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Below are links to significant web-archived lists about birding, birds, butterflies, dragonflies, other natural history, conservation and environment. Most backyard birding, cagebird, "dude", low traffic and frivolous lists have been omitted. Personal favorites are in bold.

Yahoo! Groups

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ABZ-rare-birds - Aberdeen [Latest messages]

AfricanBirding [Latest messages]

AKBirding - Alaska [Latest messages]

Albertabird [Latest messages]

albirds - Alabama [Latest messages]

Americaves - Argentina birds (español). [Latest messages]

AmericavesII - Argentina birds (español). [Latest messages]

Amsterdams_VogelNet [Latest messages]

andamanicobar [Latest messages]

AnseriformesNeotropicales [Latest messages]

AntiPoachers [Latest messages]

asianwaterbirdcensus [Latest messages]

ayrshirebirding [Latest messages]

Aus-E-Herps [Latest messages]

australianherps [Latest messages]

avelin - Aveando en Lima, Peru [Latest messages]

aves-contact (Belgique) [Latest messages]

Aves_Ecuador [Latest messages]

aves_raras (Mexico) [Latest messages]

avesparaguay [Latest messages]

AvesPatagonia [Latest messages]

AvianReferences [Latest messages]

avimonde (Français) [Latest messages]

ayrshirebirding [Latest messages]

balkanvultures [Latest messages]

bcbirdingvanisland - Vancouver Island, BC [Latest messages]

bcbirds [Latest messages]

bcintbird - BC Interior [Latest messages]

bcvanbirds - Vancouver, BC [Latest messages]

bedsbirds - Bedfordshire [Latest messages]

beerdrinkingbirders - Humour [Latest messages]

beetles-britishisles [Latest messages]

Belgian_birds - in Flemish

beringia_birders - Alaska [Latest messages]

BERKSBIRDS - Berkshire [Latest messages]

BiCoSoGuj - Bird Conservation Society of Gujarat [Latest messages]

Biodiversidad_PERU [Latest messages]

birdbooklist [Latest messages]

birdconservation [Latest messages]

birders - Malaysia [Latest messages] [Moved to Google Groups in 2005]

birdhybrids [Latest messages]

BIRDING-NZ [Latest messages]

Birding_optics [Latest messages]

BirdingCumbria [Latest messages]

birdinggulls - Gull ID [Latest messages]

birdingnorthants - Northamptonshire, UK [Latest messages]

BirdingPeru [Latest messages]

birdline (sic) - This guy ripped off both WorldTwitch and the real and original Birdline.

BirdNetCaucasus [Latest messages]


birds-pix [Latest messages]

BirdsCaribbean - As of 9/02, successor to SocietyCaribOrnit [Latest messages]

BirdsinRussia [Latest messages]

birdsofbombay [Latest messages]

birdsofNEIndia [Latest messages]

BirdwatchPhilippines [Latest messages]

birdwatch_gelderland [Latest messages]

birdwatch-spain [Latest messages]

birdwatchingbr [Latest messages] - Brazil

birdyak - Yakima County, WA [Latest messages]

bngbirds - Bangalore [Latest messages]

bnhs_news_group - Bedfordshire [Latest messages]

BOU_birdtalk [Latest messages]

BQ_Forum - Queensland, Aus [Latest messages]

btblue - New York City metropolitan area (Metro Birding Briefs) [Latest messages]

Buckbirders - Buckinghamshire [Latest messages]

BushmeatAwarenessGroup [Latest messages]

butterfly-pix [Latest messages]

ButterflyIndia [Latest messages]

ButterflysocietyofRI [Latest messages]

Calbirds [Latest messages]

CalOdes [Latest messages]

cambirds - Cambridge [Latest messages]

capebirdnet - Western Cape [Latest messages]

Caribbean-bats [Latest messages]

caribbean-biodiversity [Latest messages]

central-sierra-birds - Alpine, Calaveras, Mariposa & Tuolumne Counties, CA [Latest messages]

central_valley_birds - San Joaquin Valley, CA [Latest messages]

CfDS - Campaign for Dark Skies (UK) [Latest messages]

COA - Club de Observadores de Aves del Noreste de México [Latest messages]

cobirders - Colorado [Latest messages]

coleoptera [Latest messages]

