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World: - IOC project to standardize English names of birds of the world, with downloadable lists
Searchable Ornithological Research Archive (SORA) - Full text of Auk, Condor, Wilson Bulletin, Studies in Avian Biology, and Journal of Field Ornithology up to about 1999.
Rolf de By's Bird Bytes - Very comprehensive, worldwide links and a Bolivia trip report.
Creagrus - by Don Roberson, featuring Bird Families of the World - Tremendous amount of useful information, regularly updated and improved.
Fat Birder - Aiming to link up birders all over the world with thousands of links and each country or state introduced by a local birder.
Birding Around the World with Jon Hornbuckle
The Bird Index - Maintain lists online with the Clements database, plus rare bird reports.
Bird Links to the World - Great site from Scandinavia
Ornithological Worldwide Literature (OWL)
Urs Geiser's Collection of Trip Reports - Most comprehensive online source of reports on the Old World.
Taxonomical and Biogeographical Websites: Searchable Species Lists
Club 300 Trip Reports - Many excellent reports in English.
Punkbirder Trip Reports
BirdLife International News - Reports on rare birds and conservation.
The Condor - Full text of volumes 1 - 102 in DjVu & pdf. The Auk and Wilson Bulletin are coming soon.
ID Frontiers Archive - Filtered by Will Russell.
The O.W.L. - Ornithological Web Library - Links
Bird Links to the World, by Denis LePage
Field Guide to Birds on the Web - Links to known illustrations of birds of the world on the web, in taxonomic order.
Bird Photo Links by Erik Toorman
World Birder - Photos
Wildlife Art by Albert Earl Gilbert
Nigel Blake - Bird photos and trip reports. - Gallery of art by some of the finest bird artists, including plates from the best recent bird books.
Ornithographs - Gallery by Ontario bird artists.
Macaulay Library of Natural Sounds, Cornell University - Only a tiny fraction of the world's bird vocalizations have been recorded. More recordists are needed urgently. The MLNS Website contains comprehensive advice on recording equipment, and MLNS conducts workshops to teach good recording technique. Send your tapes to MLNS for preservation on longer-lived media.
Animal Sounds on the Web: Birds 1, Birds 2, Birds 3
Cascadia birding links - Comprehensive collection of links - look under North America for foreign sites based in North America
Internet Flyway - Links to other interesting birding sites & an excellent Uganda trip report
Where do you want to go birding today?
Martin Reid's Home Page - Photos of rarely photographed neotropical birds, and more. A valuable resource for neotropical birders.
Greg Lasley's Web Site - Lots of photos and comprehensive Puerto Rico trip report.
Splatzone - Free as a bird - Trip reports, including a 2006 Philippine report with excellent photos.
Danish Ornithological Society Trip Reports
Steve Whitehouse - Foreign Bird Reports & Information Service - Trip report mail order service. Highly recommended!
Eco Tourist Services Trip Reports - They have taken over the Dutch Birding Travel Report Service.
John van der Woude's Trip Reports
Ornifolks Trip Reports - Some reports in pdf, others available at cost by mail.
Vladimir Dinets' Pages - Amazing collection of interesting reports and photos.
Susan Myers' Trip Reports - Well written reports on SE Asia and Australasia.
EuroBirdNet Italy - Foreign Trip Reports
EuroBirdNet Trip Reports
David B. Collinge Birding Trip Reports
Updates to Dave Gosney's Birdfinding Guides
Jeff Blincow's World Bird Information - Madagascar & Ecuador reports
Simon Woolley & Julia Casson Trip Reports - including The Gambia, Corsica & Goa
Bavarian Birds Trip Reports - Including a Mauritius report by Mark Piazzi.
Army Ornithological Society - reports on trips to Zimbabwe, The Gambia, Israel & Bulgaria
Southend-on-Sea RSPB Group - trip reports
BUBO (Bristol) - trip reports
2001 International Big Day Reports (pdf) - Including reports by Peter Kaestner from NE Africa and Central America.
Jan Ole Kriegs - India and Teneriffe trip reports.
Wielewaal - Includes reports with good photos, including Goa
Cliff Buckton - Trip reports and bird photographs from Argentina, The Gambia, Morocco & Namibia
James J. Packer - Somerset Birder: trip reports and photographs from Zimbabwe, Israel, The Gambia, Cyprus, Mallorca
Harry Lehto's Trip Reports - Japan, Trinidad, Israel, Estonia, Canary Islands, Iceland & Scandinavia
Amazilia - Allen Chartier's photographs, including 47 species of hummingbirds
Rare Birds of the World
Recently Described Species, by Rolf de By
DBA Newly Described Species
Electronic Resources on Ornithology
BirdLife International Local Organizations
Bird Records Committees Web Directory
Global Birding Pal Club - Birders who like to help out of town visitors.
Molly's Adventures - trip reports
Sibley & Monroe list of birds of the world - some ad-killing software blocks this URL from displaying. It's
Dana Gardner's Gallery of Bird Art
Cursorius Photo & Video Library
Human caused extinctions in birds, by David W. Steadman
British Ornithologists' Club - includes index of recent Bulletins and programme details. They expect to place the contents of the entire Bull BOC online in the future.
