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WorldTwitch Thailand - Birds and Birding

Robson, Birds of ThailandThailand Birding Tours, Parks  & Travel Information

Large-billed Reed-Warbler Acrocephalus orinus rediscovered by Phil Round 120 km southwest Bangkok in the Laem Phak Bia Environmental Research and Development Project.

Interview with Phil Round - Ornithomedia, August 2007

2008 Thailand Bird Reports

2007 Thailand Bird Reports

2006 Thailand Bird Reports

2005 Thailand Bird Reports

2004 Thailand Bird Reports

2003 Thailand Bird Reports

2002 Thailand Bird Reports

2001 Thailand Bird Reports

2000 Thailand Bird Reports

1999 Thailand Bird Reports

1998 Thailand Bird Reports

Bird Conservation Society of Thailand

White-fronted Scops-Owl - map and report by Stin De Win

Peter Ericsson's Photo Galleries

Gurney's Pitta rediscovered in Burma (Myanmar). BirdLife International, 3 June 2003.

Majestic Flight South. The Star, Kuala Lumpur, 29 October 2002. Raptor migration in southern Thailand.

Little-known Oriental Bird: White-eyed River-Martin, by Joe Tobias, OBC Bulletin 31, June 2000

White-eyed River-Martin, Pseudochelidon sirintarae, photo by H. Elliott McClure White-eyed River-Martin, Pseudochelidon sirintarae, photo by H. Elliott McClure


May 2000 Bird Notes by Mike Hunter

OBC Bulletin 31 (June 2000): Special Issue on Thailand

Cover illustration:

Siamese Fireback, Lophura diardi, by Kamol Komolphalin

Thailand Trip Report, January-February 2000, by Roger Ahlman

Gurney's Pitta, Pitta gurneyi - Photo by Phil Round Gurney's Pitta, Pitta gurneyi - Photo by Phil Round

Gurney's Pitta Trip Report, May 1999, by Dion Hobcroft, with May 2000 Update by Mike Hunter

Khao Nor Chuchi & Krabi Trip Report (with Malaysia), March-April 2000, by Jon Hornbuckle

Save Gurney's Pitta - Latest News (27 July 2002) - OBC

Jewels of the Forest - Protecting Gurney's Pitta in the lowland forest of Thailand, by Phil Round. (OBC 1996).

An Overview of Recent Conservation Efforts at Khao Nor Chuci, Southern Thailand, August, 1999

Khao Nor Chuchi Lowland Forest Project (Gurney's Pitta)

Sam-roi Wetlands Report (Ramsar Center Japan)

Khao Yai & Kaeng Krachan Day Trips, September 2000, by Peter Ericsson

Birding in Thailand with Peter Ericsson - 2001: Doi Inthanon, Mae Ping, Mae Wong

Kaeng Krachan Trip Report, April 2000, by Peter Ericsson

Doi Inthanon Trip Report, Jan 2000, by Peter Ericsson

Broadbill Photos by Peter Ericsson

Photo of Coral-billed Ground-Cuckoo by Peter Ericsson

Bird Photos by Peter Ericsson - I

Bird Photos by Peter Ericsson - II

Bird Photos by Peter Ericsson - III

Bird Photos by Peter Ericsson - 2001

Bird Photos by S.C. Ng

Bird Photos by Panom Praramuk

Three seldom visited birding sites in Northern Thailand, by David Kuehn (1999). Lot Cave, Doi Chiangdao & Ag School.

Thailand Trip Report 2001 with photos by Tom Tarrant

Southern Thailand, March 2001, by Nick Ransdale

Southern Thailand, April 2001, by Graham Talbot

Northern Thailand, February 2001, by Barry Cooper & Gail Mackiernan

Restoring Conservation Forests in Northern Thailand and the Monitoring of Frugivorous Birds, by D. Blakesley and S. Elliott, OBC Bulletin 31, June 2000

Hornbills of Thailand

Other Thailand Bird Links

Birds and Other Wildlife Around Chiang Dao, by Jurgen Beckers

Three seldom-visited birding sites in Northern Thailand - Lot Cave (Tham Lot), Doi Chiang Dao and Agricultural & Veterinary Science School south of Chiang Mai - David Kuehn

Where do you want to go birding in Thailand today?

Thai National Park Entrance Fees: Non-Thais pay more! 26 July 2000 by Philip D. Round

Operation Khao Yai - The David Shepherd Conservation Foundation

World Bank Financing Destructive Tourism Projects in Thailand

Australian Birder Murdered at Doi Ang Khang, northwest Thailand

Phil Round Comments on the Doi Ang Khang Tragedy

A Thai dam, a mistake, a debt, by Chainarong Srettachau and Aviva Imhof

Animal Info - Thailand

Yahoo! Thailand News

"Game is up for hungry Thais, Israelis decide." Telegraph, 25 April 2000. "At first, conservationists thought the cause of an alarming decline in Israeli wildlife might be drought, pollution or the destruction of habitat through development. But they now accept that all creatures great and small are disappearing into the bellies of about 20,000 Thai farm labourers . . . . Mr. Sharon said: 'If you want nature conservation, you cannot have Thai workers. . . . .'"

Some Recent Highlights:

1 May 2002: John Penhallurick's directions for birding at Doi Chiang Dao, Doi Ang Khang and Khao Yai.

15 December 2000: Phil Round reports that he just returned from a trip to the Khao Soi Dao Wildlife Sanctuary, SE Thailand. He heard both Blue-rumped Pitta and "Siamese" Chestnut-headed Partridge and released one of the latter uninjured from a snare. "Hunting pressure, mainly for wild pigs was very high with pig-snares all over the place. Also the remains (now thankfully deactivated) of gun-traps. (As expected, the first bird feathers, from a shot Red-headed Trogon and a snared Blue Pitta were found less than a kilometer from the nearest forestry station, when we'd only just entered the reserve! But Gaur were still present as judged by droppings and tracks, in spite of all the hunting. I assume the high density of pig tracks (in spite of heavy hunting pressure) is because there are now no tigers left to eat the pigs! My best ever views of Cissa hypoleuca, and a new mammal for me, Dendrogale murina."

Phil Round finally succeeded in tape recording White-fronted Scops-Owl, Otus sagittatus, at Kaeng Krachan National Park. He describes the voice as "a deep soft drumming, up to 12 or 13 seconds in duration", which "I can only liken to the strumming of Common Snipe, or what I think is a "gular-fluttering call" of Buffy Fish Owl." See 2000 Thailand Bird Reports, March-June Recent Reports.

See Mike Hunter's report for precise stakeout information on Hume's Pheasant and Coral-billed Ground-Cuckoo.

Jon Hornbuckle found a Barred Eagle-Owl at Khao Nor Chuchi (the Gurney's Pitta site) in April 2000. He reports that forest destruction continues unabated and that local guide Yotin gives the site only 10 more years.

Details about a recovering population of about 80 Green Peafowl, Pavo muticus, in Chiang Mai follow the October-December 1999 Thailand Bird Reports.

Phil Round reports in KingBird Tours Newsletter 37 that Siamese Firebacks, Lophura diardi, are gradually becoming habituated around park headquarters at Khao Yai National Park with improved protection from hunting.

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