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Costa Rica Natural History Resource Guide

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Richard Garrigues & Robert Dean. The Birds of Costa Rica: A Field Guide. Cornell University Press.Richard Garrigues & Robert Dean (illustrator). The Birds of Costa Rica: A Field Guide. Details. 416 pages. 166 color plates. Cornell University Press, April 2007. US | UK | DE | FR | CA
Birds of Mexico and Central America (Princeton Illustrated Checklists) by Ber van Perlo. Princeton University Press.Ber van Perlo. Birds of Mexico and Central America. The color plates in this new illustrated checklist are excellent and at least comparable in quality to the illustrations in Perlo's Birds of Western Africa. This small paperback can be carried at times and in places where birders might leave behind the detailed but heavier guides by Howell & Webb, Stiles and Ridgely. It's also a very convenient study guide and includes illustrations of migrants and hypothetical species. (2006). 336 pages. 98 color plates illustrating more than 1,500 species. Princeton University Press: US | CA || HarperCollins: US | UK | DE | FR | CA
Stiles, Guide to the Birds of Costa RicaF. Gary Stiles, Alexander Skutch (contributor), Dana Gardner (illustrator). A Guide to the Birds of Costa Rica. Cornell University Press and Helm, 1991. US | UK
iJET Weekly Travel Intelligence Report - Costa Rica. (PDF download from US
Globetrotter Travel Map: Costa Rica. New Holland 2005. US | UK | DE | FR | CA
Nigel Wheatley & David Brewer. Where to Watch Birds in Central America & the Caribbean. 432 pages. Helm & Princeton University Press. 2002. Pages 73-108 cover Costa Rica. US | UK
Daniel H. Janzen. Costa Rican Natural History. 816 pages. University of Chicago Press 1983. US | UK
Bret M. Whitney & David L. Ross, Jr. Voices of Costa Rica Birds: Caribbean Slope. 2 CDs. Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology. 1995. US
David L. Ross, Jr. Voices of the Cloud Forest. CD. Monteverde. Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology. 1992. US
Michael & Patricia Fogden. Hummingbirds of Costa Rica. 154 pages. Firefly Books 2006. US | UK | DE | FR | CA
Philip J. DeVries. The Butterflies of Costa Rica & their natural history: Volume 1: Papilionidae, Pieridae, Nymphalidae. Princeton University Press, 1987. 456 pages. US | UK
Philip J. DeVries. The Butterflies of Costa Rica & their natural history: Volume 2 - Riodinidae (Metalmarks). Princeton University Press, 1997. 368 pages. US | UK
Jeffrey C. Miller, Daniel H. Janzen & Winifred Hallwachs. 100 Caterpillars: Portraits from the Tropical Forests of Costa Rica. 300 pages. Belknap Press 2006. US | UK | DE | FR | CA
Fiona Reid. A Field Guide to the Mammals of Central America & Southeast Mexico. 334 pages. 48 fine color plates. Oxford University Press 1997. US | UK
Mark Wainwright. The Natural History of Costa Rican Mammals. 384 pages. Zona Tropical, 2002. US | UK
Craig Guyer & Maureen A. Donnelly. Amphibians and Reptiles of La Selva, Costa Rica and the Caribbean Slope: A comprehensive guide. University of California Press.Craig Guyer & Maureen A. Donnelly. Amphibians and Reptiles of La Selva, Costa Rica and the Caribbean Slope: A comprehensive guide. 420 pages. University of California Press 2005. Hardcover: US | UK | DE | FR | CA