Avian Bibliography Page - Touracos, Hornbills, Kea, Cracids, and Garrulax.
World Life List Rankings - You have to submit to be ranked (Surfbirds)
Club 4500 - Dutch world list rankings
BP Conservation Programme - Information on more than 130 projects around the world.

Threatened Birds of Asia - New Red Data Book species accounts are online as pdf files.
Oriental Bird Club
Oriental Bird Images - More than 6,400 photographs of more than 1,700 species are online.
Oriental Birding - a Yahoo Group
Oriental Birding ID Forum - by Tom Tarrant - Asian bird sounds and photos.
Asia Pacific Waterbird Strategy - News - new website dealing with the catastrophic declines of subcontinent Gyps vultures.
Rare Birds of the Chukchi Peninsula and the Russian Far East - by Vladimir Dinets
Birds of Eastern Europe and Northern Asia - English translations of the contents of Proceedings of ornithological conferences.
Birds of Central Siberia
Khankaiskii Nature Reserve- Russia
Birding in Kazakhstan
Uzbekistan & Kyrgystan Trip Report by Lawrie Conole - Dead URL?
Amsterdam Albatross
Birds and Birding in India
Journal of Indian Bird Records & Conservation
Mysore Amateur Naturalists - Spot-billed Pelican conservation project
Indian Birds by R.S. Suresh - Photo gallery
Delhi Bird - a Yahoo Group
Birds of Bombay - a Yahoo Group
Kerala Birder - a Yahoo Group
Birds and Wildlife of Bangalore - a Yahoo Group
Goa Trip Reports by Philip Tyler
Sri Lanka Endemic Birds by Amila Salgado
Gallicissa - Birding blog from Sri Lanka by Amila Salgado
Danphe - excellent quarterly newsletter by Bird Conservation Nepal.
Bhutan's Black-necked Crane
Birding Mongolia by Axel Bräunlich
1999 Northeast Tibet Trip Report by Jesper Hornskov
Dornod Shorebird Project 2000 - Mongolia (pdf)
Tang Jun China Birding
Birds Seen in Western Yunnan, China, by Jesper Hornskov (doc)
China Trip Report: Beidaihe & Happy Island, August/September 1999 - by Jan Ole Kriegs, with bar charts on migrants and lots of photos
Lop Nur Arjin Shan Nature Reserve, Xinjiang Province - new reserve set up for the wild Bactrian Camel, believed to be a new species. [Map]
On the Avifauna of North Manchuria, published in 1933
The Endemic Birds of Taiwan
Chinese Wild Bird Federation (Taiwan)
Birding in Taiwan - by Wayne Hsu
Wayne Hsu's Photo Gallery
Photos of Birds of Taiwan - Dead URL?
Mai Po Marshes (Hong Kong) Wildlife Education Centre and Nature Reserve
Hong Kong Bird-Watching Society
HKBWS Photo Gallery
The Wild East - Martin Williams
Birds Korea
Birdwatching Korea
Birds of Japan and Asia
Japan Alcid Page - Photo gallery and tape of Japanese Murrelet
Birds of Okinawa
Gallinago@Web - Photos of Asian snipes
Stint Fan - Photos of sandpipers in Japan
Japanese Gull Site
Steller's Sea Eagle Page
Symposium on Steller's Sea Eagle and White-tailed Eagle in Asia - proceedings are online as pdf files
Virtual Birding in Tokyo
Birds of Japan Photo Gallery by Yoshihiro Noguchi
Shiokawa Tidalflat - Click on "Topics" to see photos of Spoon-billed Sandpiper, Little Curlew and other birds
Asian Bird Photos & Trip Reports - by Tony Coatsworth
Short-tailed Albatross Information
Short-tailed Albatross Photos - taken on and around Torishima Island
Biological opinion on the effects of hook-and-line groundfish fisheries in the Gulf of Alaska and Bering Sea / Aleutian Islands areas on Short-tailed Albatross. USFWS 1999. (pdf)
Birdlife International - Vietnam
Cat Tien National Park, Vietnam
Birds recorded in the Nam Ha National Biodiveristy Area, Laos  [Map of Nam Ha]
Sam Veasna Center for Wildlife Conservation - Cambodia
Philippines: Funeral of Paradise - by Vladimir Dinets. See his photos of Brown-banded Rail, Lewinia mirificus, which he found on Mount Data and Mayon Volcano, Luzon.
Birdwatch Philippines
Philippine Wildlife
Philippine Fauna & Flora Links
Palanan Wilderness Area, Isabela Province, Luzon, Philippines
Philippine Cockatoo Conservation Program - This species, which was an abundant, agricultural pest throughout the Philippines in the late 1940s, is now critically endangered, primarily due to the still unregulated cage bird trade. The only hope apparently is a small population on Rasa Island off Palawan - reminiscent of the Heath Hens on Martha's Vineyard.
