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Handbook of Birds of the World, Vol. 13

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19 Apr Review of Handbook of Birds of the World volume 12 by Frank Lambert
18 Apr Late December 2007 to mid-March 2008 Thailand Bird Reports
14 Nov Birding in the Proaves Reserves, Colombia, by Frank Lambert
13 Nov Yunnan & Sichuan China Birding Report, October 2007, by Dave Sargeant
10 June Pacific Birding - New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Samoa & the Cook Islands by Dave Sargeant, with maps and photos.
20 May Parque do Zizo, SP, Brazil and Its Birds by Alex Lees & Jeremy Minns
1 Feb Late November 2006 - January 2007 Thailand Bird Reports
31 Jan Sierra Leone Trip Report by Jon Hornbuckle, December 2006
23 Aug Fiji Trip Report, January-February 2006, by Jeff Skevington and Michael Mathieson.
3 July WorldTwitch directory of bird and nature mailing lists and forums updated, with corrections to the URLs of the BirdLife forums, additions of newly-discovered mailing lists, and revision of the Google Group URLs to display the 100 most recent messages.
25 May Socotra, Yemen Trip Report by Dave Sargeant, with maps, photos and GPS waypoints.
16 April October-December 2005 Thailand Bird Reports
9 Aug WorldTwitch 2004 Book Awards
9 Aug Gunung Kerinci, Sumatra, June 2005, by Dave Sargeant.
28 June Baja California and western Mexico, January-February 2005, by Dave Sargeant.
28 June March 2004 update and corrections to A Birdwatcher's Guide to India posted.
20 Feb Cambodia, 10-27 February 2004, by Frank Rheindt - Giant Ibis, Mekong Wagtail, Bengal Florican, Manchurian Reed-Warbler, Silver Oriole.
20 Feb Peninsular Malaysia & Sabah, July-September 2003, by Frank Rheindt - Bulwer's Pheasant at Kinabalu Park HQ!
20 Feb Birding in Sri Lanka - Update by Dave Sargeant
6 Feb December 2004 - February 2005 Thailand Bird Reports.
19 Jan December 2004 - January 2005 Thailand Bird Reports.
18 Dec October-December 2004 Thailand Bird Reports & report of the Thai Government's surprise destruction of important Malaysian Plover breeding habitat at Laem Phak Bai.
30 Oct Japan Trip Report, May-June 2004, by Dave Sargeant & Panadda Panthong.
6 Oct Advanced Search reprogrammed to include asp and pdf files in revised Neotropical Bird Club website.
31 May WorldTwitch 2003 Book Awards
9 May Zambia & Northeast Namibia Birding Trip by Jon Hornbuckle, October 2003.
1 May Rwanda & Uganda Birding Trip by Dave Sargeant & Nigel Moorhouse, June 2003, with maps and GPS waypoints.
27 Mar Fuerteventura, Canary Islands Birding Trip by Henk Hendriks.
22 Feb Birding the Andaman Islands and Western Ghats of India, by Dave Sargeant.
21 Feb New Country Page - WorldTwitch Vietnam.
7 Feb Sichuan & Yunnan, China Birding, June - July 2003, by Frank Rheindt.
22 Jan Vietnam Birding, April - June 2003, by Frank Rheindt. Outstanding trip report with detailed directions to many rare and recently described species.
24 Dec November - December 2003 Thailand Bird Reports
24 Nov WWT added to WorldTwitch global search of world bird websites.
12 Oct 2003 Peru Trip Report by Jon Hornbuckle
23 August WorldTwitch Advanced Search improved -- now includes the option of searching BirdLife International in addition to the OBC, OSME, NBC, ABC, Fatbirder & other useful websites.
18 August Birding Hawaii by Jon Hornbuckle. May 2003 trip for Hawaii's rare birds.
7 August Cameroon trip report by Ron Hoff, March-April 2003.
22 July Cristalino Jungle Lodge and Alta Floresta, Brazil Trip Report by Alex Lees, April - June 2003.
14 June Japan Trip Report by Dave Sargeant - January 2003.

25 May

March-May 2003 Thailand Bird Reports.
13 May Birds of Samaipata, Bolivia by Joe Tobias

29 April

There are now two pages of WorldTwitch Links: Links 1 and Links 2.

5 April

Peru Trip Report by Jon Hornbuckle

6 March

WorldTwitch 2002 Book Awards
27 Oct Sri Lanka & Southern India trip report by Jon Hornbuckle.
12 Sep Alaska trip report by Jon Hornbuckle et al., with photos.
2 Sep Yunnan, southwest China, trip report by Jon Hornbuckle.
31 Aug Central Mexico trip report by Samuel Hanssen.
30 July New Page: Clickable list of significant web groups and list archives about birds, birding, natural history and conservation.
28 June

Wallacea Trip Report by Jon Hornbuckle -- Sulawesi, Flores, Sangihe, Sumba, West Timor, Komodo. Going, going....

17 June Bruijn's Brush-Turkey observed on Waigeo, Papua, Indonesia by Iwein Mauro.
7 June Tanzania & Eastern Kenya Trip Report by Jon Hornbuckle.
7 June Cuba Trip Report by Dave Sargeant.
28 May New Zealand Trip Report by Anders Paulsrud.
20 Apr Patrick O'Donnell's report on three days in the Apa Apa Forest, Yungas, Bolivia, March 2002.
20 Apr Patrick O'Donnell's report of birds observed during an intensive birding course at Tambopata Research Center and Posada Amazonas, Peru, in March 2002.

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