Paperback: US | UK | DE | FR | CA
Jay M. Savage. The Amphibians and Reptiles of Costa Rica: A herptofauna between two seas. Photographs by Michael and Patricia Fogden. Covers the 178 amphibians and 218 reptiles known from Costa Rica. 1056 pages. 516 color plates, 335 line drawings, 396 maps. University of Chicago Press. 2002. US | UK
Twan Leenders. A Guide to Amphibians and Reptiles of Costa Rica. 305 pages. 86 color and 100 b/w plates. Zona Tropical 2001. US | UK
Willow Zuchowski. A Guide to Tropical Plants of Costa Rica. More than 540 photographs by Turid Forsyth. 529 pages. Zona Tropical 2005. US
Gordon W. Frankie, Alfonso Mata & S. Bradleigh Vinson (eds.) Biodiversity Conservation in Costa Rica: Learning the Lessons in a Seasonal Dry Forest. 341 pages. University of California Press, 2004. US | UK
Nalini M. Nadkarni & Nathaniel T. Wheelwright (eds.) Monteverde: Ecology and Conservation of a Tropical Cloud Forest. (Costa Rica). 598 pages. Oxford University Press 2000. US | UK
Lucinda A. McDade, Kamaljit S. Bawa, Henry A. Hespenheide & Gary S. Hartshorn (eds.) La Selva: Ecology and Natural History of a Neotropical Rain Forest. (Costa Rica). 486 pages, 10 halftones, 17 maps, 69 line drawings, 79 tables. University of Chicago Press. 1993. US | UK
William Allen. Green Phoenix: Restoring the Tropical Forests of Guanacaste, Costa Rica. 336 pages. Oxford University Press. 2001. US | UK
Steffen Förster. The Dragonflies of Central America exclusive of Mexico and the West Indies. A Guide to their Identification. Covers 370 species. Numerous b/w illustrations. Gunnar Rehfeldt. 2nd edition, 2001. DE.
Aaron D. Sekerak. Travel & Site Guide to the Birds of Costa Rica, with side trips to Panama. 256 pages. Lone Pine, 1996. US | UK
Dennis Rogers. Birding Site Guides - Costa Rica & Panama. Cinclus Publications 1996. US
Les D. Beletsky. Costa Rica: Travellers' Wildlife Guide. There's not much in this series for serious twitchers. 440 pages. Interlink 2004 (1998). US | UK
Carrol L. Henderson. Field Guide to the Wildlife of Costa Rica. 560 pages. 375 color and 75 b/w photos. Table of contents. University of Texas Press, 2002. US | UK
Christopher P. Baker. Moon Handbooks: Costa Rica. A requirement for writing Lonely Planet, Moon, Footprint, etc. handbooks seems to be to know nothing about natural history. This one appears to be the best of the lot, but they're all excess baggage. 857 pages. Avalon. 5th ed. 2004. US | UK | DE | FR | CA
Harry S. Pariser. Explore Costa Rica. 624 pages. Manatee Press 2006. US | UK | DE | FR | CA
Beatrice Blake. The New Key to Costa Rica. Details. 560 pages. Ulysses Press (18th ed. 2006). US | UK | DE | FR | CA
Peter Hutchison. Footprint Costa Rica Handbook. 416 pages. Footprint 2004. US | UK | DE | FR | CA
Anthony G. Coates (ed.) Central America: A Natural & Cultural History. The result of the Paseo Pantera Project. Coates is with STRI. 320 pages, 85 b/w & 58 color plates. Yale University Press, 1998. REVIEWS. Paperback. US | UK