WFT Birds of Thailand Photos
Article on Thailand Birding - by Tony Ball
Khao Nor Chuchi Lowland Forest Project, Thailand - Conservation of Gurney's Pitta
Sam-roi Wetlands, Thailand (Ramsar Center Japan)
Birds of Doi Inthanon National Park, Thailand - Superb photos and videos of Malaysian birds by Soon-Chye Ng, with multiple poses displayed through special effects - an addictive site!
Birding in Malaysia
Malaysian Bird Photos - by Lawrence Poh - Malaysia articles, bird photos, trip reports and blog.
Broadbill Birdwatchers' Site - Photos of birds from Malaysia, Australia, Costa Rica & Japan plus trip reports, by Koji Tagi.
Kai Soon Online - Photos by Dr. Chan Kai Soon.
Malaysian Bird Photos - by Christian Artuso
BOAFEA Galleries - Singapore and Malaysia bird photos and bird art by Teo Nam Siang
Malaysia Birders Yahoo Group
Malaysian Nature Society
Malaysian Nature Society, Miri, Sarawak, Branch
Malaysian Nature Society, Perak Branch Archive
Malaysian Nature Society, Selangor Branch Bird Group - Dead URL
Malaysian Nature Society, Penang Branch
Penang Birder
Pasoh Forest Reserve, Malaysia
Naturestops (Paul Huang) - Birds of Panti Forest and Parit Jawa, Johor, and the Singapore Botanic Gardens
Birding in Sarawak - by Pun Ritai
Birds of Borneo - photos by Dennis Chua
Bornean Bristlehead
Nature Singapore
Key Areas for the Conservation of Pheasants in Asia
Threatened Forest Bird Species Endemic to the Sundaic Region
Maps of remaining natural habitat in Indonesia
Birding in Indonesia
Indonesia Bird Conservation Report - in December 1999 Birds Australia Parrot Association Bulletin
Birds of Indonesia
The Avifauna of Flores (Lesser Sunda Islands) by G.F. Mees (2006) (262 pages pdf).
Fauna of Kerinchi National Park, Sumatra
White-winged Duck Survey in North Sumatra
The Budget Twitcher's Guide to Birdwatching in Sumatra by James Heng
Tony Tilford - Indonesia bird photos & Bali Starling
Sulawesi and Halmahera - Trip report by Alan Wilkinson, September 1999.
Phil Maher's Trip Reports - Including Sulawesi, Malaysia, Christmas Island, and Australian sites.
Sumba Island Conservation Project
Operation Wallacea
Project Bird Watch (Seram) / Indonesian Parrot Project
Birds of Paradise Species Interest Committee News
Irian Jaya 1996 by Roger Ahlman - Excellent report with good maps and photos (pdf).
Birding around Timika and Kuala Kencana, Irian Jaya, Indonesia
Crater Mountain, Papua New Guinea Bird List
Ouvea Parakeet - New Caledonia
Selected articles from Emu vols. 97 (1997) to date available free online (pdf).
Birds Australia
Birdwatching Australia - With stakeout news on rarities.
NT Bird Specialists Photo Gallery - Bird photos taken at Mary River Park, NT, Australia, including several shots of Rufous Owl.
Night Parrot, Pezoporus occidentalis
Chambers Wildlife Rainforest Lodge - Photo gallery of northern Queensland birds.
Birds Queensland
Birding Southern Queensland - Tom Tarrant's site includes overseas trip reports and links.
Bird Observers Club of Australia
Echuca and District Branch - Bird Observers Club of Australia
Western Port Bird Observers
Toowoomba Bird Observers
Abberton Birders' Lodge - Bird & mammal photos and recent reports from the Lockyer Valley, Queensland.
Tweed Bird Observers
Blue Mountains Bird Watching
Bird Australia Barren Grounds
Rotamah Island Bird Observatory
Birdline Victoria
Steve Clark's Birding in South-west Victoria
Birdwatching Aficionados - Outback birding trips. See the 2000 letter for Grasswren photos.
Birding South Australia
Birds Australia Gluepot Reserve, SA - 50,000 ha of mallee
Frank O'Connor's Birding Western Australia
Broome Bird Observatory, WA
Nature Sound (Australia) - David Stewart
New Zealand Birds
New Zealand Ornithological Society
New Zealand Native Species
Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society of New Zealand
New Zealand Brown Teal
PacificBirds Fiji - Dick Watling's website, with checklists and trip reports for Fiji, Samoa, Tonga and nearby islands, and information about ordering his field guide to the birds of Fiji and Western Polynesia.
Rob Kay's FijiGuide - Birds
VanBirds - Vanuatu
Birds of Guam
Ornithological Society of Polynesia "MANU"
Birding Midway Atoll
Birding Hawaii
Peregrine Fund Hawaii Project
Peter LaTourrette's Bird Photo Gallery: Hawaiian Birds
Birds of Hawaii Checklists - with photos, by the USFWS. Note to Hawaiian webpage authors: please include scientific names! Not only are the scientific names easier to learn and remember than the confusing native names, but at least Myadestes is wide-ranging elsewhere and already known by world birders.

