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Portable Shortwave Radios

Sony ICF-SW07 Portable Shortwave RadioSony ICF-SW07. Review. The ultimate, ultra-light shortwave radio, introduced in 1999. Shortwave station frequencies for the major services -- BBC, VOA & DW -- as well as 5 other services of the user's choice (such as RCI and Radio Australia) are stored in a ROM chip that is easily accessible under a tab on the back. To tune in the BBC, for example, you simply push the BBC button, starting a scan through BBC frequencies stored in ROM. Updated ROM chips are available annually for $19.95 from the F Corporation. Much easier to use than any other shortwave portable radio. Synchronous detection works quite well -- much better than on the 7600GR. It comes with the compact AN-LP2 active loop antenna, which automatically tunes the frequency selected on the SW07. [Sony have been withdrawing their superbly engineered, Japanese-made shortwave radios from the market as supplies run out. In the future, the Sony brand may be slapped on inferior Chinese-made radios.] Owners manual (pdf). Dimensions: 135 x 91 x 33 mm. Weight: 257g. US | UK | DE
Sony ICF-SW7600GR Portable Shortwave RadioSony ICF-SW7600GR. The latest model in Sony's 7600 series is a good choice for domestic travel and long-term overseas stays in one place. Lacks a signal strength meter, and synchronous detection is poorly implemented. However, overall performance is excellent for a radio of its size and price. Dimensions: 191 x 118 x 32 mm. Weight: 615g (including 4 AA cells). Not sold with an AC power supply, but the Sony AC-E455A (120v) works very well and is frequently available on eBay for $5-10. US | UK | DE
Sony ICF-SW22 Portable Shortwave RadioSony ICF-SW22. The most recent version of Sony's small, inexpensive world band radio is no longer marketed in the U.S. or Europe but may still be available in Asia and South America. I have an early version from the 1980s, the nearly identical ICF-4910, and took it on numerous foreign trips before I bought an SW07. Sensitivity and audio quality are mediocre in comparison with the SW100 and SW07 but excellent for a radio of its size and price. Dimensions: 116.5 x 72.5 x 28 mm. Weight: 200g (including 2 AA cells).
Sony ICF-SW100 Portable Shortwave RadioSony ICF-SW100. Review. Sony's smallest serious shortwave radio is marketed in the U.S. as the SW100S, including the AN-LP1 active loop antenna, and in Europe as the SW100E without the AN-LP1. Early examples should be avoided, as they had an inferior quality cable connection between the two parts that was prone to failure. Introduced in 1993. Dimensions: 111 x 73 x 24 mm. Weight: 220g (including 2 AA cells). US | UK | DE
Sony ICF-2010 Portable Shortwave RadioSony ICF-2010 / ICF-2001D. The top, truly portable shortwave radio, with excellent sensitivity and the best synchronous detection I have used. Too heavy for most birding travel, although I took mine along to Australia. Sadly, discontinued in 2003 but readily available on eBay. Highly recommended, although it lacks some modern features such as non-volatile memory. Details. Dimensions: 290 x 160 x 55 mm. Weight: 2300g (including 3 D cells & 2 AA cells). US
Palstar R30 portable shortwave receiverPalstar R30. This luggable, US-made radio can operate on 10 AA cells. While not as convenient to use as a Sony 2010, it clearly outperforms the 2010 on MW and in many situations on SW, although it lacks synchronous detection. Note the analogue signal strength meter, a rarity on portables. Introduced in 1999. Dimensions: 203 x 64 x 229 mm. 3,175g. Details.
Etón E1XM. New Chinese-made luggable radio that succeeds the Grundig Satellit 800 and Drake SW-8. Includes XM satellite service. 1700 presets. Can run on 4 D cells. Details. 13⅛ x 7 x 2½ inches. 4.2 pounds.

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