Official List of the Birds of Costa Rica 2006 (pdf)

Finding Birds in Costa Rica by Richard Garrigues. Click on the link in the left nav column for the latest issue of his essential Gone Birding Newsletter.

Amphibia Web

Antplants of Costa Rica

Ants of Costa Rica

WorldTwitch Costa Rica Bird Reports and Birding Trip Reports

WorldTwitch Costa Rica Bird Links

Articles about birds in Costa Rica in The Condor.

Caterpillars and their adults of the Área de Conservación Guanacaste

Caterpillars & Parasitoids of a Costa Rican Tropical Wet Forest (La Selva Biological Station)

Dragonflies and Damselflies of La Selva, Costa Rica

EMBL Reptile Database

Endemic Birds

Great Green Macaw Research and Conservation - Lapa Verde

Friends of the Great Green Macaw

Interactive Key to the Katydids of La Selva, Costa Rica

Notes on the behaviour of Bare-necked Umbrellabird in the Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve, Costa Rica. By Michael P.L. Fogden and Patricia M. Fogden, Cotinga 8 (August 1997). Part I. || Part II.

The known Saturniidae fauna of Costa Rica

The known Sphingidae fauna of Costa Rica

Wild Herps

Birding Tour Operators

Adventure Camera

Alexander Villegas of Monteverde

Amazonian Adventures

American Birding Association

Audubon Naturalist Society

Audubon Society of New Hampshire

Avian Adventures

Best Adventures Travel

Bird Treks


Birding Club of Costa Rica

Birding Pal



Birdwatch Costa Rica

Borderland Tours

Caligo Ventures

Central Travel

Cheeseman's Ecology Safaris

Cinclus Tours

Cloud Forest Guide Center

Cloud Forest Tours

Condor Journeys

Connecticut Audubon Society

Costa Rica Gateway

Costa Rica Naturally

Cotinga Tours

Eagle-Eye Tours


Earthwatch Institute

Ecotour Expeditions


Exotic Birding

Falcon Tours

Field Guides Inc.

Focus on Nature Tours

Footprint Adventures

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Generous Adventures Travel Auctions

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Holbrook Travel

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Jacamar Birding Tours

Dr. Humberto Jiménez-Saa

Lagamar Expeditions


Last Frontiers

Lifebird Nature Tours

Mark Smith Nature Tours

Motmot Tours

Naturalist Endeavors

Naturalist Journeys


Okeanos Aggressor - Expensive dive trips to Cocos Island, which has three endemic species of birds: Cocos Cuckoo, Cocos Flycatcher and Cocos Finch. Birders can be landed on the island on a daily basis, weather permitting, with prior arrangements. (Wheatley & Brewer 2002).

Ornithology Expeditions


Safaris Corobicí

Sawtelle Nature Tours

Schiffornis Bird Tours

La Selva Expeditions

Siemer & Hand Travel

Sky Walk


Sunny Land Tours

Tico Tours

Toucan Tours

The Traveling Naturalist

Tropical Birding

Undersea Hunter - Another dive ship that sails to Cocos Island.

Victor Emanuel Nature Tours

Wild Frontiers

Wild Wings

Wildland Adventures


Worldwide Ecolodges

Worldwide Holidays Direct

Parks & Nature Reserves

Butterfly Botanical Gardens - Manuel Antonio

Clickable Map with links to protected areas (Guias Costa Rica)

Cloudbridge Private Nature Reserve [Map showing acommodations]

Cocos Island

Los Cusingos Neotropical Bird Sanctuary

Richard Garrigues' National Parks page from Finding Birds in Costa Rica

Jardín Gaia - Closed

Herman Institute of Biological Studies - Playa Azul [Bird list]

The Monteverde Butterfly Garden

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

National Parks - Directory listing, as they don't seem to have an index page for parks.

Osa Natural

Own a Rainforest

Parques Nacionales (La Nación)

Plinio Park - Manuel Antonio

Private Wildlife Reserves - List with links

Douglas Robinson Marine Turtle Research Center - Ostional, but temporarily in San Pablo de Heredia after the center was destroyed by fire.

Save Rincon Rainforest - Important land purchase project in Guanacaste.

Tirimbina Rainforest Center - Sarapiquí

Tortuguero National Park [Bird Checklist]


ADELA - Acción de Lucha Antipetrolera en Costa Rica

ASCOMOTI - Association for the Conservation of the Mono Titi - Subspecies of Squirrel Monkey on Pacific slope of Costa Rica, down to 1,500 from a population of 200,000 in 1983, caused in part by the construction of destructive resorts listed in this directory.

Asociación Conservacionista de Monteverde / Bosque Eterno de los Niños

Proyecto Campanario - Osa Peninsula

Caribbean Conservation Corporation

Corcovado Foundation

Costa Rica Tourist Board Certification of Sustainable Tourism - Utterly useless, government greenwash of mega-developments. See the following article for more information:

Comparing the ICT's Certificate of Sustainable Tourism and the New Key to Costa Rica's Sustainable Tourism Rating. By Beatrice Blake, August 2001.