African Bird Club
Ornithological Society of the Middle East
Middle East BirdNet - a Yahoo Group
Yelkovan - Turkish birding site
METU Birdwatching Society - Turkey
Nigel Crook's Page - Turkey trip report
1998 Konya Basin (Turkey) Bird Survey
Bahrain Bird Report
Birds Oman
Natural Emirates - Twitcher's Guide
Arabian Wildlife
Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Arabia
Birding Babylon - blog by US soldier in Iraq
Birding Egypt
Birding Israel
Kol HaTor - Voice of the Turtledove: Birding in Israel - Comprehensive links.
Israel BirdNet - a Yahoo Group
International Birding & Research Centre - Eilat
Southern Israel Birding Sites
Migrating Birds Know No Boundaries - Israel
Birds in Israel - Sightings, Photos & Links
Jerusalem Bird Observatory
Birding in Jordan - by Ian Andrews
African Birding - a Yahoo Group
Africa Trip Reports by Giles Mulholland
Africa Birds & Birding
BOU Africa Conference Report
Birds & Nature in Morocco - including Moroccan Rare Birds Committee since 1996 and trip reports
Martin Reid's Birds of Morocco
Groupe d'Ornitologie du Maroc
The Gambia Birding Group
Marc Tailly - Gambia & Armenia Trip Reports
Gambia Trip Report - 1999 & 2000 by Kent Öhrn.
Gambia Trip Report, January 2001, by Tony Day - With details on local guides and accommodations
Bird Safari Camp - Gambia trip report links
The Gambia Ringing Project
Birdwatching in The Gambia
Birding in Kakum National Park, Ghana
Ivory Coast & Burkina Faso Trip Report
Le Picatharte chauve du Cameroun - Grey-necked Picathartes, Picathartes oreas [English version]
Studying Grey Parrots in Southern Cameroon
Gulf of Guinea Islands Biodiversity Network - Birds of São Tomé, Príncipe and Bioko
Bioko Biodiversity Protection Program - Equatorial Guinea (no bird information)
Field Studies of African Grey Parrots in the Central African Republic
Birds of Tigray, Ethiopia
Kenya Birds
Kakamega Forest, Kenya
Kakamega Forest - Udo Savalli
Widowbird Research - Udo Savalli
Friends of the Arabuko-Sokoke Forest - Kenya
Birdwatching opportunities in Watamu - Kenya
Nature Kenya
Kenya & Tanzania Bird Photos
Project Elgon: The Birds of Mount Elgon National Park, Uganda
Birds of Tanzania - Distribution & Seasonality - by Neil & Liz Baker and Stein Nilsen. "In the near future we will be looking for volunteers to attack our virgin YvB squares. We will offer considerable logistical support to anyone willing to go where we want them to go. These will not be boring squares, ask Pentti Vattulainen. He came out with three friends last November to work virgin squares in the west and had 13 Shoebill Balaeniceps rex at a single site with views down to 100m as well as a glimpse of what may be a new starling."
Tanzania Coastal Forest Project - Important Birds Areas, by Neil & Liz Baker
East Usambara Bird Checklist - by Veli M. Pohjonen
Checklist of birds of Gombe National Park, Tanzania - by Craig Stanford
ECOFAC - Conservation et utilisation rationnelle des écosystèmes forestiers d'Afrique Centrale [Ecotourism]
Birding Congo and Afropavo
Zambian Ornithological Society
Birdlife in Zambia
Malawi Ornithological Society
BirdLife Zimbabwe
Birding in Zimbabwe
Botswana-Zimbabwe Trip Report by Lynnette Oxley
Okavango Wildlife Society - Botswana
Birding in Namibia
South Africa BirdNet - Archives & subscription information
Zest for Birds - Site covering South African twitching (SA 700 Club), rarities with photos, Cape Town pelagic trips & pelagic photos.
Birding Africa - Cape Town birding, pelagic trips, photo galleries & African mystery bird competition.
Transvaal Museum
Percy FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology
Roberts' Birds of South Africa 7th Edition Project - Draft species accounts
South Africa Birding - Lots of information on South Africa birding. Some excellent color photos of Citrine Wagtail under What's New.
BirdLife South Africa
ZABIRDSTUFF - Birding in Southern Africa
Friends of Nylsvley and Nyl Floodplain - Great birding area in Transvaal.
Memel, Free State, South Africa - Bird & Birders' Paradise
Birding in Memel
Zululand Birding Route - Latest records, detailed descriptions, maps and bird lists for 22 sites in southern Zululand (northeast of Durban).
Finding South Africa's Endemics by Keith Taylor.
Eremomela Birding - by Michael Mills. Information on Kruger National Park and reports of trips to Madagascar, Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Ethiopia, Argentina & Ecuador.
