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Helm Bird ID Guides & Helm Field Guides - 2

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James F. Clements, Noam Shany, Eustace Barnes (illustrator), Dana Gardner (illustrator), Gamini Ratnavira (illustrator). A Field Guide to the Birds of Peru. 320 pages. Ibis Publications & Helm, August 2001. Corrections and updates. Almost 1200 species, including all endemics, are illustrated on 80 color plates. US | UK
James Ferguson-Lees & David A. Christie. Illustrated by Kim Franklin, David Mead & Philip Burton. Raptors of the World. 992 pages. 112 color plates. Hefty and reasonably priced, but otherwise disappointing in many respects, full of mistakes and out of date. It should have been rewritten by a real raptor expert. The reader is immediately confronted with new English names for numerous species, chosen without regard to international convention, ie, "Eagle-Buzzard" and "Gurney's Hawk." (I'll bet you don't know what that is. Hint: it's a common South American bird. For the answer, click here. Moreover, the bird probably is not a valid species, but this book doesn't even mention the important taxonomic issue!) Australia has been especially hard hit, with four birds renamed and another lumped. Since English names are used in the text when referring to other species, it's particularly annoying to have to look up the misnamed birds. Helm & Houghton Mifflin 2001. I suppose the publishers make money on it, but it's a disservice to continue to keep such an incompetent bird book in print. US | UK
Ernest Garcia. Where to Watch Birds: Southern and Western Spain. Covers Andalucia, Extremadura & Gibraltar. A & C Black. 2d edition 2001. US | UK
Hermann Heinzel & Barnaby Hall. Galápagos Diary: A Complete Guide to the Archipelago's Birdlife. University of California Press & Helm, 2001. 272 pages. 931 color photos. US | UK
David Norman & Vic Tucker. Where to Watch Birds in Devon & Cornwall. 365 pages. Helm. 4th edition 2001. US | UK
Harris & Franklin, Shrikes and Bush-ShrikesTony Harris & Kim Franklin. Shrikes and Bush-Shrikes. Helm & Princeton University Press, 2000. 392 pages. US | UK
Garrido & Kirkconnell, Field Guide to the Birds of CubaOrlando Garrido & Arturo Kirkconnell, A Field Guide to the Birds of Cuba. Helm & Comstock, 2000. US | UK
Josef Kren. Birds of the Czech Republic. Helm 2000. US | UK
Inskipp et al., Birds of NepalTim Inskipp, Carol Inskipp, Richard Grimmett. Field Guide to the Birds of Nepal. Helm and Princeton University Press, 2000. US | UK
Lance Tickell. Albatrosses. A&C Black and Yale University Press, 2000. 448 pages. US | UK
Phil Chantler, Swifts: A Guide to the Swift and Treeswifts of the World. A&C Black and Yale University Press. Second edition 2000. US | UK
Kazmierczak, Field Guide to the Birds of IndiaKrys Kazmierczak and Ber van Perlo. A Field Guide to the Birds of the Indian Subcontinent. A&C Black & Yale University Press. 2000. US | UK
Moss Taylor, Michael Seago, Peter Allard and Don Dorling. The Birds of Norfolk. 552 pages. 32 pages of colour photographs. A&C Black 2000. UK
Andy Swash & Robert Still. Birds, Mammals & Reptiles of the Galápagos Islands. WorldTwitch 2001 Technical Innovation Award. This is an impressive little guide that anyone, birder or not, visiting the Galápagos should take along. Robert Still, a computer graphics expert, has seamlessly combined digitally enhanced photographs onto plates. This is the first field guide I have seen with thorough coverage of the endemic rice rats and lava lizards. 168 pages. A&C Black & Yale University Press, 2000. Second edition 2006, with corrections and additional photos: US | UK | DE | FR | CA
Nigel Wheatley. Where to Watch Birds in
1. ASIA (hardcover) US | UK
2. EUROPE & RUSSIA (paperback) US | UK
3. AFRICA Softcover (US) | Hardcover (UK)
4. AUSTRALASIA & OCEANIA (hardcover) US | UK
5. SOUTH AMERICA Softcover (US) | Hardcover (UK)

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