Kids Saving the Rainforest

Las Nubes - Center for Neotropical Conservation and Research - Chirripó National Park

Organization for Tropical Studies

Own a Rainforest

Fundación Ríos Tropicales - fighting dams on the Pacuare and Reventazón Rivers.

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society - Long lining and shark finning are out of control in the waters around Cocos Island, with no opposition except from Sea Shepherd. UPDATE June 3, 2002: Costa Rican government brings bogus charges against Sea Shepherd captain to protect illegal fishing around Cocos Island.

Sea Turtle Restoration Project - The most important Eastern Pacific Leatherback Turtle nesting beach at Playa Grande is threatened by a luxury house development project called Playa Grande Estates. 22 August 2002.

Transparency International - International corruption rankings. In 2001, Costa Rica had a Corruption Perception Index of 4.5, about midway between Bangladesh (0.4) and Finland (9.9).

Tropical Science Center


Cabinas Água Luna - Puerto Jiménez, Osa Peninsula

Los Almendros - Montezuma

Almonds & Corals Lodge - Puerto Viejo - Manzanillo

Amapola Lodge - Caribbean coast north of Cahuita

Hotel Ancla de Oro - Montezuma

Posada Andrea Cristina - Puerto Viejo de Sarapiquí

Aquila de Osa Inn - Drake Bay

Hotel Ara Ambigua - Sarapiquí

Hotel Arboleda - Quepos

Arco Iris Lodge - Monteverde

Arenal Country Inn

Arenal Lodge

Arenal Observatory Lodge

Hotel Arenal Paraíso

Hotel Arenal Rossi - La Fortuna

Arenal Vista Lodge

Asociación Conservacionista de Monteverde / Bosque Eterno de los Niños - San Geraldo Field Station, Monteverde & Poco Sol Field Station, Atlantic side above La Fortuna

Atlántida Lodge - Bananito - Cahuita

Aviarios del Caribe B & B - Cahuita

Backyard Hotel - Jacó Beach

Bahía Esmeralda Hotel - Santa Cruz, Guanacaste

Hacienda Bahía Esmeralda - Matapalo, Osa Peninsula

Balcón de Uvita - near Dominical

Hotel El Bambú - Puerto Viejo de Sarapiquí

Casa Bambú Beach House - near Puerto Jiménez

Banana Tree Hotel - Manuel Antonio

Hacienda Barú - Dominical

Albergue Bellbird - Monteverde

Bella Vista Lodge - Dominical

Hotel Belmar - Monteverde

Birdwatching Villas - Santa Bárbara de Heredia

Blue Jay Eco-Lodge - Mal País

Bolaños Bay Resort - Northern Guanacaste [Belgian mega-resort.]

Hotel Borinquen - Rincón de la Vieja

Estación Biológica Monteverde El Bosque

Hotel El Bosque - Monteverde

Bosque del Cabo Rainforest Lodge - South of Puerto Jiménez

Bosque Lluvioso - Guápiles

Cabinas Bosque Mar - Puerto Jiménez

Bosque de Paz Rain/Cloud Forest Lodge - Bajos del Toro

Bosque del Río Tigre Lodge - Near Puerto Jiménez, Osa Peninsula [Bird list]