Peter Wragg's South Africa trip reports
Witwatersrand Bird Club
Wesvaal Bird Club
Cape Bird Club
Diaz Cross Bird Club
Free State Bird Club
Inkwazi Bird Club (No index page - click on monthly subdirectories to find the newsletters)
Cape Griffon
Cape Parrot Working Group
Endangered Wildlife Trust - South Africa, including working groups on cranes, raptors, Blue Swallow & more
Spook's African Bird Gallery - Photos of South African birds
Checklist of Swaziland Birds
Reviews of 100 bird, mammal & other field guides and travel guides to Africa - Bert du Plessis
Birding in Madagascar
Birds of the Berenty Reserve, Madagascar
Birds of Ranomafana National Park, Madagascar
Ranomafana National Park, Madagascar - George Williams
Bird list for Ranomafana National Park, Madagascar
Biological Surveys of Zombitse-Vohibasia National Park, South-west Madagascar
Phototour of Madagascar
Mauritius Fauna and Flora
Mauritius Wildlife Foundation
Tony Disley: Illustrator
Birdwatching in the Seychelles
Nature Seychelles: Endemic Bird Conservation

EuroBirdNet Archives - You must register twice, first with the listserv and then with the list, before you can read the archives.
Best of Europe Reports (2001)
EuroBirdNet Mailing List
Menorca Trip Report - by David Newman, May-June 2000.
North Cyprus Birds - with monthly bird reports
Lanzarote & Fuerteventura Trip Report - Trond Sørhuus, January 2001
Dave Gosney's Canary Islands Report, with bird photos and videos
Birdguides - UK bird reports, with links in each report to bird information, a street map, and the relevant FatBirder site guide. Also current species lists for UK sites & video products.
Latest UK Bird Reports
British Birds Rarities Committee
Steve Blain's Photos of British Rarities
UKBirdNet Latest Messages
uk.rec.birdwatching FAQs - by Stephen Poley
Scilly Bird News Yahoo! Group
Isles of Scilly Bird Group
Norfolk Bird News Yahoo! Group
Norfolk Bird Club
Lowestoft Lounge Lizards - Where I dipped on Med Gull. Photo galleries of recent UK twitches, plus China, Nepal, Israel, Texas & Perth pelagic trip reports.
York Ornithological Club
Class Aves - Lancaster
Welsh Kite Trust - Red Kite, Milvus milvus
British Library Natural Sound Archive [Searchable catalogue of bird recordings]
WEBBIRDS - Steve Webb's UK listing page, now devoted mainly to the ongoing dispute by top British birders with UK400 Club impresario LGRE.
Irish Birding - Latest rare bird reports.
Irania - Birds of Denmark
Birding Norway
Norwegian Birding Route
Norwegian Gull Page
Rudy's Gull Index - News, photos, rarities
Swedish Club 300
Bird Links in Sweden
Dutch Birding
Birding in the Netherlands and Abroad by Teus Luijendijk
Birdclub Katwijk, Netherlands
Aves - Société ornithologique - Belgium
Monitoring rare and colonial species in Belgium
The Photographic Birdpage
Bavarian Birds
Jerzy Dyczkowski Birding Pages - Poland - Austria
Photo gallery of Eastern European Birds - Gerard Gorman
Birding Hungary
Birding and Wildlife Watching in Hungary
Birdwatching in the Czech Republic
Annotated Checklist of Birds of the Czech Republic
Halietor - Birding in Bulgaria
Imperial Eagle Conservation Program - Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB)
Ferruginous Duck Conservation Team - BSPB
Chettusia - Birding in Romania (The Romanian language should be easy for Italian, Spanish or Portuguese speakers to learn.)
Rare Birds of the Vršac Mountains - Serbia Montenegro
Status of Skuas, Gulls & Terns in the Western Palearctic
Po Delta Centre for Birdwatching
Rare Birds in Spain - by Ricard Gutiérrez
Doñana Biological Station
Dies Brothers' Western Mediterranean Waterbirds - Includes webcams at L'Albufera de Valencia, Spain.
Gibraltar Birds
Birding Azores
Proact - Concerted action on important bird conservation issues, in particular the Malta bird slaughter.
Heinz Sielmann Stiftung - They are setting up the first bird protection camp in Malta, despite threats from the Maltese hunters.
Avifauna of Ukraine - Volume 1 (1998) abstracts
The Birds of Europe & North Africa: Pictures & Videos

Neotropical Bird Club
AOU Checklist - North and Middle America (pdf)
A classification of bird species of South America - South American Checklist Committee (SACC) Baseline Checklist [SACC literature cited] [SACC tentative hypothetical list]
Neomorphus by Joe Tobias - includes the first wild photo I've seen of a Neomorphus, N. geoffroyi, Rufous-vented Ground-Cuckoo.
Collection of (mostly) Neotropical scientific papers on Bob Planqué's website
InfoNatura - Database of Latin American birds and mammals
Jörgs Kolibri Homepage - Hummingbirds
Cracid Specialist Group -
Peregrine Fund Harpy Eagle Research.
Eskimo Curlew: A vanishing species? by J.B. Gollop, T.W. Barry & E.H. Iversen (1986).