ColumbiaAudubon [Latest messages]

conservacao - Brazil (português) [Latest messages]

ConserveAfrica [Latest messages]

Conservationthroughbirding [Latest messages]

CornishWildlife [Latest messages]

cr-birding - Colour-ringed birds [Latest messages]

countybirders - Bird distribution in all 58 California counties. [Latest messages]

CVBIRDS - Chemung Valley, NY [Latest messages]

DarkSky-list - Can't read online

DBA-USA - Disabled Birders Association of America

de-conservation - Delaware [Latest messages]

delhibird [Latest messages]

Digiscoping [Latest messages]

digiscopingbirds [Latest messages]


dragonflies-uk [Latest messages]

Eaglechat - Alaska birds [Latest messages]

earthfirstalert [Latest messages]

ebirdsnyc [Latest messages]

ecosrioplatenses - español [Latest messages]

EGVWG - East European / Mediterranean Griffon Vulture Working Group [Latest messages]

ekootenaybirds - East Kootenays, BC [Latest messages]

environmentaljournalists [Latest messages]

eritreabirding [Latest messages]

ethology [Latest messages]

euraptors [Latest messages]

ExpeditionBirding [Latest messages]

extinctbirds [Latest messages]

fauna_latina - español [Latest messages]

FieldHerpTexas [Latest messages]

FlaBirding - Florida and the Bahamas [Latest messages]

FLRBA - Florida Rare Bird Alert [Latest messages]

FOGsrilanka [Latest messages]

fresno_county_birders - CA [Latest messages]

froggingamerica [Latest messages]

fws-shorebirds [Latest messages]


gl_odonata - Great Lakes Dragonflies [Latest messages]

Greentour [Latest messages]

Gujarat_Birds [Latest messages]

habitatnews - Singapore [Latest messages]

HawaiiBirding [Latest messages]

HerpNet [Latest messages]

hertsbirding - Hertsfordshire, UK [Latest messages]

Hi_MountainCondor [Latest messages]

Highland_and_Moray_Birds - Scotland [Latest messages]

hmbirds - Albany, New York [Latest messages]

hoslist - Hampshire [Latest messages]

Hummers-West [Latest messages]

HummingbirdHobnob [Latest messages]

IA-BTRFLY - Iowa butterflies and dragonflies [Latest messages]

ibc_network - Indian Bird Conservation Network [Latest messages]

ible - Idaho Birders [Latest messages]

ILbirds - Illinois Birders [Latest messages]

IL_Bugs - Illinois [Latest messages]

ilowg - International Little Owl Working Group [Latest messages]

INCASPIZA - Peru bird conservation (español) [Latest messages]

inlandcountybirds - Riverside, San Bernadino and Imperial Counties, CA [Latest messages]

Insect-pix [Latest messages]

IOSNews - Isles of Scilly [Latest messages]

israbirdnet - Israel [Latest messages]

jerusabirdnet - Jerusalem [Latest messages]

kantori - Birds in Japan [Latest messages]

kenyabirdsnet [Latest messages]

keralabirder - Kerala, India [Latest messages]

kerncobirding - Kern County, CA [Latest messages]

Kernowbirds - Cornwall and Scilly [Latest messages]

kosnet - Kent Ornithological Society [Latest messages]

LACoBirds - Los Angeles County, CA [Latest messages]

Laridae [Latest messages]

LCBirds - Lower Columbia River, WA & OR [Latest messages]

Lincsbirdnews - Lincolnshire [Latest messages]

londonbirders [Latest messages]

LondonOrnithology [Latest messages]

lothianbirdnews - Scotland [Latest messages]

Lycaena - Wallonie (français) [Latest messages]

malaysianbirders [Latest messages]

MalthusISM [Latest messages]

mammals-aus [Latest messages]

Manitobabirds [Latest messages]

maharashtrapakshimitra - Maharashtra Pakshimitra [Latest messages]

martinets-hirondelles [Latest messages]

md-smas - Southern Maryland [Latest messages]

Mearnsbirdclub - Orange Co., NY [Latest messages]

MEBirdNet - Middle East [Latest messages]

Mendobirds - Mendocino County, CA [Latest messages]

MegaBirdNews - UK [Latest messages]

megabirds [Latest messages]

Mexico-Birding [Latest messages]

MidHudsonBirds - NY [Latest messages]

MidlandsBirdNews [Latest messages]

mirapajarospr - Puerto Rico [Latest messages]

mnbird_archive_list - Archives of MNBird (Minnesota) from 7/99 to 2/02. For recent archives, see below.