Bosque del Tolomuco - Talamanca Mountains

Hotel Bouganvillea - Near San José

Hotel Boyeros - Liberia

Hotel Brasilito - Northern Pacific Coast

Finca Buena Nota - San Isidro

Buena Vista Cabins - Golfito

Buena Vista Lodge - Volcán Rincón de la Vieja

Casa Buena Vista - Manuel Antonio

Finca Los Caballos - Montezuma

Café de Paris Hotel - Nosara

El Cafetal Inn - Santa Eulália de Atenas

Cala Luna Hotel & Villas - Playa Tamarindo

Casa Calateas - near Cahuita

Hotel California - Manuel Antonio

Casa Camarona Lodge - Puerto Viejo de Limón

Hotel Camino Verde - Monteverde

Los Campesinos Reserve & Cabins - near Manuel Antonio

Hotel de Campo Caño Negro - near Los Chiles, Alajuela

Caña Blanca Beach & Rainforest Lodge - Golfo Dulce northwest of Golfito

Finca Cañas Castilla - Sonzapote, Río Sapoá, near Nicaragua

Caño Palma Biological Station - Tortuguero

Hotel Capitán Suizo - Playa Tamarindo

Caribbean Paradise Eco Lodge - Tortuguero

Hotel Cariblue - Puerto Viejo de Limón

La Carolina Lodge - South of Upala, Guanacaste

Casacode - near Sixaola

Cascada Verde - Uvita

Cashew Hill Jungle Lodge - Puerto Viejo

Albergue Ecoturístico La Catarata - La Fortuna, San Carlos

La Ceiba Tree Lodge - Lake Arenal

Hotel Celaje - Cabuya

Cerro Chato Eco Lodge - Arenal

Albergue Cerro Escondido & Reserva Karen Mogensen - Nicoya Peninsula

Cerro de Oro Lodge - Corcovado

Hotel Bosques de Chachagua - San Carlos

Hotel Chatelle Country Resort - Near San José

Chimuri Jungle Lodge - near Puerto Viejo

Hotel Claro de Luna - Monteverde

Cloud Forest Lodge - Monteverde

Cocalito Lodge - Drake Bay

Coco Loco Lodge Hotel - Puerto Viejo de Talamanca

Cabinas Los Cocos - Playa Zancudo

El Colibrí Lodge - Puerto Viejo de Limón

La Colina B & B Manuel Antonio

La Colina Lodge - Monteverde

Hotel Colón Caribe - Cahuita

Coloso Del Mar - Playa Zanduco

Casa Cook - Playa Tamarindo

El Copal Biological Reserve & Lodge - El Humo, near Turrialba

Copocabana Hotel - Jacó Beach

Corcovado Adventures Tent Camp

Casa Corcovado Jungle Lodge

Corcovado Lodge Tent Camp

La Costa de Papito - Puerto Viejo de Limón

Costa Paraíso Lodge - Dominical

Costa Rica Tree House - Punta Uva

Hotel Costa Verde - Quepos

Hotel Los Crestones - Pérez Zeledón

Crocodile Bay Resort - Puerto Jiménez

Las Cruces Biological Station - San Vito

Curubanda Lodge - Finca Nueva Zelandia, Quebrada Grande, east of Liberia

La Cusinga Lodge - Near Dominical

De Lucía Inn - Monteverde

Delfin Amor Eco Lodge - Drake Bay

El Diria Playa Tamarindo Beach Resort

Diu Wak Tourist Complex - Dominical

Divisamar Hotel - Manuel Antonio Beach

Dolphin Quest - Golfito

Hacienda Dorado - Near Carillo

Dorati Lodge - Hojancha, Guanacaste

Drake Bay Treetop Resort

Drake Bay Wilderness Resort

Dúrika Biological Reserve - Talamanca Moutains

Ecco Colonia Resort - Alajuela

Ecoverde Lodge - Monteverde

Encanta La Vida Lodge - Near Puerto Jiménez

El Encanto Bed & Breakfast Inn - Cahuita

Posada El Encuentro - Near Liberia

La Ensenada Lodge - Gulf of Nicoya, Puntarenas

Cabinas La Esquina - Puerto Jiménez

Esquinas Rainforest Lodge - Osa Peninsula

Hotel Esperanza - Playa Carrillo

Hotel El Establo - Monteverde

Hotel Estancia Nosara

Hotel La Felicidad - Playa Hermosa

Fénix Hotel - Playa Sámara

Fiesta Resort & Casino - El Roble, Puntarenas

Ecocentro La Finca - Sarapiquí

Hotel La Flor de Itabo - Playas del Coco

La Flor del Paraíso Agroecological Farm & Spanish Institute - Cervantes de Paraíso, Cartago