American Bird Conservancy
North American Rare Bird Alert
North American Bird Information by Michael Shepard
US Birding E-mail List Archives
U.S. - State Bird Checklists
BirdSource - includes Christmas Bird Count details
Trochilids Web Page [Hummingbird Links] [Updates on Out-of-Range Hummers in the US]
Birdzilla - incorporates Bent's Life Histories of North American Birds
Massbird - Affiliated with Bird Observer. Boston and beyond.
OwlCam - Barred Owl nestbox in Massachusetts.
Linnaean Society of New York
eBirds NYC
Delaware Valley Ornithological Club
Did Trumpeter Swans ever breed in Eastern North America? (Will Birds of North America recall and replace the biased Trumpeter Swan bio written by a "reintroduction" promoter?)
Dave Czaplak's Bird Page - Photos of rarities in the DC area and some birds of the Bahamas
Will Cook - Birding in the Carolinas
Badbirdz - Northern Florida
Crow FAQs - by Kevin McGowan
Illinois & Chicago Net-Birding - by Urs Geiser
Chicago Ornithological Society - WorldTwitch was their Link of the Month for April 2003!
Platte River Whooping Crane Maintenance Trust - Nebraska
Texas Bird Records Committee
Texas Gulf Coast Birding & Naturalist Web by P.D. Hulce
Birds of the Upper Texas Coast
High Plains Prairie Chicken Festival (pdf) - An annual event in April in New Mexico.
Sage Grouse - RangeNet Project
Joe Morlan's California Birding Pages
San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory
Point Reyes Bird Observatory
Santa Cruz Bird Club - Great birding area. A reliable place to see Marbled Murrelet used to be and may still be from the Santa Cruz municipal pier.
California Condor Reintroduction at Big Sur, CA
Hi Mountain Condor Lookout
Santa Cruz Island, CA Trip Report - Island Scrub Jay
Redwood Sciences Laboratory Landbird Monitoring Research - Costa Rica Research, Tabular Guide for Ageing and Sexing Birds, Rapid Ornithological Inventory, Small Owl Monitorying & Capture protocols.
John James Audubon - Gallery of his complete works
Ontario Field Naturalists
Canadian Birding and Nature Sites
Kitchener Waterloo Field Naturalists
British Columbia Birds
Bermuda Audubon Society
Rod & Attrill's Bahamas Wildlife Pages
Counting Flamingos on Great Inagua - NY Times, 20 February 2000
Society for the Conservation and Study of Caribbean Birds
Journal of Caribbean Ornithology - back issues of El Pitirre are available as pdf files.
Southeast Caribbean Birds Photogallery
Threatened and Endangered Birds of the Insular Caribbean
West Indian Whistling-Duck and Wetlands Conservation Project
Puerto Rico's Birds - by Mark Oberle
Mysteries of Puerto Rico - by Vladimir Dinets. Scroll to bottom and click to see photos of an unidentified large rail in red mangroves at Guánica.
Puerto Rican Parrot Page
Sociedad Ornitológica Puertorriqueña
Guide to Birding Sites in the U.S. Virgin Islands - Dominican Republic birds, with a photo gallery, by Eladio Fernández. (Page down as of 4/2003.)
Birds of the Dominican Republic - more photos by Eladio Fernández
Endemic Birds of Hispaniola
Dominican Republic Bird Photos
Dominican Republic Trip Report
Sociedad Oritológica de la Hispaniola
Sociedad Ornitológica Hispaniola Yahoo Group
Grupo Jaragua - Dominican Republic
Zapata Swamp Project (Cuba) - Rafael Sánchez
Birding in Cuba - earlier website by Rafael Sánchez
Checklist of Cuban Birds
Ivory-billed Woodpecker Article and Color Plates, by Julie Zickefoose
BirdLife Jamaica - If you register a domain name, be sure to renew it on time. Otherwise a spammer will grab it, as happened to BirdLife Jamaica.
Jamaica Parrot Project
Montserrat Oriole Population Viability Analysis
Montserrat Centre Hills Project
Amazona-Guadeloupe - Birds of Guadeloupe
AvianEyes - Birding St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Southeast Caribbean Rare Bird Alert
Trinidad & Tobago Rare Bird Committee
Trinidad & Tobago Field Naturalists Club
Trinidad Birding - by Bill Murphy
Bibliography of Mexican Birds - A list of approximately 3600 references on Mexican birds from 1825 to 1992.