MOB-Montana [Latest messages]

mocobirding [Latest messages]

modoc-siskiyoubirding - Modoc and Siskiyou Counties, CA [Latest messages]

mountainbirds - Nepal [Latest messages]

narvalleyornithologicalsociety - West Norfolk, UK [Latest messages]

Nativefishconservancy - North America [Latest messages]

NaturalHistory-L [Latest messages]

nature-singapore [Latest messages]

naturepix [Latest messages]

naturepotpouri [Latest messages]

naturerecordists [Latest messages]

NEBirdNews - Northeast England [Latest messages]

NEBirds - Nebraska [Latest messages]

NEodes - Northeast U.S. [Latest messages]

neotropicalraptors [Latest messages]

NEWBIRDHAWK [Latest messages]

nflbirds - North Florida, South Georgia and South Alabama. [Latest messages]

njbirdwatchers - New Jersey [Latest messages]

noazbirding - Northern and Central Arizona [Latest messages]

norfolkbird - Birdcall, Norfolk, East Anglia [Latest messages]

norfolkbirds - Norfolk, East Anglia [Latest messages]

northbaybirds - Sonoma, Marin, Napa, Lake & Solano Counties, CA. [Latest messages]

NorthEastBirding - Northumberland, Tyne & Wear, County Durham, Cleveland & North Yorkshire. [Latest messages]

northeasternutahbirding - Utah [Latest messages]

Northern_NY_Birds [Latest messages]

NorWestLeps - Northern California, Oregon & Washington butterflies [Latest messages]

Nottsbirdsnews - Nottinghamshire [Latest messages]

NS-RBA - Nova Scotia [Latest messages]

ntbirds - Australia [Latest messages]

NWBirdNews - Northwest England [Latest messages]

nwcalbird - Humboldt, Del Norte & Trinity Counties, CA [Latest messages]

NYSButterflies - New York State [Latest messages]

obs49 - Maine-et-Loire [Latest messages]

obs85 - Vendée [Latest messages]

obsbzh - Bretagne [Latest messages]

obs-champagne-ardennes [Latest messages]

obschile [Latest messages]

ObsFr - France [Latest messages]

ObsIdf - Ile-de-France [Latest messages]

ObsLorraine [Latest messages]

obsmaine - Mayenne & Sarthe [Latest messages]

obsmedit - Méditerranée [Latest messages]

obsmip - Midi-Pyrénées [Latest messages]

obsnaturePO66 - Pyrénées Orientales [Latest messages]

obsnorm - Normands [Latest messages]

ObsRhonAlpes [Latest messages]

obspicardie [Latest messages]

obsvpc - Vendée-Poitou-Charentes [Latest messages]

okleps - Oklahoma [Latest messages]

oneidabirds [Latest messages]

OntarioBirding [Latest messages]

onychophora - Velvet Worms [Latest messages]

OrangeCountyBirding - CA [Latest messages]

OrCoRBA - Orange County, CA Rare Bird Alert [Latest messages]

orientalbirding [Latest messages]

orientalbirdingpix [Latest messages]

ornitho-guyane [Latest messages]

ornithologie (français) [Latest messages]

ornitobr - Brazil (português) [Latest messages]

Ornitologica_de_Mexico [Latest messages]

osbirds - Otsego & Schoharie Counties, NY [Latest messages]

Oxonbirds - Oxfordshire [Latest messages]

ozbirdpix [Latest messages]

papuabirdclub - Covers Papua (formerly Irian Jaya), Wallacea and other islands in eastern Indonesia. [Latest messages]

PasadenaAudubon - Los Angeles County, CA [Latest messages]

Pelagic_News [Latest messages]

pelagics [Latest messages]

peninsula-birding - San Mateo County, CA [Latest messages]

peregrinefalcon [Latest messages]

perlisstatepark - Malaysia [Latest messages]

peterbirder - Peterborough [Latest messages]

pigeon-holes - Singapore [Latest messages]

