestry and better forest management in PNG, the Solomon Islands and the Indonesian province of Papua, but intended to keep the source of the funding secret. . . . 'The WB alliance logo or name be kept out completed [sic] from the communication and other media that is released by WWF offices both in Papua, Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands,' the memo stated."

The New York Times' Big Lie About Population Growth by Joe Guzzardi.

Chicago Bird Collision Monitors - new website working to curb light pollution and resultant bird collisions

"Don't Worry, Be Happy" by Dave Foreman. Wild Earth, Fall 2002, 2-4.

Rhino rescue plan decimates Asian antelopes. New Scientist, 12 February 2003. Yet another dismal failure by the "unapologetic" World Wildlife Fund. The World Wildlife Fraud actively encouraged market hunting of Saiga Antelopes in the early 1990s. Now the species is near extinction from massive overhunting to supply the Chinese with traditional medicines.

"The Idea of a Local Economy" by Wendell Berry. Excellent dissection of "free trade" and globalization.

Indonesia Corruption Watch reports that corruption is worse under Megawati than it was under Suharto. Only Suharto's cronies could steal, but now politicians at all levels engage in corruption. So the forests, rare birds, orangutans, etc. are vanishing faster than ever before, and international aid goes straight into Swiss bank accounts.

Indonesia-style corruption in Washington: slimy Senators switch sides from vote to vote to cover up for each other so that every outrageous scheme passes and nobody takes responsibility. Is there even one US Senator who isn't a crook or a full-time drunk?

Organ Pipe National Monument, near Lukeville, Arizona, is the most dangerous park in the U.S. due to the wholesale traffic of illegal Mexicans across the border. National Geographic News, 13 January 2003. Criminal negligence by the lawless Bush Administration, who pander to the invaders while using immigrant crime, ie 9/11, as an excuse to take civil liberties away from Americans and promote mass hysteria. As many as 1,000 illegal aliens per day trample across Organ Pipe National Monument.

Little Mikey Bloomberg, the billionaire Mayor who hates nature and loves money, grants "Christo" permission to desecrate New York's Central Park with 7,400 gates draped in saffron fabric. They've been pushing this vulgar megaproject since 1981. Though no angels, prior mayors vetoed Christo's monstrosity.

Panda Porn: The Marriage of WWF and Weyerhaeuser. By Jeffrey St. Clair. The WWF deserves to go extinct.

World Wildlife Fraud abandons Selva Lacandona, Chiapas, Mexico, to avoid offending Zapatista invaders. AP, 14 July 2002. Consistent with WWF's despicable conduct in Bolivia and Malaysia. Better Red than Green?

ALCOA plans to destroy Iceland's wild rivers for below-cost aluminum smelter. NY Times, 16 July 2002. For a good laugh, see ALCOA's page about their "Ten Million Trees" afforestation project, which, fortunately, will plant fewer than 4,000 (and not 10 Million) non-native seedlings in an apparently naturally unforested area of Iceland. This supposedly is the mitigation for their incredibly destructive Fjarðaál dam and aluminum smelter project. Buddies: WWF-US President Kathyrn Fuller is on the ALCOA Board of Directors, apparently unable to live on her World Wildlife Fraud salary ($297,991 in 2002, up 13.3%, $35,000, from 2001 -- it will be well over $400,000 in 2005 at that rate of growth) plus lucrative benefits and her substantial compensation for serving as Chair of the Ford Foundation Board. ALCOA is a member of WWF-US's "corporate club" for paying more than $1 million to the WWF. Not content merely to rubber stamp Alcoa's worldwide war against the environment, Fuller acts as an Alcoa propagandist: "My experience with Alcoa has convinced me that the company has a strong commitment to sustainability, including energy efficiency, recycling, and habitat protection . . . . I was a grantee of the [tax exempt] Alcoa Foundation before I joined the Alcoa board." Cozy arrangement! If she keeps this up, she'll be able to afford to retire next door to one of Senator John Forbes Kerry's many mansions. Use this form to ask Ms. Fuller at the WWF-US if she believes that the Fjarðaál dam and smelter project and exotic afforestation in supposed mitigation reflect Alcoa's "strong commitment to . . . habitat protection".

Update on the Enron / WWF / WCS Bolivian pipeline scandal.

WCS executive was paid $850,000 for 6 months. Animal People, November 2001. Not mentioned in their appeals for $$$.

George Divoky's Planet -- How a distinguished ornithologist who worked diligently in difficult conditions for 30 years to gather long-term data on the biology of the Black Guillemot off the Alaskan north coast inadvertently wound up with data confirming ongoing global warming.

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