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Cebu and Mindanao, Philippines Bird Notes

Chris Gooddie

1 March 2001

[Originally posted on the OrientalBirding Yahoo Group]

Tim Fisher's company efficiently organised the ground logistics for me. Highlights as follows:

Tabunan Forest, Cebu, Philippines

I missed Cebu Flowerpecker due to wind and rain, (despite 5 hr vigil on the limestone pillar that serves as the new Flowerpecker lookout, you have to move around carefully on top as it's a long drop!) but I managed to see Black Shama and Streak-breasted Bulbuls. The Flowerpeckers are still being seen regularly although not guaranteed.

Also: Philippine Hawk-Cuckoo - 1

Phil. Pygmy Woodpecker - 1

White-eared Brown Dove - 2

Everett's White-eye - 3

PICOP, Mindanao, Philippines

Our vehicle was unable to pass through the floods 25 kms N. of Davao, (the road was submerged beneath a raging torrent, the result of Tropical Depression 'Auring' which had been in situ for the last 4 days, (29 people killed.)) However buses could just about get through the floods so we got to Mangagoy after 10 hrs. All birding was on Roads 1/4 and 4a. (I was informed that Road 5 is now almost completely logged and no worthwhile habitat remains.) The site seems doomed but birding is currently still excellent, tragically not least since the remaining forest has already been partially logged over making it easier to see things! Highlights of an excellent 2.5 days' birding included:

Short-crested Monarch, a pair taped in, Road 1/4.

Little Slaty Flycatcher - one male eventually responded to tape just off Road 4a, and gave amazing scope views.

Azure-breasted (Steere's) Pitta - Stunning scope views of a calling bird

Red-bellied Pitta - brief good view x 3 of 1 bird Road 4a, and stunning close up scope views of a 2nd on 1/4.

Silvery Kingfisher - 1 on the usual pool on Rd 1/4

Olive-backed Flowerpecker - small numbers

Coleto - 1 gp of 3, Road 1/4.

Rufous Paradise-Flycatcher, c5 total

Guiabero - c10 total

Pink-bellied Imperial Pigeon - 3, Road 4a, c3 others heard

Philippine Oriole - c10 total

Pompadour Green Pigeon - 3, Road 1/4

Green Imperial Pigeon - 4

Philippine Coucal - 1

Yellowish Bulbul - common

Yellow-wattled Bulbul - common

Mindanao Tarictic Hornbill - 3

Black-faced Coucal - 5

Buzzing Flowerpecker - 6 total, Road 1/4

Amethyst Brown Dove - 1-2, Road 4a

Rufous-lored (Winchell's) Kingfisher 1 seen, 2-3 heard, a really smart forest Kingfisher, great scope views, Road 1/4

Philippine Leafbird - 3

Black-headed Tailorbird 1 seen, Road 4a, lots heard

Purple-throated Sunbird - 1

Barred Honey-Buzzard - 2

Philippine Trogon - 3

Whiskered Treeswift - 10+

Violet Cuckoo - 2 females

Metallic-winged Sunbird - 1

Stripe-headed Rhabdornis - 1

Rufous-tailed Jungle-Flycatcher - 4

Brown Tit-Babbler - common.

Pygmy Babbler - 4

Naked-faced Spiderhunter - 1 fly-by - bizarre farting call!

Blue-crowned Racquet-tail - brief poor view of 1

Colasisi (Phil. Hanging-Parrot) - 2

Rufous Hornbill - Party of 5, with good scope views of 1.

Blue Fantail - only 1 seen, an understorey species that should be fairly common, we didn't connect with any understorey flocks to speak of.

Black-and-White Triller - 2, Road 4a

Black-bibbed Cuckoo-Shrike - 1-2, Road 4a

Yellow-breasted Fruit-Dove – only 1 seen, Road 4a

Phil. Pygmy Woodpecker - 1

Rusty-crowned Babbler - Should be common, we only saw 1.

Streaked Ground-Babbler - poor views of 1 coming in to tape and singing.

Great Eared Nightjar - 6 on the way in at dawn.

Purple Needletail - c15 total

Philippine Needletail - c8 total

Sooty Woodpecker - just 1 female, Road 1/4

Philippine Falconet - Up to 6/day.

Rufous-fronted Tailorbird - 1 seen, others heard, Road 4a

Oriental Honey Buzzard - 4 seen, Road 4a

Bislig Airport near PICOP

Philippine Duck - c20

Cinammon Bittern - 1

Philippine Nightjar - scope views of a calling bird perched up close on the runway.

Wandering Whistling-Duck - 10

Bright-capped Cisticola - 2-3

In terms of other possible site species at PICOP we only missed the following:

Mindanao Wattled Broadbill. The major dip, not for lack of trying.

Blue-backed Parrot - now rare, but is still being seen at Road 4a

Writhed Hornbill

Celestial Monarch - hasn't been seen at PICOP for sure for 3 years?

Lovely Sunbird

Phil. Leaf Warbler - lack of flocks encountered meant we missed this

Bicoloured Flowerpecker

The following are apparently very difficult at PICOP now:

Spotted Imperial Dove

White-fronted Tit

Black-chinned Fruit-Dove

Mindanao Bleeding Heart (may now be extinct at the site)

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