PineyWoodsBirds - Mississippi [Latest messages]

podeltabirds - Po Delta and Venice [Latest messages]

pretoriabirds [Latest messages]

PublicPopForum - Sustainable Population Australia [Latest messages]

RangeNet [Latest messages]

RangeTip [Latest messages]

RangeTree [Latest messages]

raptor-conservation [Latest messages]

RaptorBiology [Latest messages]

rajnat - Natural history of Rajasthan [Latest messages]

RIBIRDS - Rhode Island [Latest messages]

RNOACOL - Colombia birds (español) [Latest messages]

RRBO_birds - Dearborn, MI [Latest messages]

Rutlandbirder - Rutland & Stamford, UK [Latest messages]

Rye_Bay_Wildlife - East Sussex [Latest messages]

sabamembers - South Alabama Birding Association [Latest messages]

sacramento_birds [Latest messages]

sararebirdalert - South Africa [Latest messages]

Saskbirds - Saskatchewan [Latest messages]

SATXbirds - San Antonio, TX [Latest messages]

SaveWildlife [Latest messages]

sbcobirding - Santa Barbara County, CA [Latest messages]

SCConservNet - South Carolina [Latest messages]

ScotBirdNews [Latest messages]

SDBIRDS - San Diego and Imperial Counties, CA & Northern Baja California [Latest messages]

seabirdsaus [Latest messages]

se-odonata - Southeastern U.S. [Latest messages]

SEBirdNews - Southeast England [Latest messages]

SFBirds - San Francisco [Latest messages]

shasta_birders - Shasta Country, CA

shrikeology [Latest messages]

Shropshirebirds [Latest messages]

sierra-nevadabirds [Latest messages]

SirenianVoice [Latest messages]

sjbirds - San Joaquin County, CA [Latest messages]

slocobirding - San Luis Obispo County, CA [Latest messages]

SociedadEntomologicaArgentina [Latest messages]

sociedadornitologicahispaniola - La República Dominicana [Latest messages]

SocietyCaribOrnit [Latest messages] - As of 9/02, replaced by BirdsCaribbean.

Songsparrow - Montreal [Latest messages]

SoWestLep - Southwestern U.S. lepidoptera [Latest messages]

Spotted-Eagles [Latest messages]

sprayno - No Spray Coalition [Latest messages]

SRQbirdAlerts - Sarasota & Manatee Counties, FL [Latest messages]

STA_Birds - Stanislaus County, CA [Latest messages]

SurreyBirders [Latest messages]

SussexBirds [Latest messages]

Swallows-Martins-Swifts-Worldwide [Latest messages]

SWBirdNews - Southwest England [Latest messages]

SWFLBirdline - Southwestern Florida [Latest messages]

tanzaniabirds [Latest messages]


texas_birdchat [Latest messages]

threswa - Threatened Steppe Waders Working Group [Latest messages]

TILS-leps-talk [Latest messages]

TILS-moth-rah [Latest messages]

tnherps - Tennessee [Latest messages]

tularekingsbirds - CA [Latest messages]

uk-leps [Latest messages]

UK-TrueBugs [Latest messages]

UK400Club [Latest messages]

UK400CLUBRAREBIRDALERT [Latest messages]

ukbirding - Incorrectly listed by Yahoo! as an age-restricted nudist group. (Might their robot have found a reference to Great Tits?) [Latest messages]

ukmoths [Latest messages]

VA-MD-DE-Bugs - Virginia, Maryland, Delaware [Latest messages]

valeps - Virginia [Latest messages]

venomlist [Latest messages]

venturacobirding - Ventura County, CA [Latest messages]

VogelnetZuidKennemerland - South Kennemerland and Haarlem Meer, Netherlands

Vulture-Conservation [Latest messages]


warwickbirds [Latest messages]

washbutterflies [Latest messages]

wbcp - Philippines [Latest messages]

WCanButterflies [Latest messages]

wcti - Wildlife Conservation & Trade Issues [Latest messages]

WelshBirdNews [Latest messages]

