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Recent Ornithological Literature - This essential compilation of brief abstracts is now available on line. Back issues will be added in the future.
Taxonomic changes since Sibley & Monroe 1993 - by Rolf de By
Taxonomic changes in Clements' Fifth Edition - Santa Barbara Software Products
Aviornis Links
Bird Songs International - CDs available include Birds of Tropical Asia, Birds of Venezuela, Bird Songs of Bolivia 2.0
Turaco Bird Recordings
World Hornbill Network
Barbet Home Page
International Crane Foundation
The Cranes - Status Survey and Conservation Action Plan
Crane Net News
Pheasant Specialist Group
Tragopan No. 2 | Tragopan No. 3 | Tragopan No. 4 | Tragopan No. 5 | Tragopan Nos. 9-17 - Journal of the World Pheasant Association
World Pheasant Association
Partridge, Quail & Francolin Specialist Group [Newsletter (kill JavaScript on to prevent redirect)]
World Parrot Trust
PsittaScene - Interesting articles on parrot conservation
Loro Parque Fundación Field Projects
Raptor News
Carolina Raptor Center - They have mapped the migration routes of Ospreys from New England to South America from satellite tracking.
Raptor Research Foundation
Falkenwelt [Kill JavaScript on to stop scrolling text and popup.]
The study of raptor migration in the Old World using satellite telemetry, by Bernd-Ulrich Meyburg & Christiane Meyburg - Proc. 22nd Int. Ornith. Cong. (1998)
Owl Pages
Owls 2000 - Abstracts of papers given at January 2000 conference in Canberra
Gull Identification Website
Gulls and More Gulls
Yukon Gullery
Jim Bangma's Gull Page
Bob Lewis's Gull Site
The Shorebird Watcher
Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust Threatened Species Department - Read their periodic bulletins online for news about field work on White-winged Wood-Ducks in Sumatra and conservation programs dealing with White-headed Duck, Brazilian Merganser, Blue Duck and other species.
Anatidae Site Network
African-Eurasian Migratory Waterbirds
Sea Duck Joint Venture
Seaduck Specialist Group
Goose Specialist Group
SSC Specialist Groups
Wetlands International Species Groups
Penguins - to view the photos, paste the file names onto the new domain + /images/
Penguins of the World - International Penguin Conservation Work Group
New Zealand Penguins
International Shrike Working Group
Shrikeology Yahoo Group
The Electronic Nuthatch - Nuthatches of the world by Erik Matthysen, author of The Nuthatches (Poyser 1998).
List of Extinct Birds
Ornithological Societies of North America
Birds Australia Parrot Association
The Malleefowl of Goonoo State Forest
The Fabulous Kakapo - The total number is now up to 86, and 14 birds are being relocated to Fiordland!
Birds of the Pacific: A Birder's Checklist - by Ross Silcock. Quite useful and up to date, with notes on how to see difficult species and bibliography.
Marine Ornithology - Complete contents of issues since 2000 are online.
Pacific Seabird Group
Seabirds, Forage Fish & Marine Ecosystems in Alaska
Shearwater Journeys - Perhaps the world's finest pelagic birding website, covering Northern California
Tony Palliser's Australian Pelagic Birding Homepage - Another excellent site, with Aus pelagic trip schedules
Brian Patteson Pelagic Trips - North Carolina and Virginia trip information & trip reports.
Angus Wilson's Ocean Wanderers - Seabirds, gulls and shorebirds, with an excellent links page and a bird ID quiz
New England Seabirds and Pelagic Birding [Seabird News - not just New England]
Westport Seabirds Pelagic Trips - Washington State.
Mitch Heindel Southern California Pelagics
Whale-watching on the web
Birds of the Southern Ocean
Birdchat Quiz Gallery
Interpretive Birding - A resource for interpreting bird behavior
Photo Gallery at
Oryx (from 2002 published by Cambridge U. Press) - Journal of Fauna & Flora International. Portions of the 1998 - 2001 issues available online from Blackwell-Synergy.
World Round-Up - Excerpts from World Birdwatch, the quarterly newsletter published by BirdLife International
Bibliography of Ornithology - by Robert B. Payne
Bird Families of the World - by Robert B. Payne
Bird Conservation International, the fine journal published by Cambridge University Press for BirdLife International, is now available to members of BirdLife Partner Organizations (including the RSPB and the National Audubon Society) at a special reduced rate.