Huitzil - Journal of Mexican ornithology & Directory of Mexican ornithologists [Papers published in Huitzil]
Áreas de Importancia de la Conservación para las Aves (AICAS) - clickable maps of Mexican Important Bird Areas
Bosque Antiguo - Includes site description, photos, and lists of birds, mammals & herps for El Carricito, Sierra de Bolaños, Jalisco. 51 Eared Quetzals Euptilotis neoxenus have been detected in El Carricito. [Dead URL, 4/2003] - Monterrey, México
Audubon Society of Mexico [Dead URL]
Birding at Puerto Penasco, Sonora, Mexico by Steve Ganley
Mexico Trip Reports - by George West
Expedition Photography in Search of the Thick-billed Parrot, Chihuahua, México
Birding at La Laguna de Santa Maria del Oro, Nayarit, Mexico
Mazatlán & Puerto Vallarta Trip Report
The Oratrix Project - Yellow-headed Parrot, Amazona oratrix
Belize Bird Links
Ocellated Turkey
Guatemala Birding Resource Center
Bird Sighting Database for Rio Dulce, Guatemala
Where to Find Birds in El Salvador - by Oliver Komar
Oliver Komar's El Salvador Photo Galleries
Checklist of the Birds of Montecristo National Park, El Salvador - by Oliver Komar
Finding Birds in Costa Rica, by Richard Garrigues. Click on the link in the left nav column for the latest issue of his essential Gone Birding Newsletter.
Costa Rica Birding by Marc Fenner
The Birding Club of Costa Rica
Asociación Oritológica de Costa Rica - includes pdf files of Revista Zeledonia
Official List of the Birds of Costa Rica 2006 (pdf)
Doug Von Gausig's Sights & Sounds of Costa Rica - Doug has posted audio files of a number of unidentified sounds and requests comments.
Birdlist with illustrations - by the Genesis II Lodge, Costa Rica highlands
March-April 2003 Costa Rica trip report by Mike Mulligan.
Quetzalcam/Hummingbirdcam - Monteverde, Costa Rica
Panama Audubon Society - Recent issues of their newsletter, El Tucán, are available online.
Xenornis - Panama Rare Bird Reports - by Darién Montañez. Includes photos of rarities.
Birding in Panamá
Fondo Peregrino Panamá [Status of the Harpy Eagle in Panamá]
Conservation Panamá: Exploring Options for the Future - Proceedings of the Panama Conservation and Ecotourism Workshop - 1998
St. Andrew Vireo - A critically endangered species restricted to San Andrés Island, off the coast of Nicaragua but politically part of Colombia and one of the safest places to go birding in Colombia.
Ornitología Colombiana - New bi-lingual journal of Colombian ornithology published online in pdf.
Colombian Birding & Ornithological Hub - by Paul Salaman
Birding Guide to Colombia - by Carl Downing
Birding (safely) in Colombia - by Jurgen Beckers
Yellow-eared Parrot, Ognorhynchus icterotis, Conservation Page - A critically endangered species, reduced by hunting and habitat destruction in the highlands of Colombia and Ecuador.
ProAves Colombia
Proyecto Hapalopsittaca - Study and conservation of H. amazonina and H. fuertesi in Colombia.
Fundación Humedal La Conejera - trying to stop a highway through Bogotá Rail and Apolinar's Wren habitat.
Asociación Bogotana de Ornitología
Aves de los Humedales Bogotanos
Birds of Trinidad & Tobago
Birds and Birding in Venezuela by Chris Sharpe
Ascanio Birding Tour Reports
EcoSIG - Venezuela maps.
GPS Venezuela - Maps. Install the latest .exe file, then click on ayuda.chm for instructions.
Venezuela Audubon Society
BioParques - Venezuela National Parks
Birdwatching in and around Mérida, Venezuela
Venezuela Voyage - travel in Venezuela
La Mucuy Estación Ornitológica - Parque Nacional Sierra Nevada, Venezuela
Provita - Venezuelan conservation organization
Biological Diversity of the Guianas
Braun, M.J., D.W. Finch, M.B. Robbins and B.K. Schmidt. 2000. A Field Checklist of the Birds of Guyana. Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. - on line in its entirety
Birding Outback Guyana - D. MacDonald Green, edited by Davis Finch
Birds of the Iwokrama Forest, Guyana, by Robert S. Ridgely & David Agro (pdf)
Online Guide to the Mammals of Iwokrama, Guyana
Birds in Suriname by Jan Hein Ribot
Suriname bird checklists - STINASU
Group d'Étude et de Protection des Oiseaux en Guyane
SÉPANGUY (Société d'Étude, de Protection et d'Aménagement de la Nature en GUYane)
Guyane Butterfly Trip Report
Ecuadorian Birding Page - by Mark Mulhollam
Ecuador bird reports by Bob Planqué
Survey of the Birds of the Bilsa Ecological Reserve, Ecuador, by Jon Hornbuckle & Andrew Mudd
Reports and Birdlists for the Tandayapa Valley, Ecuador
Fundación Pro-Bosque - Cerro Blanco Reserve, near Guayquil, and its small population of Great Green Macaws
Fundación Jocotoco - They now have 5 reserves: Tapichalaca - type locality of Grallaria ridgelyi; Buenaventura - type locality of the El Oro Parakeet; and Yunguilla - patch containing the only known Pale-headed Brush-finches, Río Canande - superb Chocó habitat, and Yanachocha - Black-breasted Puffleg.