WestPalBirds [Latest messages]

wildbirdSingapore [Latest messages]

wildborneo [Latest messages]

wind_turbines_birds [Latest messages]

wkbirds - West Kootenay, BC [Latest messages]

wmbc-announce - West Midland Bird Club [Latest messages]

WMBC-Staffs - Staffordshire [Latest messages]

WMBC-WestMidlands [Latest messages]

WMBC-Worcs - Worcestershire [Latest messages]

WorthleyBotany [Latest messages]

wsbn - Colorado [Latest messages]

WWF-WorldWideFraud [Latest messages]

wvpanhandlenaturalists - West Virginia [Latest messages]

YorkshireBirds [Latest messages]

Topica Lists

Amazon Alliance

arachnida - Arachnology


Canberra Birding

CoBirders - Colorado

DnT in English - Drillbits & Tailings

Enviro PacRim

FredVSO - Fredericksburg chapter of the Virginia Ornithological Society

Grazing Reform

Llano Estacado Audubon Society - Lubbock, TX

MassLep [Moved to Google Groups in 9/05]

OCP - Ecuador OCP Pipeline

Oil PacRim


U'wa Updates

Wyobirds - Wyoming

MSN Groups

LEPSrUS - Butterflies of central and southern Florida [Latest messages]


BirdKY - Kentucky

Bristol-birds - SE Virginia & NE Tennessee

TN-Bird - Tennessee

VA-Bird - Virginia

eScribe Lists

Cavnet - Cavity-nesting birds


MARMAM - Marine Mammals Research & Conservation

Voila Clubs




Google Groups


birders (Malaysia)


CILB (Central Illinois)





NRVBirds (New River Valley, VA, NC, WV)


roanokebirds (Roanoke, VA) -  mirror of the Leps List [Archives 4/98 to 1/01 on Yahoo! Groups]





BirdLife International Globally Threatened Bird Forums:

Threatened Birds in the Americas

Threatened African Birds

Threatened Asian Birds

Threatened Australian Birds

Threatened European and Central Asian Birds

Threatened Middle East Birds

Threatened Pacific Birds

Threatened Waterbirds

Threatened Galliformes

Threatened Seabirds

Threatened Parrots

Other Bird List Archives

Birding-Aus - Australia

SA Birdnet - South Africa


BCST Webboards - Thailand. Caution: The IP and email addresses of participants are exposed and unencrypted.

Angus Birding Grapevine - Scotland

IBN - Irish Bird Network

surfbirdnews - UK rarities

Baja Birding Forum

Avifauna - Neotropical region (Español)

Birdbycatch - Seabird Bycatch


Birding in Cincinnati Message Board | Sightings Log

Cobirds - Colorado

Foros Colibri - Aves en América Latina

Eastern Sierra Birds - Inyo & Mono Countires, CA

EBbird - Alameda & Contra Costa Counties, CA

GeneseeBirds - upstate New York

MNBird - Minnesota

MOB - Montana

NMB - Northeast Michigan Birding Message Board

Northern Arizona Bird Forum

Northwest Ohio Rare Bird Forum

Ohio-birds | Ohio Birding News

OKBirds - Oklahoma

Ontario Birding Reports (Recent) | Archives - Compiled from a variety of sources.

Tropical Audubon Society Miami Bird Board

Tweeters - Washington State - last 2 months are archived

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Lists on, including:

Lists on, including:

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Lists on, including:

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Lists on, including:

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Lists on, including

Lists on, including

Lists on, including

Lists on, including:

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Lists on umn.ed, including

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Lists on, including

Recent message archives on (scroll down). Lists apparently not archived elsewhere include:

California birding lists combined on the CA Birding Lists Digest

Bird Forums

Other Natural History & Conservation List Archives

ALiens - Invasive species

CoastalRecords - California Coastal Records Project

Conch-L - Conchologists of America

Dinosaur Mailing List

Earth Talk @ the Eco-Portal

Eco-list - Pakistan

Enviro-VLC - UNDP Vietnam

International Butterfly Discussion Board

mf-europe - European Mountain Forum



POLEX - Forest Policy Experts, by the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR)

Pollinator environmental lists

SEA-SPAN-L - Southeast Asia Science Policy Advisory Network in Global Change

Shark List

Shrew Talk



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