Hotel Fonda Vela - Monteverde

La Gamba Biological Station

Gandoca homestays - Leatherback Turtle nesting near Puerto Limón

Hotel La Garza - Lake Arenal

Gavilán Sarapiquí Lodge

Hotel Las Gaviotas - Golfito

Hospedaje La Georgina - Cerro de la Muerte - tel: 770-8043, Ofc. Central: 278-1939, Fax: 279-9511

Golfo Dulce Lodge

Hotel El Gran Ceibo - Golfito

Guacamaya Lodge - Playa Junquillal

Guayabo Lodge - Santa Cruz de Turrialba

Hotel Hacienda Guachipelín - near Curubande, Guanacaste

Hotel Heliconia - Monteverde

Heliconia Island - Sarapiquí

Albergue Heliconias (Heliconia Lodge) - Bijagua, Upala (Neomorphus geoffroyi observed in 2006).

Hotel Los Héroes Hotel - Lake Arenal

Chalet y Cabinas Hibiscus - Cahuita Beach

Iguana Lodge - Puerto Jiménez

Cabinas Iguana Iguana - Puerto Jiménez

Hotel Iguanazul - Northern Pacific Coast

Hotel Ilán-Ilán - Tortuguero

Los Inocentes Lodge - near La Cruz, Guanacaste

Iyök Ami - Talamanca Mountains

Hotel Jaguar - Cahuita

Hotel Jardín del Edén - Tamarindo Beach

La Joya Retreat - Puerto Viejo

Hotel Jinentes de Osa - Drake Bay

Hotel Jungla y Senderos Los Lagos - La Fortuna

Jungle Lodge Hotel - Tortuguero

Hotel Kangaroo - Jacó Beach

Hotel Kasha - Puerto Veijo de Limón

Kaya's Place - Puerto Viejo

Keköldi Indiginous Reserve - Hawk watch tower - near Puerto Viejo

Hotel Kelly Creek - Cahuita

Hotel Lagarta Lodge - Río Nosara

Hotel Lago Arenal

Hotel Los Lagos - Arenal

Laguna Lodge Tortuguero

Laguna del Lagarto Lodge - Pital [Interview with the owner]

Lake Coter Eco-Lodge - Arenal

Lapa Ríos Lodge - Puerto Jiménez

La Leona Eco-lodge & Tent Camp - Carate

Linda Vista del Norte Lodge - Arenal

Lookout Inn - Corcovado

The Lookout - Playa Tortuga

Lost Iguana Resort - Arenal

Luna Lodge [Bird list by Patrick O'Donnell] - Carate, Osa Peninsula

Hotel Magellan Inn - Bananito - Cahuita

Magil Forest Lodge - Tenorio Volcano

Hotel Makanda by the Sea - Central Pacific Coast

Mal País Surf Camp & Resort

Pensión Manakin

La Mansión Inn - Manuel Antonio

La Mansión Inn Arenal

Casa Mar Lodge - Barra de Colorado (fishing)

Marenco Beach & Rainforest Lodge - Near Sierpe

Casa Maria Bed & Breakfast - Near San José

Hotel La Mariposa - Manuel Antonio

Hotel Matama - Limón

Mawamba Lodge - Tortuguero

La Merced National Wildlife Refuge and Lodge - Uvita

El Miliagro Hotel - Tamarindo

Milarepa Hotel - Santa Teresa

Mimo's Hotel - Quepos

Posada Mimosa - Grecia

Cabinas Mira Olas - Pavones

Mirador Lodge - Monteverde

Cabinas El Mirador Lodge - Drake Bay

El Mirador del Pacífico - Manuel Antonio

Mirador de Quetzales - Cerro de la Muerte (Finca Eddie Serrano)