Birding-Aus - Australian Birding - archives, latest news, and details on how to subscribe the the Birding-Aus Mailing List. [Searchable Birding-Aus Archive]
WorldTwitch Clickable Directory of relevant Yahoo! and MSN groups and Topica lists, with links to the archives of other birding lists.
APC-LST - Mailing list for those with professional interests in parrot research and conservation. For information, send e-mail to Tim Wright
24th International Ornithological Congress, Hamburg, 13-19 August 2006
23rd International Ornithological Congress, Beijing, 11-17 August 2002
Disabled Birders Association
Congreso Internacional Bosques Secos, Piura, Peru, 6-9 November 2003
Tapir Gallery
Tropical Biology Online - Revista de Biología Tropical
Dr. Language Person's Guide to Bird Name Pronunciations - by Kevin McGowan

Travel & Equipment:
Understanding Diarrhea in Travelers - A Guide to the Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment of the World's Most Common Travel-Related Illness, by David R. Shlim, M.D. - The best article I've seen about the number one health problem for world birders.
CDC Fact Sheet on Leishmaniasis - The most common serious disease among people in the field in the American tropics.
Medjet Assistance - For $175/year or $275/year for a family, members receive domestic and overseas medical evacuation by private jet to their hospital of choice.
TMVC Travel Medicine
Travel Health Online
Black Fox International - Kidnap / Ransom / Extortion insurance. A friend was quoted $1,000 for a policy covering a trip to Haiti, insuring up to his net worth.
Marice Stith Recording Services - Tape recorders & microphones (upstate NY)
Saul Mineroff Electronics - Tape recorders & microphones (NYC)
Tape World - Source for blank tape.
Joe and Jack's GPS Information Site
Tom Born's Garmin GPS Website
Multimap - the best online maps of the world
Microsoft Expedia Maps
Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection
Peter Loud's Maps of Indonesia, the Philippines, Cuba and the Bahamas
Foreign Currency Converter
Bradt Guide to Zambia - Free online.
Bradt Guide to Namibia - Free online.
How to See the World: The art of European & world travel backpacking on $25 a day or less - by John Gregory. Great resource with 25 chapters, 100,000 words and 120 illustrations.
Footloose and Fancy-free in the Third World - A backpacker's world travel handbook, by Randy Johnson.
Steve Kropla's Help for World Travelers - includes World Electric Guide and Worldwide Phone Guide
1000 Travel Tips
Travel Safety (Marc Brosius)
Travel, Africa, Safety Tips
South American Explorers Club Travel Advisories and Warnings
Kroll Travel Watch - Travel advisories marketed to corporate clients. Kroll, Corma and the Ackerman Group are recognized industry leaders in hostage negotiations.
Corma - Controlled Risk Management - International Security Consultants.
The Ackerman Group - International Security Consultants.
iJet Worldcue Traveler - Travel advisories. They charge $25 for up to six destinations. Quality unknown.
US State Department Travel Warnings
France Conseils aux Voyageurs
Overseas Security Advisory Council - Dates to watch around the world.
Canadian Government Travel Warnings - Many dead links.
Canadian Government Travel Health Advisories - This one works.
UK Foreign & Consular Office - Country Advice
Stratfor - Intelligence reports from around the world.
Bus Plunge
Bahasa Indonesia in Seven Days - There are few resources on Indonesian, one of the most useful languages for world birders.
Cultures of the Andes - Quechua lessons online.
Birders' Exchange - Donate your old (or new) equipment for use in Latin America and the Caribbean. A project of the ABA and the Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences.

WorldTwitch Brazil Conservation & Environment - Including highlights from the Brazilian environmental e-mail lists.
Environmental Group Executive Compensation - Topping out in excess of $800,000, as of 2001. It pays to sell out. - Top website on international forest conservation issues and developments. Links Blog
World Rainforest Movement - Excellent source of information.
The Population-Environment Connection - Who Makes It? - Analysis by Negative Population Growth of the generally unsatisfactory positions or non-positions of the large environmental groups on human overpopulation. Read before you donate!