Buffon's Macaw in Ecuador by David Waugh
Macaw Landing Foundation
Pionus Parrots Research Foundation
El Bosque de Mazán - in Cuenca, Ecuador - includes photos of some birds
Las Palmas Reserve, Vilacabamba, Ecuador - Annotated checklist of birds
Serranías Cofán-Bermejo, Sinangoe, Ecuador - Rapid Biological Assessment, Field Museum. [Bird report by Tom Schulenberg -- see pages 141-148 of the Technical Report, January 2002 (pdf)]
Worldtwitch Galápagos Birding and Conservation Links
Peru Birding 2003 by Jeffrey Pippen
Traveler's Guide: Wildlife Watching in Peru (pdf)
Birds of the Villa Rica area, Pasco, Peru (pdf)
Birds of the lower Apurímac Valley, Peru (pdf)
Birds of Loreto, Peru by R. Haven Wiley
Annotated checklist of Project Amazonas field sites and adjacent areas in Loreto, Peru (pdf) - with useful field notes
Forgotten Forests of the High Andes, by Michael Kessler - Excellent website about Polylepis
Pajarologo, by Oscar González
ECOAN - Asociación Ecosistemas Andinos (Peru Polylepis Conservation)
Aves de Peru -- Peruvian Seabirds by Jaime Jahncke
Andean Hummingbirds 1999 - Peru trip report by Tom R. Davis
Cordillera Azul, Río Pisqui, Peru Rapid Biological Inventory, Field Museum - The bird reports are at pages 28-37 of the Technical Report (pdf).
Proyecto Tambopata - Huw Lloyd
Project Tambopata - Chris Kirkby [Bird species accounts]
Tambopata Reserve Society - TreeS
Proyecto Polylepis [Royal Cinclodes video]
Images of the Macaw
Bird Mysteries from South America
Bolivian Birding Localities - by Sjoerd Mayer. Great new website includes four sites in Peru.
Site Descriptions & Trip Reports from Bolivia - By Sjoerd Mayer
Bird Bolivia - by A. Bennett Hennessey
Songs of Brazilian Birds - Audio Files, including Megaxenops
Projeto Ararinha Azul - The Spix's Macaw Cyanopsitta spixi.
Arthur Grosset's Birds - Excellent page, with photos of birds and mammals from Brazil, Jeremy Minns' Brazil site guides, and European bird photos.
Atlantic Forests of Brazil by Colin Bushell
Comitê Brasileiro de Registros Ornitológicos
Atualidades Ornitológicas
Associação Brasileira para Conservação das Aves
Centro de Estudos Ornitológicos blog
Passarinhar blog
Aves de Mato Grosso blog
Newly-described birds from Brazil, 1970-1996, with citations
Handheld Photos of SE Brazil Endemics - World Land Trust
Aves Marinhas de Abrolhos
Projeto Papagaio-Verdadeiro - Festive Parrot Amazona aestiva in the Brazilian Pantanal.
Capital Area Audubon Society (MI) - Trip reports, including Brazil, Kenya and Costa Rica
Acrobatornis fonsecai - Page about the distinctive new furnariid from east-central Bahia, Brazil. Color plate by Paul Donohue from the AukLine drawing by Paul Donohue. (Rod McCann, Dave Sargeant & I drove past the roadside type locality one month before the bird was discovered in 1994.) The bird's English name, Pink-legged Graveteiro, should be changed. Graveteiro means "Firewood-Gatherer" in Portuguese, and another furnariid is already named Firewood-Gatherer.
The Blue Macaws - Excellent site with latest news from Brazil, a collection of recent and historic articles, and numerous photos.
Projeto Albatroz - Conservação de Aves Marinhas com Pesca Produtiva
Aves del Uruguay - Proyecto Guira of the CIAAE
Fundación Moisés Bertoni and Guyra Paraguay
Asociación Ornitológica del Plata - Aves Argentinas
Ribera Norte Wildlife Reserve, Argentina
Tales of the Pampas - El Ombú and other stories, by W.H. Hudson (1902)
Guía de Aves de la Estancia San Roberto, Argentina
Birds of Lago Fontana, Patagonia, Argentina
Birds of the Falkland Islands
Falklands Conservation [Albatross Appeal - When you eat "Chilean Sea Bass", you're eating albatross.]
Gran Guia Ilustrada de las Aves de Chile - a page on each species with a photograph or color plate from Johnson is accessible from alphabetical lists of the scientific, English and Spanish names
Birding in Chile by Alvaro Jaramillo
Aves de Chile
Unión de Ornitológicos de Chile
Fundación Senda Darwin - Chile
La Tangara [vol. 25 and later] - Newsletter of the Partners in Flight International Working Group. Available in English or Spanish by e-mail upon request. Highly recommended!
Audubon Latin America Bulletin - Excellent online publication that unfortunately seems to have been killed by Audubon after a very brief existence from December 1998 to July 2000. There are three Bogotá Rail photos on different pages.
Alianza por Las Aves - conservation links for each country in Latin America
Rapid Color Guides to plants of the American Tropics by Robin Foster, Field Museum.
Neoorn Mailing List
Neoorn List Recent Postings
BirdLife Americas: Report of activities by bird organizations in the Americas (1999)

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