Aparhotel Mirador de Sámara - Northern Pacific Coast

Miraflores Lodge - Puerto Viejo

Hotel El Mono Azul - Quepos

Hotel Montaña de Fuego

Hotel Montaña Monteverde

Fundación Pro Reserva Natural Monte Alto - Hojancha, Guanacaste

Monteverde Lodge & Gardens

Monteverde Map

Morgan's Jungle Lodge - Corcovado

Morpho Tented Camp - Braulio Carrillo National Park

Casa de las Mujeres [another site] - Yorkín

Chalet Nicholas - Lake Arenal

Nosara Beach House

Ocotal Beach Resort - Northern Pacific Coast

Cabinas Las Olas - Playa Hermosa

Finca Oro - Palomo

Orosi Lodge

Orquídeas Inn - Zapotal de Miramar, Alajuela

The Osa Peninsula Directory

Osa Vida Lodge - Matapalo Beach

Pachira Lodge - Tortuguero

Pacific Edge - Dominicalito

Hacienda La Pacífica - Cañas, Guanacaste

Pacuare Jungle Lodge

Nacientes Palmichal Lodge & Environmental School (Palmichal Springs)

Hotel Finca Palo Alto

Palo Verde Biological Station

La Paloma Lodge - Osa Peninsula

Occidental Allegro Papagayo - Manzanillo

Hotel Parador - Manuel Antonio

Paraíso de las Américas

Parrot Bay Village (fishing)

La Paz Waterfall Gardens & Peace Lodge

Cabinas Pedro Miguel - Quepos

Hotel El Pelícano - Chirripó National Park

La Perla Negra Resort - Puerto Viejo de Limón

Hotel Pine Tree - San Rafael de Escazú

Cabañas Los Pinos Hotel - Monteverde

El Pizote Lodge - Puerto Viejo

Playa Chiquita Lodge - near Puerto Viejo

Hotel Playa Junquillal - Guanacaste

Playa Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge - Golfo Dulce

Playa PreciOsa Nature Lodge

Cabinas Playas Las Manchas - Montezuma

Hotel Plinio - Manuel Antonio

Poás Volcano Lodge

Hotel Pochote Grande - Jacó Beach

Cabinas La Ponderosa - Pavones

Poor Man's Paradise - Corcovado

Hotel Poseidon - Jacó Beach

La Providencia Ecological Reserve - near the top of Volcán Poás - Tel: 232-2498

Hotel Punta Cocles - Puerto Viejo de Limón

Hotel Punta Islita - Northern Pacific Coast

Punta Leona Beach Hotel - Central Pacific Coast [Bird list]

Punta Marenco Lodge - Osa Peninsula

Punta Vida Spa

La Purruja Lodge

Las Quebradas Biological Center (FUDEBIOL - Fundación para el Desarrollo Biológico de las Quebradas) - Pérez Zeledón

Quepos Hot Spring Lodge

Quetzal Education Research Center - San Gerardo de Dota

Posada El Quijote Country Inn - Escazú

La Quinta de Sarapiquí Country Inn

The Rain Forest Lodge - at the Atlantic Rain Forest Tram near Braullio Carrillo (Neomorphus geoffroyi photo by Daniel Torres, March 2006).

Rainbow Adventures Lodge - Corcovado

Rancho Almendros

Rancho Armadillo Estates - Playas del Coco

Rancho La Botija Mountain Lodge - San Isidro

Rancho Buríca

Rancho Casa Grande - Quepos

Rancho Coral - Jacó Beach

Rancho Leona River Lodge - La Virgen del Socorro

Rancho La Merced National Wildlife Refuge / Tucan Hotel - Uvita

Rancho Mastatal - Parque Nacional La Cangreja

Rancho Naturalista [Rancho Naturalista Ripoff Report by Andrew Walker, Sep-Dec 2006]

Hotel Rancho Suizo Lodge

Rara Avis

El Remanso Rainforest Beach Lodge - Osa Peninsula

Rincón de la Vieja Lodge

Rinconcito Lodge - Rincón de la Vieja

Casa Río Blanco Ecolodge - Guápiles

Río Chirripo B&B Retreat

Río Colorado Lodge - Northeast near Nicaragua (fishing)

Río Indio Adventure Lodge - Puerto Viejo de Sarapiquí (fishing)

Río Parismina Lodge - Tortuguero (fishing)