Forsaking Fundamentals: The environmental establishment abandons US population stabilization, by Leon Kolankiewicz & Roy Beck, 18 March 2001 - "Did the "business" of environmentalism make population stabilization programs unattractive? Is it possible that organizations looked first not at what ultimately would allow them to achieve their environmental goals but at defining themselves for the best financial support from their members and their foundation or corporate benefactors – and stabilization didn't meet that criterion?"
Gaia Watch UK - Human Population Growth & International Migration
Optimum Population Trust
World Overpopulation Awareness
International Planned Parenthood Federation - Country profiles
Sustainable Population Australia
The Greening of the World Bank - a lesson in bureaucratic survival, by James M. Sheehan - Article about how the World Bank has silenced the corrupt, Beltway environmental groups by paying their travel expenses and consultancy fees (pdf).
World Bank Bonds Boycott Campaign
CEE Bankwatch Network
Sierra Club and The Wilderness Society sell out Montana roadless wilderness to help politician friends - The norm these days for the corrupt, Beltway environmental groups. "'This deal stinks so badly it makes me feel like never identifying myself as an environmentalist again,' says Steve Kelly, a longtime forest activist in Montana."
Nonprofit Land Bank Amasses Billions: Charity builds assets on corporate partnerships. By David B. Ottaway & Joe Stephens. Washington Post, 3 May 2003. Wholesale corruption in the Nature Conservancy. First of three articles.
Dangerous bedfellows: WWF and loggers threaten Congo Basin
Exposé of phony environmentalist Bruce Babbitt - A corrupt political hack who is fawned over by the equally corrupt large environmental groups. His McCarthyite response: he's practical; critics are Commies.
"Dark heart of the American dream" by Ed Vulliamy. The Observer, 16 June 2002. Texas, the most corrupt and polluted state.
Greenpeace Southern Ocean Pirate Fishing Expedition
DECOIN - Defensa y Conservación Ecológica de Intag (Ecuador)
Environmental Fraud by Ernst & Young - In a blatantly corrupt double-dip, the giant US-based accounting and consulting firm submitted virtually identical pro-destruction environmental impact assessments involving different dam projects on two different rivers in India with different habitats and species. The second is near the Dandeli Wildlife Reserve and the Ulvi Bird Sanctuary in Karnataka. Wouldn't it be interesting to review their invoices and time records?
Global Witness
Light Pollution Links
Ambiente Ecológico
Probe International
International Rivers Network
Environmental Working Group
SEEN - Sustainable Energy & Economy Network
Transparency International 2002 Corruption Perception Index (CPI). Bangladesh remains the most corrupt country, and Nigeria remains the most corrupt African country, but Paraguay has passed Bolivia, Ecuador and Haiti (all tied for second) to qualify as the most corrupt American country.
TI's Daily Corruption News
Corporate Predators - US newspaper monopolists in Boston and Seattle spike factual ads targeting the most destructive US and Canadian old growth loggers and their sham certification program.
Desert Invasion - U.S. - The U.S. has been overrun with Mexican peasants and other high birth rate illegal aliens in an unprecedented mass invasion. Despite the resultant population growth and environmental destruction, the corrupt Beltway environmental groups are either silent or support the invasion. (Hint: Before giving money to an alleged environmental group, ask for a written statement of its policy on immigration.) It's long past time to bring the troops home from the Neocons' wars and use them to secure the border and round up and deport aliens. The 9-11 hijackers would not have been in the country with proper control of immigration.
Green Scissors
Taxpayers for Common Sense - reports on corporate welfare and corruption in the US.
American Lands Alliance
Native Forest Council
RangeNet - Comprehensive links
Forest Guardians - Southwest US
Stop the FTAA (Free Trade Area of the Americas) ["Neither in French nor in English nor in Mexican." - George W. Bush, declining to answer reporters' questions at the Summit of the Americas, Quebec City, April 21, 2001.]
Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility - fighting the climate of fear at the U.S. Department of Interior.
Environmental Working Group - Teflon Toxicosis: When heated, Teflon cookware emits dangerous, toxic gases that will kill any pet birds in the vicinity.
TED - Trade Environment Database
FutaFriends - Fighting three dams and an aluminum smelter in pristine Patagonia and a dam on the Futaleufú River, southern Chile.

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