Río Tropicales Lodge - Caribbean Slope

Hotel Las Rocas - Montezuma

Hotel El Rodeo Country Inn - near San José

La Ronda Organic Farm

Finca Rosa Blanca Country Inn - Santa Bárbara de Heredia

Sábalo Lodge - Drake Bay

Samasati Nature Retreat - Puerto Viejo

Samay Lagoon Lodge - Tortuguero (fishing)

Sanchiri Mirador & Lodge - Paraiso de Cartago

Ecolodge San Luis - Monteverde

El Sano Banano Village Hotel - Montezuma

El Sapo Dorado - Monteverde

Centro Neotrópico Sarapiquís

Savegre Mountain Hotel (aka Cabinas Chacón)- San Gerardo de Dota

La Selva Biological Station

Selva Bananito Lodge - near Puerto Limón

Selva Verde Lodge - Sarapiquí

Shawanda Lodge - Puerto Viejo

Hotel Sí Como No - Manuel Antonio

El Siléncio - Savegre, Quepos

Silver King Lodge - Barra de Colorado (fishing)

Albergue El Socorro - La Virgen del Socorro, Sarapiquí

Hacienda Solimar (cattle ranch site with map)

Sotavento Plantanal - Punta Banco

Cabinas Soy y Mar - Playa Zancudo

Star Mountain Eco Resort - Mal País

Hotel El Sueño - Monteverde

Sueño Azul Resort

Sueño del Mar

La Suerte Biological Field Station & Ometepe Biological Field Station

Hotel Sugar Beach - Northern Pacific Coast

Sunset Reef Marine Hotel - Mal País

Swiss Hotel Miramontes - Monteverde

Tabacón Lodge - Arenal

Talari Mountain Lodge - San Isidro

Tamarindo Vista Villas - Northern Pacific Coast

Tambor Tropical Resort

Tango Mar Hotel - Tambor

Tarcol Lodge - still for sale

Terra Folia Rainforest Preserve

Terrapin Lodge - Carate, Osa Peninsula

Terraza del Pacífico - Playa Hermosa

Ecolodge Tesoro Verde - Osa Peninsula

Hotel Tilawa

Tilijari Resort Hotel - Arenal

Tina's Casitas - Monteverde

Hotel Chalet Tirol - Heredia

Tiskita Lodge - Pavones

Tortuga Lodge

Hotel Las Tortugas - Tamarindo

El Toucanet - Copey

Trapp Family Lodge - Monteverde

Hotel Las Tres Banderas - Central Pacific Coast

Trogon Lodge - Talamanca Mountains

Hotel Tropicana - Tamarindo

Trópico Latino Lodge - Mal País

Hotel Occidental El Tucano

Tulemar Bungalows

Casa Turire - Turrialba

Turrialtico Mountain Lodge

Turtle Beach Lodge

El Urán Hotel - Chirripó National Park

Hotel Valle Escondido

Hotel Finca Valverde - Monteverde

Hotel Vela Bar - Manuel Antonio

Hotel Villa Baula

Hotel Villa Bekuo - San Isidro

Villa Blanca Cloud Forest Hotel - Los Ángeles Cloud Forest Biological Reserve

Hotel Villa Caletas - Central Pacific Coast

Hotel Villa Casa Blanca - Playa Ocotal

Villa Decary

Hotel Villa Lapas - Tarcoles River near Carara National Park

Villa Romantica - Quepos

Villa del Sueño Hotel

Hotel Villa Verde - Monteverde

Hotel Villa Zurquí

Hotel Villas del Caribe - Puerto Limón

Hotel Villas Gaia - Southern Pacific Coast

Hotel Villas El Parque - Quepos

Villas Río Mar - Dominical Beach

Hotel Vista Golfo & Finca Daniel - Puntarenas

Lodge Vista del Mar - Nosara

Mirador Vista del Valle - near San Isidro

Vista del Valle Plantation Inn - Rosario de Naranjo

Vista Verde Lodge - Monteverde

Volcán Turrialba Lodge

Volcano Lodge

Other Costa Rica Travel Information

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